How to Key a Car | Amazing 3 Methods Shared With You

How to Key a Car

Even in this advanced age, car keying grows in America and other countries. Regardless of knowing the reason behind this act, it is overwhelming. The damage due to car keying can be costly and can cost up to hundreds to thousands, and most people do not have much money to fix these issues. So if you want to know how to key a car, keep reading this informative post.

How to Key a Car

How to Key a Car

Car keying is an intentional act towards someone to show aggression and hatred. There are many methods mentioned below to key someone’s car. 

Make minor scratches and marks on the car.

Marks and minor scratches can significantly affect the clear and even paint off the car surface, as they don’t even penetrate deeply into the surface. These are simple marks and scratches to fix and repair. Marks are rubber or paint scratches and a type of streaks on the car’s surface.

You can key someone’s car by hitting the car bumper or the rubber corner of the shopping cart, as it will scrap the car paint but will not penetrate the surface of the paint deeply. 

Minor scratches can affect the clear coats of paint and car finish. It will be a clear coat scratch if you don’t see the metal surface under the paint surface and scratch. 

To fix the minor scratches and marks, the acetone or lacquer thinner on any piece of fabric and rub it on the mark to remove it. Similarly, minor scratches are easy to fix and repair by rubbing and repolishing them without repainting them.

The marks need the polishing compound to repolish or buff it like scratches. Polishing the surface with a clean finish requires a light hand coat as the hard coat can damage the paint surface.

Make paint scratch with some pointed thing.

To key a car, you can damage the base coat of car paint and finish by making scratches and coat scratches down to the enamel color layer of your car paint finish.

You can make a scratch with the help of any rigid material like any pointed nail or knife and rub it on the surface of the car paint to make marks on it. 

Repair the paint scratch needs the rubbing the scratch with sandpaper or any abrasive compound before applying a clear coat of paint with the use of the aerosol spray.

There are also car paint repair kits available at affordable prices that come with the necessary products and chemicals to repair paint scratches. To do this, wash and dry the car very carefully. Apply a tiny amount of scratch remover on the foam applicator pad.

Then rub the scratch remover on the damaged area with gentle and soft hands, as this technique will work well on the scratches. After completing this process, clean the car’s surface with a dry and microfiber cloth. To restore the car finish, polish the surface with the paste or any chemical solutions.

Make deep scratches on the car paint.

Damaging a car by making primer scratches and deep scratches can extend down into the primary layer and damage the car’s bare metal surface. In the case of deep scratches, there is a need to clean and fill the scratch with a new layer of enamel paint and a clear coat of finish.

If you have the experience to do it yourself, but if you want to be in a professional way, hire a professional or get it repaired at the professional repair shop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is key a car is bad?

Keying a car and making a minor scratch on the car may not cause much of a problem, but washing over the areas with deep scratches can lead to chipping of paint and other types of damage. In addition to giving the car the ultimate finish, you should avoid the automatic car washes until you get your car’s paint finished.

Is keying a car or scratching a car a big issue?

A small scratch can be a big issue on your dearest automobile. Even in such a place where most people will never notice it, you know it’s there. And you should better fix it in a better way before it turns into a severe issue.

You can repair the car scratches by applying the products and chemicals to retain their finish. You can hire a car repair expert to deal with the problem. 

How much does it cost to repair a scratch?

The cost to repair the marks and scratches on the car depends on the nature and type of scratches and their deepness.

A surface scratch on the car can cost up to $150 to a minimum, but on the other hand, a deep scratch or repair can cost up to $2500. If you want to repair the complete car scratch, the total cost will be around $3500. 

Why do black cars scratch so easily?

Black cars are easily prone to scratch than any extra color, as it exposes more due to the white color and looks of the clear and smooth coat. The paint gets scratched, usually the result of inconsiderate washing, as the small dust particles can cause damage to the surface when you drudge them into the paint coat. 


To wrap up the post on how to key a car, it will not be wrong to say that it is no doubt an illegal act if someone does it intentionally unless the scratch or dent is due to the rubbing of any sharp nail or anything and cause scratch and dents. The damage can be minor and is very cheap to fix, and if not, it is not older.

The less valuable vehicles can gain much value from a repair. You can get just better off with keeping your investment and living with the scratch and information that your car is a little less flawless than ever before. Therefore, branded products and polishes can be a great solution to repair scratches.