How to Install Speakers in a Car | 13 DIY Steps by Professional

How to Install Speakers in a Car

Enhance your long drives by installing a car speaker to eliminate boredom and rejuvenate your mind with entertainment. You don’t have to struggle for it. You can do it independently in an hour with perfect guidance and assistance. I will briefly discuss these listed points, which you must follow on how to install speakers in a car. 

  • Understand the speaker system in your car
  • Get the tools and materials needed to install speakers
  • Disconnect the old speakers
  • Remove interior trim pieces
  • Taking out the old speakers
  • Install the new speakers
  • Place the wiring for the speakers
  • Mount the speakers
  • Connect the wiring
  • Test the sound quality
  • Replace the interior trim pieces
  • Connect the car battery
  • Give finishing touches and test the sound system

How to Install Speakers in a Car

Understand the Speaker System in Your Car:

Understand the Speaker System in Your Car

Before you start installing new speakers, it’s essential to understand the current speaker system in your car. 

This step will help you identify the type and size of the speakers you need and any modifications required to install them.

Suppose you get a speaker greater or smaller than your car size. You will get into a problem.

Get the Tools and Materials Needed to Install Speakers:

Get the Tools and Materials Needed to Install Speakers

You’ll need some tools and materials to install new speakers, including 

  • Screwdrivers.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Connectors.
  • New speakers. 

Gathering all the necessary tools and materials beforehand can save time and hassle during installation.

Disconnect the Old Speakers:

Disconnect the Old Speakers

Before you remove the old speakers, you need to disconnect them from the car’s electrical system. Otherwise, you can get a spark or current.

Make sure to disconnect the battery and any wiring connected to the speakers to avoid damaging the electrical system.

Remove Interior Trim Pieces:

Remove Interior Trim Pieces

To access the old speakers, you may need to remove some interior trim pieces, such as 

  • Door panels.
  • Kick panels.
  • Rear deck covers. As shown in the above pictures.

Check your car’s manual or look for online resources for specific instructions for your car model.

Taking Out the Old Speakers:

Taking Out the Old Speakers

You can access the old speakers after removing the interior trim pieces. 

Use a screwdriver or socket wrench to remove any screws or bolts holding the speakers in place and carefully take them out of the car.

Please don’t throw it after removing it. You can utilize it in many manners. 

Install the New Speakers:

Install the New Speakers

After you’ve removed the old speakers, it’s time to install the new ones. 

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper installation process, including wiring or mounting requirements.

Follow the instruction carefully to make sure everything is accurate.

Place the Wiring for the Speakers:

Place the Wiring for the Speakers

Once the new speakers are in place, it’s time to run the wiring. Use the right type and size of wires and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 

You may need to drill holes or modify the car’s structure to run the wires properly. If you don’t want to drill, skip this step and try something else.

Mount the Speakers: 

Mount the Speakers

After running the wiring, you can mount the speakers in place using screws or brackets provided with the new speakers. 

Make sure to test the fit and alignment before securing the speakers.

Connect the Wiring:

Connect the Wiring

Once the speakers are mounted, it’s time to connect the wiring. Double-check that the wiring is connected correctly to avoid any potential damage to the new speakers or the car’s electrical system.

Test the Sound Quality:

Test the Sound Quality

Before putting everything back together, test the sound quality of the new speakers. 

Adjust the volume and equalizer settings to check the sound’s clarity and quality.

Replace the Interior Trim Pieces:

Replace the Interior Trim Pieces

If everything works correctly, you can replace the interior trim pieces you removed earlier. 

Make sure everything fits correctly and is securely fastened in place.

Connect the Car Battery:

Connect the Car Battery

After replacing the interior trim pieces, it’s time to reconnect the car battery

Double-check all the connections and make sure everything is secure.

Give Finishing Touches and Test the Sound System:

Give Finishing Touches and Test the Sound System

Finally, give your new speakers a finishing touch by cleaning and polishing them. 

Test the sound system again to ensure everything is working correctly, and enjoy your new and improved car audio system.

My Opinion

The car is incomplete without a speaker. You can also install a speaker in your car. It’s just a piece slice if you have the correct guidance and tools.

All you have to do first is grab your tool for removing and fixing the speaker. Then by using them remove your old speaker.  If it will be the first speaker for your car, then in that case. Arrange space for it. Listening to songs while driving can keep your mind fresh and entertain you. Hope you have learned how to install speakers in a car.