Can you Buy a Tesla Supercharger | Here’s the Right Answer for You

Can you Buy a Tesla Supercharger

Can you buy a tesla supercharger? This is a question that many electric vehicle owners are asking these days. As a result, we’ve written this article to assist you. Over the past several years, possessing a Tesla has become a prestige statement.

However, with the brand’s increasing influence, it’s easy to overlook one of the most compelling reasons to acquire one: the Tesla Supercharger connectivity. This fantastic service, which is only available to Tesla owners, gives you access to dozens of super-fast electric vehicle chargers around the US, ensuring that you’ll never have to bother about capacity or charging.

The Tesla Supercharger stations in the United States now have 780 chargers in 87 different sites as of December 2021. It’s crucial to note that Tesla is continually increasing its reach, which means a new station may be opening near you soon.

On the other hand, many consumers often inquire about purchasing a Tesla supercharger. Come along as we highlight this.

Can you Buy a Tesla Supercharger?

Can you Buy a Tesla Supercharger

To begin, it is vital to comprehend what a Supercharger is. Tesla’s rendition of a high-speed, direct-current (DC) Tier three charger, superchargers can replace around 300 miles per charge in under an hour.

That was quick! On the other hand, fitted home charging facilities are usually Level 2 and utilize alternating current (AC), recharging the same 300-mile range in roughly 8 hours.

This is relatively quick to use regularly. Although purchasing and maintaining a Level 3 device at home, such as the Tesla supercharger, may seem enticing owing to its impressive pace, there are several reasons why this is neither realistic nor practicable. These are some of them:

Installation Obstacles

First and foremost, possessing a Tesla Supercharger (or any Level 3 charger for that purpose) at home is perhaps the most restricted component. The electrical supply necessary to operate Level 3 chargers is often unavailable in private residences.

In addition, several county rules prohibit the installation of high-voltage electrical services in homes. Due to the extra difficulty of expanding the usefulness and constructing a transformer, installation time will get considerably extended in the few circumstances where counties do allow high voltage service.

These extra services are excessively costly, perhaps contributing tens of thousands of dollars to the entire equipment costs.


The hardware for the Tesla Supercharger is pricey. Although Tesla does not publish pricing on its website, several firms have acquired them. In one example, the Superchargers Tesla sold was not the highest complex model.

It was, however, nearly as expensive as a Model S, which begins at $75,000. Before considering the cost of implementation and other electrical work, Level 3 charging gear starts at roughly $20,000+.

Degradation of the battery

Using the Tesla Supercharger regularly might cause the battery to deteriorate. Several variables contribute to this deterioration, but charging at up to 250kW using Tesla’s V3 Superchargers causes the batteries to heat up more.

As a result, the total energy capacity is lowered. Supercharging on incidents will not degrade the vehicle’s performance and allow for longer road trips.

As would be the scenario with one placed at home, supercharging regularly has a considerable detrimental influence on battery health. If a Tesla automobile is supercharged too many times, it is irrevocably restricted to lesser charging rates. This limitation won’t be an issue for regular driving, but halting to recharge will take a little longer for lengthy traveling.


If you’ve read thus far and still believe the Tesla Supercharger is perfect for you, there’s one more significant obstacle to overcome. Tesla does not sell its Superchargers on the open market.

You’d have to persuade them to make an exception for you to purchase one. Why go to all that bother when a far more practical Level 2 charger can charge your phone to 100% overnight?

Why You Should Use Level 2 EV Chargers

Can you Buy a Tesla Supercharger

Level 2 chargers, unlike Tesla Superchargers (and other Level 3 charges), are designed for everyday usage. This implies you can connect your vehicle anytime you want with a Level 2 charger and not fret about substantial battery degeneration.

Even though the charging pace is lesser than a Supercharger, you can successfully maintain your vehicle adequately charged if you’ve got a Level 2 charger at home. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the finer points of charging pace and overlook that the most important thing is to keep your battery charged.

Concerning price and setup, Level 2 chargers are also much more feasible. They are less costly than Level 3 charges, albeit not by much. The hardware and installation costs are generally $2,000-3,000 range.

The process will take around a day and does not need new service from the power company since most houses’ power energy is more than enough to run a Level 2 charger.

Finally, Level 2 chargers are widely accessible and do not need special effort. However, choosing a charger, obtaining quotations from electricians, and studying governmental and energy provider discounts and offers are a time-consuming and complex procedure. We suggest looking for an all-inclusive plan that takes care of everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a tesla supercharger?

Yes. You can purchase a Tesla supercharger, but there are certain drawbacks, as mentioned above.

I don’t own a Tesla. Therefore, can I use a Supercharger?

Both yes and no! Although Superchargers were just available to Tesla customers, the company has started to open up the system to other electric vehicle owners. This experimental program, which began in November 2021 in the Netherlands, enables EV customers to use the Tesla smartphone app to utilize Superchargers.

Since then, additional facilities and sites have opened around Europe, although none in the UK are presently available to the public.

Is it more convenient to charge your car at home or at a Supercharger?

Charging your Tesla at home saves you far more money since Superchargers charge a higher percentage per kWh than your rates.

Is it true that Tesla charging stations are free?

There’s considerable debate over whether or not Superchargers are free. With the newly bought Model S or Model X, Tesla used to provide free unlimited Supercharging. On the other hand, Tesla no longer includes free Supercharging with new buyers.


Indeed, as you delve into the world of Tesla ownership, understanding the charging infrastructure is a key aspect. But this is only one piece of the puzzle. If you’re considering buying a Tesla, you may ask yourself another important question: “How to buy a Tesla in Texas?” That’s an entirely different process that entails understanding the car buying regulations in the state, exploring financing options, and selecting the perfect model for your lifestyle. So whether you are interested in the cutting-edge Cybertruck or the environmentally friendly Model 3, stay tuned for our comprehensive guide. This will explain the purchasing process and provide useful advice to ensure you are fully prepared for the exciting journey of Tesla ownership in the Lone Star State.