How do Tow Drivers Get Paid | A Full Statistical Data Based Guide 2022

How do Tow Drivers Get Paid

The two drivers of wages in the US are paid in many ways according to the rules prevailing at that time. There are many factors on which the salary of the tow drivers depends. These factors include the driving job type, years of experience, incentives and business, certifications and endorsements, and niche, special hauling.  This post will teach you about how do tow drivers get paid in the US. 

How do Tow Drivers Get Paid

How do Tow Drivers Get Paid

The average salary for a tow truck driver in the United States is $17.38 per hour.

Since 2018, the tow truck driver’s job who needs to have the license decreased by 20.29%. You could earn up to 45.87 or more than the average base salary with this license. It is approximately $17.38 per hour – depending on your hours worked.

If you want to get the salary satisfaction rate, the report reveals that 42% of the tow truck drivers in the US have the option about their salaries that the amount is enough for the cost of living in the specific area. 

According to the research report by, the average annual salary of truck drivers is $66.196 per year in the United States. As there are several factors on which drivers’ salary depends, the dependent variables (e.g., driving experience) can vary greatly depending on a driver’s job situation and qualifications.

The most common way to calculate the basic pay of the truck driver depends on the cents per mile. Pay per mile is the well-known trucking method as it is efficient and flexible and gives a good wage rate. That’s why many companies pay their drivers based on routes covered based on weeks. 

What About Regional Drivers?

The regional drivers work in the country’s particular location, and these jobs allow the drivers to go home on weekends. The average pay scale for regional truck drivers is on average basis 0.37$ to $0,55 per mile. This means that the tow driver can earn up to $727 to $1081 per week. And $37,840-$56,249 per year.

A dedicated truck tow driver who delivers the load and works for a single company enjoys consistency with a particular route and can have more home time. The average salary of these drivers is $0.58 to 0.78 per mile as this provides the wage rate. Between the range of $1,140 up to $1538 per week or more than $60,000-$80,000 per year. 

If the tow truck driver works in a team, the average salary will be $0.48 to 0.75 per mile and can expect up to $1923 per week and go to $2,884 per week. That will be equal to $100,000 to $150,000 per year. 

Most companies also offer incentives and bonuses to the tow truck drivers in the competitive trucking market based on weekly pay scales. The pay ranges from $2500 to $7000, and guaranteed payments every week are $1000 to 1350$ in early 2021. 

The two drivers who work in the companies get the other compensations like the partial compensation package or the full compensation package. There is ahead of tuition reimbursement available for those drivers who qualify and get the amount of $15000. 

Endorsements and certifications are other ways by which the salaries for the tow truck drivers can increase, as these are the extra levels of training. Depending on the companies for which the drivers work, they can earn the additional cents in their salary per mile using Hazmat endorsement. But some companies also pay more for non-hazmat loads.

If the tow truck driver carries more load than the required amount taller than 13.6 inches or wider than the 86 inches, he needs a permit and can get more salary than the standard-sized load.

If the tow truck drivers get the special training for driving that is valuable for the company employer can be helpful to increase the salary on this basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do tow drivers get paid?

Some truck drivers get their pay by an hour, and some are paid on the percentage of the loan amount. For example, if the carrier truck moves the load for $500 and agrees to pay the driver 10%, most drivers will pay up to $50 to carry that load. At the same time, other drivers get paid according to the miles covered in one day.

Do our tow drivers make good money?

The average wage of a tow truck driver is $35,425 per year or $17.03 per hour in the United States of America. For people on the lower end of this calculation, the bottom line of the salary for two drivers is 10% to be exact and makes up to $29000 in one year and while the top 10% makes up to $43000. 

How are truck drivers usually paid?

The most common method for a truck driver to get the payment is based on the cents per mile. Pay per mile is the most common method and is well known in the industry. It allows for flexibility and efficiency in calculating the good value. Most companies pay their drivers weekly, as the regional drivers work in a particular part of the country.

Is being a truck driver is a tough job?

It is hard to be a truck driver because many occupational hazards come in a specific area. So it is an easy job, but those in this profession have taken responsibility for their protection to keep others safe and sound.


As you can notice, when it comes to tow truck drivers’ salaries, there are many opportunities to make good money based on fixed salary, weekly salary, or miles per hour. Even new and beginner drivers can have a chance to earn a good salary package right out of the gate. Most companies also give bonuses and incentives to their truck drivers to help get started; therefore, if you want to become a tow truck driver, search out how you can get the CDL and many more ways to go through the process.