What Happens When Your Car is Stolen and Recovered?

What Happens When Your Car is Stolen and Recovered?

What happens when your car is stolen and recovered? In the United States alone, at least 56.1 percent of locally stolen automobiles get found in 721,885 incidents of stolen vehicles. This article discusses what occurs when your car gets robbed and recovered if it seems that you belong to this lucky number. The police can track down your stolen vehicle, or you may track it yourself. It is not wise to get in and drive it straight away at this stage. It’s also unethical to keep quiet once your stolen automobile has recovered, notably if you declared it stolen.

Furthermore, until you notify the cops, the car VIN will register the vehicle as stolen on the system. When your stolen automobile gets discovered, your coverage and your borrower (if any) play a significant role. Let’s see what occurs and what you need to do to get the automobile back on the road.

What Happens When Your Car is Stolen and Recovered?

What Happens When Your Car is Stolen and Recovered

Carjacking and auto theft are commonplace nowadays, so having auto insurance as a backup plan is good. If a car is declared stolen and subsequently recovered by the cops, the owner must get informed of the procedures.

If your automobile is stolen or kidnapped, you must take the following steps:

The car’s owner must notify the carjacking or theft the police as soon as possible and get a reference number, which will get needed for filing compensation claim.

The insurer will then dispatch an assessor to question the usefulness of the stolen car about the events on the day of the burglary.

The required documentation will get handled, and the insurance will file a claim after settling the more delicate issues.

What should happen if the automobile gets found after it has been stolen?

What Happens When Your Car is Stolen and Recovered

When a stolen automobile gets discovered, the lead investigator assigned to the case will inform the car owner. Soon after, the car owner will be requested to attend to the police custody and authenticate the vehicle, stored there once it has gotten retrieved.

The car owner must then notify their auto insurance company that the car has gotten found.

Once the car has been located and validated and the investigation is complete, the insurer may arrange for it to be sent to a panel beater for a restoration cost estimate.

After getting an estimate for repairs, a vehicle inspector will get assigned to inspect the car’s damage at the panel beaters and compile a report.

The insurer will handle the car’s repair needs based on the assessor’s findings.

After the repairs get completed, the authorized car owner must take the vehicle to the police station for approval.

To receive police clearance, the automobile owner must first get a printed Application for Police Clearance paperwork from a Motor Car Registration department. This will get used to verify the car’s history.

If the assessor determines that the vehicle is inoperable or economically unviable to repair, the insurer must notify the insured of the write-off procedure.

At the licensing department, the car will get legally deregistered.

There are also instances when the automobile gets discovered after the insurance company has already compensated the customer. The recovered vehicle will be the possession of the insurance. Subrogation is the term for this procedure. It is also critical to get the most fantastic car insurance quotation possible, particularly one that will provide you with much-needed peace of mind if your vehicle is hijacked or involved in a crash.

What happens when your car is stolen and recovered: Evidence-based processing?

What Happens When Your Car is Stolen and Recovered

Most authorities will analyze the car for information to identify the culprit if it gets located parked or deserted. The car may be wiped for fingerprinting. Items discovered in the car that the owner identifies as not being in the car may also get used as evidence. Theft of anything from the vehicle will also get included in the police statement.

Even if the car has been vandalized, collided with another vehicle, or robbed, it may still be hauled and detained. After that, the owner will negotiate with the insurer and the towing and impoundment firm to settle and pay the billowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when your car is stolen and recovered?

Car theft is a fact that we all face. However, innovations like car trackers may help you recover your vehicle in only a few moments. This is fantastic, but what happens if your stolen vehicle gets discovered and reclaimed?

You should claim with your insurer if your automobile gets stolen. Vehicle theft should get protected if you have full insurance. If the automobile is found after the complaint has settled, it becomes the insurer’s property. If this is the case, you still have the possibility of recovering your original car.

Who owns the contents of a reclaimed vehicle?

In most circumstances, personal objects within your car do not get covered by your car insurance policy. Items taken from inside a vehicle get usually covered by renters or property insurance. Even if your automobile gets found, the goods inside are still yours. Even though the car is now the insurer’s property, this is valid.

What happens if my automobile gets found while I’m filing a claim?

Notify your insurance carrier right once if your stolen automobile gets found with no visible damage. This will bring the process to a stop and enable your insurance provider to inspect the car for destruction and, if necessary, pay for the repairs.

Your insurance provider will pay the actual cash value if the car gets deemed a complete loss, just as they would if the automobile gets stolen. Your deductibles would apply in both cases and would get subtracted from the reimbursement.

What happens if my vehicle is left unattended?

When the authorities discover a deserted stolen car, they usually investigate it to identify the perpetrator. The automobile may get dusted for fingerprints, and any item found that does not pertain to the user can be used as proof, any missing items in the car that the police will also enter the owner reports.

What happens if the cops are unable to reach me?

If the authorities cannot reach you (the registrant) or you cannot prove that the vehicle belongs to you, the automobile will get towed for impoundment. The authorities will also update the system to reflect the recovery of the stolen vehicle. Unfortunately, the impoundment and storage expenses are the responsibility of the registrant. Nonetheless, you may always haggle with a tow company over towing fees.


To summarize, vehicle theft may be painful. Many people believe that retrieving the automobile is the end of the process and that nothing further has to be done; yet, nothing could be farther from the reality. The owner must follow the proper procedure to guarantee that the stolen automobile’s insurance claim and restoration get handled correctly.