Why doesn’t Toyota Make Motorcycles | 8 Reasons You Must Know

Why doesn’t Toyota Make Motorcycles

Unlike most major automakers like Suzuki, BMW, and Honda, Toyota does not produce motorbikes. What stops them from doing that? Given their reputation for producing dependable vehicles, Toyota decided to concentrate on developing automobiles rather than motorcycles. The reasons why Toyota doesn’t produce motorbikes will be discussed in this article. Let’s find out why doesn’t Toyota make motorcycles.

Why doesn’t Toyota make Motorcycles?

Why doesn’t Toyota Make Motorcycles

Toyota may need help to compete with and surpass other brands, given that manufacturers of BMW motorbikes are already expanding their market reach and appeal. Although Toyo Motors motorcycles were created under the Toyota name, Toyota still fears that if the company started producing motorcycles and didn’t do well, its link with the brand may hurt its reputation.

Compared to traditional motorbikes, Toyota has some mobility projects.

Why doesn’t Toyota Make Motorcycles

In addition to being dependable and affordable, motorcycles are popular. Toyota has made various reliable and affordable mobility project attempts. Toyota might still need to prepare to concentrate on producing motorcycles, given that these initiatives are still in the works. Let’s look at a few of this Japanese automaker’s innovations in the field of transportation.

Motocross motorcycle designed for SEMA

Toyota and JGRMX worked together to create a model bike which was then customized with equipment and alterations from other donors. Despite being made just for the 2009 SEMA show, the vehicle was a big hit that Toyota might only be able to match for a while.

Concept automobile from Lexus: I-ROAD

Geneva Convention Motor Show saw Toyota display a distinctive supercar. To summarize this concept car, think of it as a cross between a motorcycle, a vehicle, and a luxury golf cart. It has a one-person capacity and is entirely electric. The design of the model for urban driving is primarily focused on reducing the burden of urban areas. With the Toyota I-dependability, ROAD’s adaptability, cost, and zero emissions, the motorcycle will only be produced by Toyota if this model is successful.

Scooter made by Toyota

The C+ electric scooter comes with a selection of Toyota mobility ideas. This electric, three-wheeled vehicle is made to suit those with limited mobility. It is built with security measures, including obstacle detection. Toyota originally designed the model for elderly commuters traveling between warehouses or airport terminals in spacious platforms. However, it was approved for use on Japan’s public highways. The company has yet to announce when the model will be available in the US or other countries.

Upholding Toyota’s reputation

Toyota might want to avoid entering the motorbike industry because they already have a reputation for being a high-quality brand. The reputation of Toyota would suffer if their motorcycles were subpar compared to their rivals. In other words, if the company ever decides to produce motorcycles, they must be flawless, which can be very difficult.

Toyota and Yamaha’s partnership

To produce high-quality automobiles and engines, Toyota works with Yamaha, one of the top motorbike manufacturers in the world. As a result of its nearly 4% ownership of Yamaha, Toyota would face competition if it began producing motorcycles. Another factor that may have prevented Toyota from entering the motorbike manufacturing industry is this clash of Loyalty.

Japanese manufacturers’ supremacy

Toyota is the largest Japanese automaker globally and the undisputed leader in the Japanese auto industry. It was the biggest automaker in Japan in 2021, with sales of more than 1.42 million vehicles, a decrease from 2020 sales. Toyota might not pursue the motorbike business due to its performance. Instead of distracting them and degrading performance, Toyota might have concentrated on creating the vehicles and maximizing their performance.

The company’s poor reputation

Kazuo Kawamata embraced the opportunity to create the first twin-engine bicycle when he was hired in 1942 as a research scientist at Toyota. He later established the independent motorbike manufacturer Toyo Motors. Instantaneously, the business was identified as a Toyota affiliate. Immediately following World War II, this enterprise met the general population’s affordable and dependable transportation needs.

In 1952, only four years after its founding, Toyo Motorbikes produced more than 10,000 motorcycles annually due to its success. The production and assembly of these components were entirely outsourced by Toyo Motors, which was their single error. Customers stopped buying right away, and there were several quality control issues.

Toyota was impacted by the images of these motorcycles sold in its dealership, a Toyota subsidiary. Due to the difficulty of persuading customers that they will be distinct from Toyota Motors, Toyota may decide against entering the motorbike manufacturing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Toyo Motorcycles not produce motorcycles

Given that Toyo Motors was established under the Toyota name, Toyota continues to worry that its affiliation with the brand may damage its reputation if it began producing motorcycles and did not do well.

Are motorcycles made by Toyo Motors trustworthy?

Built under the Toyota brand, Toyo Motors’ engines were successful for a while. Approximately 10,000 of these Toyota motorcycles were produced per year in 1952, according to Ride Apart. The motorcycles in question, though, were not Toyota models.

Do Toyota motorbikes exist?

In the automobile sector, Toyota Motor Corporation is a global leader. The Japanese carmaker has a wide range of products, including off-road pickup trucks and humanoid robots. However, there is one type of automobile that we hardly ever see at the factory, which is the bicycle.

Which automakers haven’t ever made a motorbike?

Notably, engines were never produced by VW, GM, Ford, Chrysler, or Mercedes. But VW and Mercedes have recently invested in relatively minor Italian engine producers.

Expert Opinion

South Bend Personal Injury Lawyer at Blackburn Romey, always recommends understanding the intricacies of vehicle manufacturing decisions, like Toyota’s choice not to make motorcycles, which can influence safety standards and liability in accident cases.

Uncertainty surrounds the possibility that Toyota will produce motorcycles shortly. Our study suggests that the corporation is not aiming in that direction; if they were, they would already have produced a motorcycle rather than the I-ROAD vehicle. Never rule out the possibility that a Japanese automaker will release a bike.