How to Remove Water Stains From Car Windows and Paint

How to Remove Water Stains From Car Windows and Paint

Sometimes, the water you use to wash and clean your car’s interior and exterior may prove harmful for its paint and glasses. This may put you in wonder, but it’s right. Some waterdrops may still be there when you wash your car, even after cleaning it with a dry cloth. When this water evaporates, it will leave bad and ugly spots. Let’s learn how to remove water stains from car windows and paint.

These spots, if left unchecked, will not only seem ugly but may also damage your car’s paint. So, it’s necessary to take great care of these water stains to maintain your four-wheeler baby’s original look, shining, and appeal. So, it’s good to find how to clean the water stains from car windows and paint? 

Sometimes, water may have hard minerals like calcium and magnesium that may be hard to clean after they get dry. Once they dry on the paint or glass, you can’t remove them with a normal cleaning procedure.

With a brief understanding of how to do this, you can remove your vehicle’s ugly and harmful spots. To help you remove these white specks, we’ll break down some creative ways in the later section. So, let’s move down to explore this beneficial guide. 

How to Remove Water Stains From Car Windows and Paint

How to Remove Water Stains From Car Windows and Paint

You can easily remove hazardous water spots from your vehicle if you are the know-how. Here are different methods to remove the water stains from car paint and window glasses. 

Vinegar solution

Vinegar Solution has many positive aspects that make it effective for different procedures. To handle the ugly water stains on your car’s glasses and paint, you can use the vinegar and water solution. Here is how to do this. 

Prepare Solution

First, take equal quantities of water and vinegar to make a solution. You can vary their quantities according to your expected need. Mix them in a large bowl and shake well. Make sure that vinegar has properly mixed in the water. 

Use a Cloth or Spray Bottle to Apply the Solution

After you have prepared the water and vinegar solution, it’s time to apply it to the spots you want to remove. You can apply it via two methods. One is with a clean cloth, and the other is with a spray bottle. Here is how to proceed with a cloth. 

  • Wet a cloth or towel in the solution. 
  • Apply the solution gently on the glass or paint via that particular cloth. 

In case of a spray bottle, proceed as follows. 

  • Put this solution into a spray bottle
  • Sprinkle the solution on the affected area through the bottle containing the solution. 

Let the Solution Sit for 3 to 5 Minutes

After applying the solution through any procedures mentioned above, let it sit on the affected area for 3 to 5 minutes. This will help the solution to counteract the minerals. 

Wipe the Solution

After the described time, wipe the solution with the help of a dry and clean towel or cloth.

Repeat the Process If Necessary 

Hopefully, the first application will make your vehicle shine. Sometimes, the spots may be very hard that don’t get clear in a single application. If you feel that the spots are still there, repeat the process. You can apply the solution many times until the glasses and windows clear. 

Using Lemon Juice 

The acidic nature of the lemon can also counteract the mineral spots on the vehicle’s glass or paint. So, it can work effectively against the white specks on the paint. To remove the white stains, proceed in the following way. 

Take Fresh Lemon Juice 

Though you can find lemon juice on the market, getting a fresh one is good. So, take some lemon and take off their juice at home. 

Apply the Juice on White Specks

Now, soak a cloth in the juice and apply it gently to the white spots.

Wipe With Towel

After a thorough application of lemon juice, wipe the whole Ares with a clean towel or cloth. 

Through Essential Oils 

Along with other effective methods to clean the water spots from the car glasses or paint, essential oils are also beneficial. These are gaining popularity day by day. Here is how to proceed with these oils. 

Prepare the Solution

Put a few drops of any orange or lemon essential oil in the water. Shake the mixture to mix the ingredients thoroughly. 

Apply the Solution

After you have mixed the ingredients thoroughly, apply them to the affected area of your car through a clean cloth or sponge. Let the mixture stay there for 5 to 8 minutes. 

Clean the Solution

Now, take another clean cloth or towel and clean the solution. It will make your car shine. Besides the water stains, you can also use this solution once a week to maintain the appealing look of your car. 

Toothpaste solution

You can proceed with toothpaste and water solution to clean the water stains from the car’s paint or glasses. After preparing the solution, move on according to the ways mentioned above. This will also restore the original brightness of the paint and glasses. 

How to Prevent Water Stains? 

How to Prevent Water Stains

You can prevent water stains by keeping the following tips in mind. 

  • Park the car in the garage to prevent it from the rainwater. 
  • Wipe the water before it dries on the car. 
  • Clean your four-wheeler baby regularly to avoid such issues. 
  • Get professional detailing services after regular gaps. 
  • Use a windshield with a glass water repellent to keep the glasses clean. 


When the water dries on the paint or glass of your car, it creates ugly stains on it. If you leave them without paying much attention, they will harm the car paint. So, it’s good to handle such spots soon after they appear.

You can use any of the above-mentioned natural methods to get rid of white specks on your vehicle’s glasses and windows. Moreover, follow the tips mentioned earlier to prevent these ugly white specks on the car’s body.