How to Decorate a Car Trunk for Halloween

How to Decorate a Car Trunk for Halloween

Parents are now opting to take their children to neighborhood Trunk or Treat activities rather than sending them door-to-door on Halloween as the world becomes more chaotic. Since we were all young, things have changed. Now, in addition to decorating your home for Halloween, you must dress up your car for these momentous occasions. This article provides advice on how to decorate a car trunk for Halloween.

What is Trunk Therapy?

When trunk-or-treat activities occur, adults dress up their vehicles for Halloween, stuff them with candy, and wait in a parking lot as children “trap” from car to car.

How to Decorate a Car Trunk for Halloween

You’ll enjoy it more than you think. Hundreds of kids will occasionally arrive in full Halloween costumes, carrying bags of candy or plastic pumpkins. While admiring all the adorable and spooky costumes, adults may socialize and express their creativity.

How to Set up a Homemade Trunk or Treat

Prepare to recruit volunteers.

Recruit volunteers to help you with event planning, activity facilitation, and cleanup. Pick the parking spot with the least disturbance and ample room. Libraries or cultural institutions would be suitable. 

Prepare to recruit volunteers.

Get the property owner’s consent.

Making sure you have the necessary city permissions are obvious things to remember. If there is no lighting, provide garbage cans and reflectors. Remember your Halloween-themed music and any goodies you want to give the kids, such as balloons, stickers, wristbands, and school supplies.

Get the property owner's consent.

Establish guiding principles

Consider that the event must be family-friendly and safe. Make it clear that kids must be with an adult at all times. Alcohol and narcotics must not be used, and allergies must be avoided. Demand that the adults decorate their trunks and wear costumes.

Establish guiding principles

Tell everyone about it

you know the drill. Spread the word once you’ve decided on an official date, time, and other specifics for your bag or gift. Use whatever suits your needs and budget, including social media, regional publications, broadcast, flyers, and school announcements.

Tell everyone about it

How to Decorate a Car trunk for Halloween

It’s wonderful to get into the Halloween mood by dressing up your car for a holiday. Fortunately, it’s quick, simple, and inexpensive to customize your car.

How to Decorate a Car trunk for Halloween

You could try the following suggestions:

Get some artificial spider webs and load your vehicle. Put a fake spider on top to make it even creepier.

Get some artificial spider webs and load your vehicle

When your trunk is accessible, construct cardboard teeth to look like teeth and attach them to the aperture. Even better, you may create cardboard eyeballs to attach to the trunk and add fake blood.

construct cardboard teeth to look like teeth

Create cardboard or fabric cat ears and attach them with tape to the top of the uncovered trunk. After that, construct some cat whiskers out of pipe cleaners and attach them to the trunk aperture on both sides with glue.

Create cardboard or fabric cat ears

Try packing your trunk with pumpkins and straw bales to make a portable pumpkin patch if you don’t mind cleaning it afterward. To make cleanup simple, first spread out the canopy.

Try packing your trunk with pumpkins and straw bales

You can customize your car to resemble Scooby-Mystery Doo’s Machine, even if you don’t own a truck. Magnetic tape should be used to affix foam flowers, letters, and stripes to prevent paint damage. In the back of your trunk, hang some green ribbons from the ceiling, and then gather some teddy animals to make a pretend jungle. If you dress up as a forest animal, you get extra points.

customize your car to resemble Scooby-Mystery Doo's Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decorate your car’s trunk or treatment?

Use magnetic tape to affix decorations and signs to the car’s exterior. Stick the magnetized side of the tape to the side of the automobile after peeling off the adhesive backing and sticking it to your dash. Duct tape is weaker than magnetic tape, which won’t harm paint.

Can I put Halloween decorations on my car?

You can always get posters for your car if you want to keep things simple. Amazing blood posters and spooky desserts are available. Additionally, you can hang Halloween-themed string lights, battery-operated tea lights, or eerie lights for the inside of your automobile. Ensure that they adhere to your concept.

How can I spook up my automobile for Halloween?

Consider adding battery-powered string lights to your automobile or scattering battery-powered tea lights over the area. For an even creepier atmosphere, you may also purchase flashing tea lights. Several retailers offer Halloween-themed string lights. Adjust the lighting to fit your theme.

How do you attach the ornaments to your car?

Consider applying magnetic instead of regular tape to attach it to the vehicle. It may be purchased for a reasonable price and is generally accessible. Use the decoration’s adhesive side first, and then fasten the magnetic side to the car.

What sort of tape can be used to customize a car?

To keep your artwork secure, let’s get right to the point: you shouldn’t use normal masking tape. Conversely, masking tapes don’t harm the paint. Automobile masking tape is safe for car paint, unlike traditional tapes, which are difficult to remove and may leave an unattended residue.

How do you prepare a trick-or-treat?

  • Clear the walkways. Toys, rakes, errant stones — clear them all out of the way before trick-or-treating starts.
  • Light it up.
  • Corral your pets. 
  • Lock all other doors.
  • Check your railing.
  • Skip candles. 
  • Consider your candy choices. 
  • Pick a good spot.


Volunteers at trunk-or-treat events receive refreshments like water bottles, cider, and pastries. It’s best not to wait until the end to get a tasty treat or risk the youngsters putting it in their mouths and hands. Setting it up is harder than packing it from the trunk or gift.

Pick them up, throw them in your truck bed or trunk, and leave the arrangement and storage at your house. Consider distributing extra candy or balloons to trick-or-treaters who are late. You take fewer homes with you.

Expert Opinion

The important message is that decorating your vehicles for Halloween in a unique way doesn’t have to be pricey to be spectacular. The only thing you can’t get rid of is time; if you’re not ready to take a few hours out of your hectic schedule, you can’t do a proper, terrifying job.