Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Legal | Learn Real Statistics

Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Legal | Learn Real Statistics

People often ask are quick release steering wheels legal? Yes, they are legal for your registered street vehicle? You will need a quick-release steering wheel on a race car. Certain types of racing require it. Installing a quick-release steering wheel is usually not street legal.

Any aftermarket steering wheel must also consist of factory-installed steering wheels, including an airbag. Due to the absence of quick-release steering wheels equipped with an airbag, they are ipso facto illegal.

The quick-release steering wheel, often abbreviated as QR, is a style of the steering wheel that features a high degree of rotation and a release mechanism actuated by the driver’s hands. Many modern cars (especially racing cars) have quick-release steering wheels, which are popular with car enthusiasts because of their ability to move the steering wheel quickly.

Although motorsports’ quick-release steering wheels are popular, you cannot mount them on a street-registered vehicle. They don’t work properly in public roadways and impede vehicle control. If you want to remove the steering wheel quickly, you will need a quick-release steering wheel designed specifically for racing.

It’s critical to remember that the legality of this gadget differs by state. For example, you cannot use them in New York and California. You can use specific quick-release flywheels in Florida as long as you meet certain standards. The specific requirements for these quick-release steering wheels vary depending on the type of vehicle and the quick-release steering wheel.

What’s the Point of Changing your Steering Wheel?

Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Legal

Perhaps you’ve come across one vehicle with a replacement steering wheel. If not, the next time you visit a substantially modified Chevrolet or Subaru WRX in the parking lot of your neighborhood grocery store, take a moment to look inside the driver’s side window, as there’s a good chance it has one. If anything, it seems like a race car steering wheel.

That’s because it’s technically accurate. You can use these lighter, leather steering wheels in racing cars to increase grip and make it easier for drivers to get in and out of the vehicle. Moreover, to increase grip and give the vehicle a racetrack look, the wheel is attached to the steering wheel by a small metal clip that can be removed and replaced.

The hub is provided by removing the old wheel from the car. When the new wheel is inserted into the hub, it must be disconnected from its here parent drive (the A-arm) so that it may not move during stop and start operations. The quick-release system allows this task to be completed quickly and easily.” system, allowing the driver, usually dressed in a fire suit and helmet, to exit the vehicle effortlessly.

Why do Streetcars have Aftermarket Steering Wheels?

Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Legal

After knowing what these aftermarket steering wheels are for, you may be wondering why regular people use them on their streetcars. In a nutshell, the majority of individuals utilize them for security concerns, because it’s impossible to steal a car without a steering wheel and because they look great. They can also enhance the driving experience by giving a sportier feel behind the wheel, similar to a race car.

Are these aftermarket steering wheels illegal?

Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Legal

Suppose your vehicle did not come equipped with an airbag from the factory, which is usually the case with cars manufactured before the early 1990s. In that case, you could legally replace your steering wheel with an aftermarket one. If your vehicle does have an airbag, there is no rule prohibiting you from replacing the steering wheel. However, you risk a fine if you are stopped after removing the airbag.

Are aftermarket steering wheels legal in the US

A unique federal law prohibits drivers from driving vehicles equipped with aftermarket steering wheels. However, since 1999, manufacturers have needed to incorporate airbags into steering wheels as standard equipment. Installing a conventional aftermarket steering wheel without a license or does not include an airbag may violate federal vehicle safety requirements.

Although the federal government does not explicitly prohibit driving a vehicle equipped with an aftermarket steering wheel, several state and federal regulations make it illegal or, at a minimum, inadvisable. State governments determine whether or not the aftermarket steering wheel is legal based on variables such as safety inspection standards, insurance regulations, and title restrictions.

When equipped with an aftermarket steering wheel, compliance with safety inspection criteria for your vehicle varies by state. Some jurisdictions expressly check for the presence of airbags. If not present, label the car as roadworthy.


This means you will not be able to drive your vehicle unless you install a steering wheel with an active airbag. Some states are lax on the airbag requirement. They often issue a warning and suggest the purchase of an airbag-equipped steering wheel.

North Dakota, Indiana, and Kansas do not require an airbag inspection. This makes driving with an aftermarket steering wheel easier without receiving a citation.

Police officers are responsible for the safety of all people, whether they are driving or not. When you’re drinking or driving, your car is considered a vehicle and maybe unsafe. You should always consult with a professional about the best way to get through your car accident or ticket situation! Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia are just a few states.

As for insurance plans, if your vehicle came with functional airbags when you purchased the policy, installing a replacement steering wheel without an airbag will likely void coverage. In addition, you cannot drive a vehicle without an insurance policy in most states.

Bottom line

Aftermarket steering wheels are generally not illegal. However, their absence of airbags violates safety regulations in most countries, subjecting them to penalties or fines. Always check with your state traffic department.

Also, confirm modifications with your insurance company to avoid being denied compensation in the event of an accident. If you are contemplating the installation of a replacement steering wheel. It is best to prioritize your safety and your passengers by installing the airbags first.