How to Move a Car with a Broken Axle | Step by Step Guide

How to Move a Car with a Broken Axle

Every car owner is familiar with the sticky situation of moving a car with a broken axle. When you are going to take a turn or move, it is essential to know how to transport your vehicle and safely lower your risk of injury. Some people might think that this is too difficult to ask for help. You’re stuck out above the side of the roadway; this post is perfect for you. You’ll be able to find as much info as you need here about what’s wrong and how to move a car with a broken axle.

How to Fix a Broken Axle?

How to Move a Car with a Broken Axle

When driving over a bump, the car’s axle can break. It is a typical car accident resulting in expenses and eradicating considerable time. When your car breaks down, you first have to determine the cause of the break. Here’s an article about how to fix a broken axle step by step in different ways.

Principle to Move a Car with a Broken Axle

It is a challenging task when a vehicle is damaged. However, due to the advances in technology, there are many methods. You can drive a car with a broken axle. It possesses though is not specified to:

Operating a car tow

When you have a car with a broken axle, it is best to call a tow truck to move the vehicle from its current location. Any further damage to the axle also prevents you from getting in too deep when trying to change the wheel. If you do not want to put the tow truck driver at risk, it is best to use a dolly or flatbed truck to move your car with your entire axle detached.

Towing the car with another vehicle:

If your car is too big for towing, you might be able to pull it with another vehicle. It is more helpful when your vehicle has a broken-down engine or a flat tire.

Pushing the car with a tow strap or chain:

The first step to fixing a car is to get it out of the road and onto level ground. With tow straps and chains, you can quickly push your car out of trouble without risking injury or damaging your vehicle.

Pulling the car with a tow strap or chain

First, if you have a tow strap, it should have a hook on one end and a loop. Use a tow strap is to put it over the back axle of the car that needs to pull. Next, attach both strap ends to your vehicle with metal hooks or clamps.

Hitching up an additional vehicle:

Nowadays, many car owners use a third party to secure additional vehicles. Some people would use a motorcycle or a bike to ensure the car, and others use a trailer hitch. It can help the driver save time and improve fuel efficiency.

Position the auto on jack stands or ramps

It can prove convenient for putting the car on jack stands or ramps. Remove the wheel and tire from the broken axle side of the vehicle. Find a suitable replacement axle, which should be the same as the one that did the damage. It keeps in the place of the broken one, making sure to put on any necessary spacers to match up with the wheel bolt pattern of your car’s wheel hub.

  • The other ways to fix a broken axle are also present here. The most effective way to fix it is by heating a metal rod in an oven and then hammering it back into the hole. Mending with wire can also work, as well as using epoxy putty or sealant to fill any gaps between pieces of metal if you have access to welding equipment.
  • You should also remove the front wheel and then remove the old axle. Next, you need to clean up the area where the old axle was removed and cut a new hole in the hub using either clamps or a hacksaw. Finally, use an air compressor with a power drill.

These all ways can prove most effective for to tackle this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know if my axle wheel had broken?

If your axle wheel has broken, you’ll notice that the revolution will shake while it’s spinning. The shaking should be noticeable from a few feet away. If you’re close to the wheel, you’ll notice that the shaking is awful near the top of the wheel.

How much distance can you cover with the broken axle?

The broken axle will not allow the wheel to rotate, and thus the car cannot move. The axle will only let you get about 6-7 miles before the wheel falls off.

How can you avoid breaking your axle?

The most common way to avoid breaking your axle is to drive slower. It will help you avoid any sharp turns or sudden stops. Then, be sure your tires have plenty of air to avoid damaging your axle. The last way is to avoid driving on rough roads, which can cause the axle to break more easily.

Is it illegal to move a car with a broken axle?

It is not forbidden to drive a car with a split axle. It is unlawful; if you are in the process of moving your vehicle, and it breaks down, you must pull over to the side of the road and call for help. If you are not in the process of moving your car, you should contact a tow truck service instead.


Instead of fixing a broken axle, it isn’t the world’s end. You can use a jack to lift one side of your car and slide a ramp, log, or large piece of cardboard under the tires. Then you’re free to move your vehicle and drive to the location of its repair. Now you have any other queries about moving a car with a broken axle, we’re always available to give you product information.