Can You Put Gas in a Tesla | Process of Filling Gas On Tesla

Can You Put Gas in a Tesla

People who are not thoroughly familiar with the electric cars of Tesla may get confused regarding their fuel system. Unlike hybrid models of different brands, like the Prius by Toyota that can run on fuel and a battery, Tesla is functional only with batteries. There is no alternative to the electric power source in Tesla. As the vehicle does not feature any container or tank for the gas, and there is no fuel utilization, it’s not wise to consider using gas in a Tesla. 

As Tesla is famous for manufacturing electric vehicles, people may be confused about whether this brand manufactures fuel-powered vehicles or not. In the later section, we’ll break down all the facts related to the query of whether you can put gas in a Tesla or not. So, let’s explore this precise guide. 

Can You Run Tesla on Gas? 

Can You Put Gas in a Tesla

No, Tesla has not manufactured any liquid fuel-powered vehicle. All its cars use batteries to get power. The batteries that Tesla uses in its cars are of good quality and can charge up. One can recharge them once travelled enough with them. 

Till now, no one has heard about any plan by Tesla to generate oil or gas-powered vehicles. The owner, Elon Musk, claims that Tesla is far better in quality than many fuel-powered vehicles globally. Moreover, these are very neat and clean and offer a smooth ride to the users. All these features accompanied by customer satisfaction don’t let the brand produce fuel-powered cars. 

What is the Alternative of Gas in Tesla? 

What is the Alternative of Gas in Tesla?

Though many other brands are also in the long run of manufacturing electric vehicles, Tesla is a unique brand in electronic car manufacturing. This car manufacturing company uses high-quality batteries to power the cars to move on. Their system is very complex and different from fuel-powered cars. 

There is no single car ever manufactured by Tesla that features a gas-powered engine. They have batteries that run motors, and the motors generate torque to move the wheels. Unlike the fuel-powered cars that consume fuel to generate mechanical energy to run the vehicle, the electric cars by Tesla convert electrical energy directly into mechanical energy. 

Can You Use Gas to Charge Tesla’s Batteries? 

Though there is no direct way to charge the batteries of Tesla via gas, you can do so indirectly. If you make such a setup that consumes gas to run an electricity generator, you can use that generator to charge the Tesla car batteries. Many people have recharging systems that charge the batteries of their cars. This system is effective in areas with no direct access to electricity. 

How to Charge Tesla’s Battery? 

There are different methods to charge the Tesla battery. Here are some commonly used methods, and you can choose any of them. 

Home Slow Charger 

If you don’t have the facility to plug the high voltage into the car battery, you can charge it on the normal home electric supply. In this method, you have to insert a slow charger into the car to charge your car battery at home. However, it’s a time-consuming charging method that will take many hours. 

Tesla Wall Charger 

If you want to charge your car’s battery instantly, using a wall charger is an effective method. The charger will get directly into your home’s infrastructure, proving far more powerful than the above method. If you have a busy routine, this method is best to recharge your vehicle battery. 

Tesla Supercharger

In the countries featuring the Tesla, high-power Tesla supercharger are inserted in the gas stations, hotel parking, and many other places. This technique is also helpful in charging the vehicle fast. You can recharge your car’s battery in just 15 minutes which will help you cover about 200 miles before recharging again.

You can find plenty of charging stations in the parking lots, roadside parking, parking at truck stops, and many other locations. This charging method is the best way to charge a car’s battery. 

Third-Party Charging Stations

If you can’t find the charging stations near you, you can use the 3rd party charging stations to charge the battery of your lovely Tesla car. These charging stations are designated for specialized generic electric cars. However, you can use them by using special adapters. This method is far slower than the Tesla supercharger method and may take more time. 

Depending upon your location and availability of the charging stations, you can use any of the methods mentioned above to charge the batteries of your Tesla. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you put gas in a Tesla?

Tesla is 1a a 00% electric vehicle that can’t run on any alternative power source. So, if you put gas in your Tesla, it may catch fire. 

Can you put regular gas in a Tesla?

Tesla vehicles feature specialized motors that generate torque to power the wheels. These motors get power from the battery. So, you can’t use gas in a Tesla. 

Is Tesla charging free?

If you use any charging station to charge your car’s battery, you’ll have to pay. However, it will cost very little to fully charge your Tesla battery. Mostly, it costs 4 to 5 cents per mile if we take the average of one charge. 

How much does it cost to fully charge a Tesla?

Depending upon the model, you’ll have to pay differently to fully charge your Tesla. If you have an X model, it will cost about $15 to charge the battery. However, model 3 of Tesla will need $7.65 to get charged fully. 


Electricity is the only source to power Tesla vehicles. You can’t use any alternative to power your electric car. So, putting gas in it is no more than foolish. However, you can use fuel-based electricity generators to charge the electric vehicle’s battery. This is the only way to utilize gas or other fuel for your electric car.