How to Set Cruise Control on 2021 Toyota Camry | Follow the Steps

How to Set Cruise Control on 2021 Toyota Camry

American cars benefit greatly from having cruise control. Long automobile trips would be taxing without cruise control, at least for the driver, and people with lead leg syndrome would get ticketed for speeding a lot more often. You might imagine that setting up cruise control on a car is challenging. However, it is not challenging. In this article, learn how cruise control operates and how to set the cruise control on 2021 Toyota Camry.

How Cruise Control Operates

Cruise control can do much more than just regulate your car’s speed. With the simple push of a button, the cruise control, for instance, can accelerate or decelerate the vehicle by 1 mph. To increase the speed by 5 mph, push the button five times.

Some significant safety measures are also present, such as the cruise control’s automatic switch-off when the brake pedal is depressed and its absence at speeds below 40 km/h.

The five buttons on the system are coast, power ON, power OFF, set/accel, and resume. The clutch pedal is also connected to the cruise control if your car has a manual transmission, making the brake pedal the sixth control.

How to Set Cruise Control on 2021 Toyota Camry
Follow these steps;
  • There isn’t much use for the ON and OFF buttons. Pressing the power button has no impact on the automobile; it only alerts you that you may want to touch another button. The power button can disable the cruise control even when it’s on. Some cruise controls don’t have these buttons and instead turn on when the driver presses the adjustment button and applies the brakes.
  • Using the Set/accel button, you can tell the car to keep going at its present speed. The vehicle will maintain your speed when you press the set button at 45 mph. 
  • Holding down the set/accel button causes the vehicle to accelerate; for this particular vehicle, tapping causes a one-mile-per-hour rise in speed.
  • Pushing the resume button will instruct the car to accelerate up to the previous speed setting if you just depressed the brake pedal to switch off the cruise control.
  • The car slows down when the coast button is pressed and held down, much like when all the gas is released. If you press the coast button once, this car will slow down by 1 mph.
  • Each clutch and the brake pedal have a switch that disables the cruise control when activated by pressing the pedal. You can accomplish this by lightly tapping the clutch or brake.

How to Set Cruise Control on 2021 Toyota Camry

When a driver uses cruise control, the speed and separation from the car in front are automatically maintained. The cruise control on the 2021 Toyota Camry is simple to use. You will learn how to set the cruise control on your Camry by following the steps below.

How to Set Cruise Control on 2021 Toyota Camry

The “Set” button on the steering wheel must be pressed and held down while advancing to the desired speed to activate cruise control on XLE and SE versions. Even if you let off the throttle, the mechanism keeps this pace. To activate the turn signal, you must first hit the “Set” button on the LE model.

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  • To choose the required speed, press the “buttons. cruising mode
  • To turn on the cruise control, press the “on” button.
  • Use “+” or”
  • Locate the steering-wheel buttons for the cruise control.
  • Consult the owner’s manual to learn if your automobile has cruise control and how to use the controls. –
  • The cruise control buttons are often located on the steering wheel of cars. – There is typically a reset and setup button. You can choose the desired speed with the setting button, and the reset button will hold that pace. – Press and hold the setting knob until the required speed is reached to activate cruise control.

Guidelines for the Toyota Dynamic Radar Cruise Control:

  • Press the button in the circle’s center to activate the cruise control setting on the right side of the steering wheel.
  • Press the ring’s bottom button once you’ve reached the required pace. The speed can be changed by pressing the button on top of the ring.
  • Click the button in the upper left corner of the circle/circle of the cruise control button to change the distance between your car and the one in front of it. It can be changed by a maximum of three cars, two cars, or one vehicle length.

Your Toyota will start to automatically change its speed to maintain the safe distance you entered during setup if it detects a car in front of you and slows down.

Toyota Dynamic Radar Cruise Control has additional features that you should be aware of, including the requirement that your car is moving at least 45 km/h before the cruise control kicks in, the fact that it works best on highways and expressways, and the possibility that it won’t function in bad weather-related visibility or if the sensor has something on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the radar on a Toyota Corolla set to cruise control?

The radar cruise control on the Toyota Corolla can be configured in various ways. Some techniques are simpler than others, while others are more tailored to your car. Press and hold the speedometer/odometer reset button on the dashboard until “CC” shows on display, then let go of the button to activate cruise control. The “SET” button on the handlebars can also be pressed and released.

How can the 2021 car be put on cruise control?

In a 2021 vehicle, you must locate the cruise control button to activate the cruise control. The handlebars are typically where it is found. Press and hold once you’ve located it. Then, set the speed you want your car to go at by depressing the gas pedal.

What exactly does Toyota Dynamic Cruise Control do?

Cruise Control using Dynamic Radar This cutting-edge cruise control employs radar behind the Toyota symbol and a windscreen camera to modify your speed while letting you keep a predetermined distance from the vehicle in front of you.

How does the cruise control on a Toyota function?

The cruise control in your Toyota is managed by a little dock on the steering wheel, and it has indicators on the multi-information display, or MID, that let you know when it’s on and what speed it’s set to. Without pressing the accelerator, cruise control enables you to maintain a specified speed of more than 40 mph.


The Toyota Camry is a well-liked mid-size sedan with many conveniences, such as cruise control. Assuming the Camry is running, turn on the cruise control. Afterward, find the cruise control lever on the steering wheel and pull it in your direction. The cruise control will now be engaged when some lights on the instrument panel begin to illuminate. Simply pull the lever away from you to deactivate cruise control.

Expert Opinion

A 2021 Toyota Corolla’s cruise control can be set in another simple way. The first method involves depressing and holding the brake pedal, followed by depressing the accelerator pedal three times. The alternative method is to depress and hold both brake pedals while depressing the “Set” button on the steering wheel. The third method entails holding the “Cancel” button on the steering wheel while simultaneously pressing and releasing the “Set” button and pedals. I hope you learn how to set cruise control on 2021 Toyota Camry.