Does Tesla Use Google Maps | Navigation System in Tesla

Does Tesla Use Google Maps?

Tesla is the world’s best electric car with the best-built quality, making it a unique vehicle; whether the cars by this brand use Google maps or not is very common. Google maps are a very beneficial feature that makes the drive very safe and smooth. Having this feature will help you find the destination quite easily and locate the best park lots for your car. If you own a Tesla or intend to have one, it’s good to gather all the information related to this brand. Learn does tesla use google maps.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has revealed secret information about the use of Google navigation systems for vehicles. In the later section, we’ll discuss all the facts about it. So, let’s move down to see what you can expect from your new Tesla. 

Navigation System in Tesla

Does Tesla Use Google Maps

Currently, Tesla uses Google maps for the basic pinpoints. It still doesn’t use Google maps to locate the points of interest or destinations. Software, instead, performs this task. The company has named this software ‘ Mapbox ‘ which provides data to navigate the location and routing engine. MapBox uses a unique feature Valhalla for routing. This software has been working for these functions for the last few decades. 

As far as the core Google maps feature of Tesla is concerned, Musk has confirmed this news too on Twitter. According to his tweet about this query, Tesla will use the data from Google maps to pinpoint the desired location. So far, this feature is not functional in the car, and MapBox is serving for it. 

What Sources Does Tesla Use for Navigation? 

What Sources Does Tesla Use for Navigation

Tesla switched to the MapBox after using many different resources for navigation and other functions. Besides the MapBox, some other resources have served the brand to locate and pin the point locations. 


As mentioned above, Tesla’s manufacturers switched to MapBox after experiencing many other resources. The foremost source that served it for map date was ‘ Navigon ‘. In model X, one can find such a mapping source. These Tesla models still use the very same source for mapping and navigation. The Navigon uses Google maps to gather the relevant data. This app or software is functional only when some data source is available. 

But the vehicle needed such a functional map data source even when there was no data source. This feature shifted the users’ interest to upgrade the mapping feature in Tesla. 


It was hard to use two data sources to make offline mapping possible. To resolve the issue, Google shifted towards another unique source named TomTom. This source was for the internal maps only, and the rest of the mapping was with Google, which was displayed on the central screen. However, in model 3 of Tesla, there was no extra map for local navigation. This model uses its navigation for internal mapping and navigation. 


After the Navigon and TomTom, navigation was introduced for Tesla. This source was named MapBox. MapBox and Valhalla provide service for navigation in all the latest models of Tesla. So far, it’s a unique source of navigation for electric cars Tesla. 

How Google Maps Will Upgrade Tesla? 

How Google Maps Will Upgrade Tesla

Google maps are a very good feature that will make your vehicle quite safe. Moreover, you can navigate the best route for your next ride. These maps have many benefits; some of them are listed here. 

Expected Travel Time

Estimating the travel time proves very beneficial. If Tesla uses Google Maps, it will tell you your expected travel time for the next route. Through this, you can manage your time.

Traffic Jam Alert 

Suppose you are heading towards your destination and suddenly meet a traffic jam; what will be your reaction? You’ll act furiously. The addition of the Google maps feature will inform you of the expected traffic jams on your route. So, you can delay your ride or can choose a different route. 

Best Route Suggestion

To reach a particular place, you may have many different route options. However, you face road diversion, traffic jams, and many other issues. So, it’s good to predict such possibilities before you set out on a particular journey. Google maps will suggest you the best route for your journey. Moreover, they will guide you step by step while you’re heading towards your destination. 

Charging Calculations

Charging the Tesla car is the major responsibility of the user. So, you will need a proper method that may calculate all the data regarding the charging of the batteries. Whether you’re on the way or at home to charge your car’s battery, Google maps will provide you with the expected calculations regarding the charging.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Google Maps in a Tesla?

Tesla currently uses Google Maps to pinpoint the target locations with the help of the MapBox app. However, you can use this feature on the large display of the Tesla by connecting it to your smartphone. 

How do I link my Google Maps to Tesla?

Here is how to link your Google maps to Tesla. 

  • Get the Tesla application.
  • Connect your car to this application.  
  • Turn on the calendar synchronization from the app. 
  • Set up the calendar entry where you want to reach. 
  • Select the car diary and diary entry to enter the exact location. 
  • The app will give you suggestions for your journey. 

Which map app does Tesla use?

Tesla is not currently using Google maps for navigation. It’s using the maps as a base for its navigation software MapBox. MapBox is the best for navigating the best route on your Tesla car. 


Google maps are a very supportive feature that will help you locate the best route for your next ride. If your car features such a function while there is no data source, it will be a great addition. In the case of Tesla, the software MapBox uses Google maps as a base for navigation. However, it’s revealed by Musk’s tweet about the same issue that this electric car will soon use the Google map feature for navigation.