How to Disable GPS in Work Truck | Simple 3 Step Guide

How to Disable GPS in Work Truck

While driving or voyaging, GPS devices come in supportive, particularly assuming that you lose all sense of direction in no place. These gadgets can also be used to track people. Some people even do this on purpose, putting your safety at risk. If you think someone is trying to pinpoint your exact location with this device, it’s important to know how to disable GPS tracking in your work truck.

What is GPS Tracking?

How to Disable GPS in Work Truck

It would help if you began with the name GPS, which represents Global Positioning System. The framework incorporates an organization of satellites circling the Earth and gadgets that can assist with deciding the place of an individual.

Initially created during the 1960s for military applications, GPS innovation opened up for public use in 1983, and its headway and use have expanded throughout the long term.

Today, GPS has a wide assortment of purposes, from military activities all over the planet to bearings that assist drivers with tracking down their direction.

How does a GPS tracker respond?

How to Disable GPS in Work Truck

GPS following requires a GPS beacon conveyed in a vehicle, on gear, or by an individual. This vehicle global positioning framework gives careful area data so you can report insights concerning where a vehicle, gear or individual is found. It may also follow the progress of a vehicle, piece of equipment, or individual. A GPS beacon, for example, may be used to track the whereabouts of a vehicle or even goods being transported.

How to Disable GPS in a Work Truck

How to Disable GPS in a Work Truck

If you suspect that a GPS tracker is tracking you, here are the steps you can take to find and deactivate them.

Step 1 

Distinguish and find the GPS beacon. Once you suspect that you are being tracked, the next step is to determine how you are being tracked. You may continue in two unmistakable ways. The first is by setting the tracker in your telephone or vehicle. Assuming the tracker is on your cell, it’s simpler to be aware.

There are a few easy indicators to keep an eye out for. If your phone’s battery suddenly starts to discharge quickly, even if you haven’t increased its consumption, your phone may have eavesdropped.

Another common symptom is when the phone’s light comes on often, even when nothing is visible on the phone. Another sure sign is when the phone heats up too often, even when not using it.

Most GPS beacons are little, about the size of a matchbox. It is generally dark or, in some cases, gray.

There are several places where GPS devices can be hidden in the vehicle. You can get more familiar with them here. Physically it is very chaotic to look for this gadget. This requires decent information on potential spots where such gadgets could be covered up.

Another effective way to locate this device is to use a GPS detector. Such devices are capable of detecting GPS signals coming from the device. The detector can direct you exactly to where the bug is hiding with this signal.

Step 2 

Turn off the monitoring device. Since you have observed this GPS gadget, the following stage is to figure out how to deactivate it. The most straightforward method for incapacitating GPS beacons is using a GPS sticking framework. Such devices can capture the GPS signal and prevent it from being sent to a central server. This gadget is not difficult to introduce. You should connect the cigarette lighter in the vehicle, and you’re off.

Step 3

Another alternative way to deactivate the tracker is to deactivate the tracker. This may not be imaginable for certain extremely perplexing gadgets. However, at that point, there is one more shortcoming of the GPS beacon that can be taken advantage of.

This is because GPS gadgets use batteries. You can disengage the battery from the tracker or detach the GPS beacon from your vehicle (assuming that it is associated with your vehicle’s electrical organization).

Performing one of the strategies suggested above will tackle the issue of switching off the GPS beacon in your vehicle.

If you need to locate and delete the client programming on your phone, the tracker is there. Such client programming is viable with Android, Symbian, Blackberry and iPhone working frameworks. It will get back to business as usual after uninstalling the client programming on the telephone.

Notwithstanding, it is vital to note that it is illicit to uninstall a GPS tracker that is authentically introduced for tracking purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I switch off the GPS on my work truck?

Introduce the GPS bug jammer by connecting the gadget to your truck’s cigarette lighter. It starts working immediately and prevents the GPS device connected to your vehicle or mobile phone from sending a signal to the satellite, making you invisible.

How do I block GPS tracking?

The easiest way to prevent a GPS tracking device from working is to put it in a metal box. Any electrically conductive metal reflects and absorbs the incoming and outgoing signals of the device and disrupts its operation.

Can the GPS tracker be deactivated?

Once the GPS tracking device is found, it can be turned off. In addition to simply removing the battery, it is also possible to stop the GPS signal. It is important to completely remove and dispose of the device to no longer communicate with your location.

How would I switch off GPS in my vehicle?

If your GPS tracker is not connected to your vehicle, then it will be quite easy for someone to remove your GPS tracker. If you use a magnetic or plug-and-play tracker, pull or unplug the tracker, and you will lose all tracking data.

Do GPS Tracker Blocks Work?

Yes, Gps Jammers or blockers work, but they have a limited range and can be easily detected by modern trackers with anti-interference technology.


It is undeniable that the monitoring system is becoming increasingly important. It is most often used as a safety precaution when traveling and locating lost vehicles and people. Its use has extended to crime-solving and mining.