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How do Tow Drivers Get Paid

The two drivers of wages in the US are paid in many ways according to the rules prevailing at that time. There are many factors on which the salary of the tow drivers depends. These factors include the driving job type, years of experience, incentives, and business, certifications and endorsements, and niche, special hauling.  This post will teach you how tow drivers get paid in the US. 

How do Tow Drivers Get Paid

How do Tow Drivers Get Paid

Tow truck drivers can receive compensation through various means, depending on factors like their employer, location, and experience. Here is a list of some ways that tow truck drivers can get paid:

Hourly Wage

Many tow truck drivers are paid hourly for their time spent working. This rate can vary depending on the country, region, and specific employer. Overtime pay may be offered for working beyond the standard hours per week.


Some tow truck drivers, particularly those with more experience or managerial roles, may receive a fixed annual salary rather than an hourly wage. This arrangement can offer more financial stability and predictability.


Tow truck drivers may receive a commission or a percentage of the fee for each tow they complete. This arrangement can incentivize drivers to complete more tows and provide efficient service.

Flat Rate per Tow

In some cases, drivers may be paid a flat rate for each tow they perform, regardless of the time or distance involved. This method can appeal to drivers, as it rewards efficiency and allows them to earn more by completing multiple tows in a shorter time.

Tips or Gratuities

Tow truck drivers who provide exceptional customer service may receive tips from clients. This additional income can supplement their hourly wage, salary, or commission-based earnings.


Many tow truck drivers receive additional benefits from their employers, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. These benefits can significantly contribute to a driver’s overall compensation package.


Some employers may offer performance-based bonuses to tow truck drivers. These bonuses can be based on factors like safety records, customer satisfaction, or meeting specific performance targets.


Tow truck drivers who own towing businesses can set their rates and compensation structure. They have the potential to earn more but also bear the risks and responsibilities associated with business ownership.

A tow truck driver’s compensation details depend on their employer, location, experience, and job responsibilities. Prospective tow truck drivers must research and consider these factors when evaluating potential job opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do tow drivers get paid?

Some truck drivers get their pay by an hour, and some are paid on a percentage of the loan amount. For example, if the carrier truck moves the load for $500 and agrees to pay the driver 10%, most drivers will pay up to $50 to carry that load. At the same time, other drivers get paid according to the miles covered in one day.

Do our tow drivers make good money?

The average wage of a tow truck driver is $35,425 per year or $17.03 per hour in the United States of America. For people on the lower end of this calculation, the bottom line of the salary for two drivers is 10% to be exact and makes up to $29000 in one year and while the top 10% makes up to $43000. 

How are truck drivers usually paid?

The most common method for a truck driver to get the payment is based on the cents per mile. Pay per mile is the most common method and is well-known in the industry. It allows for flexibility and efficiency in calculating the good value. Most companies pay their drivers weekly, as the regional drivers work in a particular part of the country.

Is being a truck driver is a tough job?

It is hard to be a truck driver because many occupational hazards come in a specific area. So it is an easy job, but those in this profession have taken responsibility for their protection to keep others safe and sound.


As you can notice, when it comes to tow truck drivers’ salaries, there are many opportunities to make good money based on fixed salary, weekly salary, or miles per hour. Even new and beginner drivers can have a chance to earn a good salary package right out of the gate. Most companies also give bonuses and incentives to their truck drivers to help get started; therefore, if you want to become a tow truck driver, search out how you can get the CDL and many more ways to go through the process.