How to Make Car Noises with a Can | A Step by Step Guide

How to Make Car Noises with a Can

If you know how to produce a car noise via a soda can, you can use this trick to make fun. Prank videos are common tricks used for being viral on social media forums. A soda can be your tool to shoot a video to prank your friend. If you know how to do this, you can use this simple can for making noises of all kinds of vehicles. Moreover, you can create noise that resembles a car’s horn. Let’s learn how to make car noises with a can.

If you are also ready to have fun with your friends, you can do so by using a tin pack or soda can. There is not any extra work to do so. Later, we’ll discuss a simple trick to create car noise via a simple can. You can use this trick to shoot review videos or any prank video. So, let’s move on to understand how to create car noise via a can. 

How to Make Car Noises with a Can

How to Make Car Noises with a Can


The only additional thing you’ll need to make noise just like a car is a can. In addition to this item, your voice and tongue will also play a vital role. 


Here is a simple way to make car noise through a can. 

Take the Metallic Open Away

Take a soda or beer can and take its metallic open away. This is necessary to prevent any injury. If you ignore this step, your lips or tongue may hurt. 

Pinch the Can 

After you have done with the opening lid, the next step is to pinch or fold the can properly. Hold the can from the middle and press it to inflate and pinch it. Make sure that you pinch the can write from the middle.

If you do so near any lower or above ends, you may fail to make the can vibrate properly. Press the can from the middle so that both the metal pieces touch one another. 

Put the Can on Your Lips

After you are sure that the can is vibrating properly, put it on your lips. Point the opening end of the can towards your mouth. You can use any can for this trick. However, a larger one will produce a 

Louder sound than a narrow or smaller one. 

Make Growling Sounds 

When you put your lips on the opening end of the can, use your throat to make a growling sound. The more growling sound you’ll make, the more effective sound you can generate. 

How to Change the Volume in Can?

How to Change the Volume in Can

When you use a can to make noise that resembles the car, you can raise or decrease the volume inside it. It’s up to you. Here is how to do this. 

Volume Up

If you want to make a louder car sound inside the can, you can make an aggressive growling sound. Your ears will feel the difference. 

Volume Down 

If you want to make the car noise at a lower volume, you can do so by lowering the pitch of your growling sound. Moreover, bending also affects the volume of the noise. 

How to Change the Frequency of Noise? 

How to Change the Frequency of Noise

Using your tongue, you can change the frequency of the car sound that you’re going to generate via a can. You can produce three kinds of sounds with different frequencies. 

  • Low-Frequency Sound
  • Mid-Frequency Sound
  • High-Frequency Sound

Low-Frequency Sound

To produce a low-frequency car sound via a can, hold your tongue with the upper end of your mouth. Then generate a voice inside the can by making the tongue vibrate. This is possible by imparting pressure on the tongue. Remember that don’t make the voice too louder. 

Mid Frequency Sound

Producing a mid-frequency car noise using a can is the most difficult task. However, continuous practice makes everything possible, and this sound is not an exception. You may be familiar with the third major interval note on the piano. You will have to produce the same third major interval note inside the can.

This is possible by starting from low-frequency noise and then maintaining that tone. This is hard; however, it will produce the mid-frequency car noise inside the can. 

High-Frequency Sound

Only the thing that will make the car noise inside the high can frequency is the pressure or aggressiveness. When you make a voice with an aggressive tone, it will create a high-frequency sound inside the can. So, make a louder growling sound to make the car noise’s frequency higher. 

How to Change the Resonance? 

How to Change the Resonance

Changing the resonance of the car sound that you generate via a can is very easy. Here is how to do this. 

  • Hold the can near your mouth with one hand. 
  • Put the other hand on the opposite end of the can. 
  • Make the car noise with a constant frequency. 
  • Move the other end of the can with your hand up and down. 
  • You’ll feel the changing resonance in this way. 

What Sounds Can I Generate Via Can? 

Using a soda or beer can, you can produce sounds of different vehicles. However, some noises are relatively easy and seem just like the original sound than others—some of the most popular car noises that you can easily make using a soda can. 

  • V8 Sound
  • V10 Sound 
  • Ferrari sound
  • V12 Sound
  • Lamborghini sound

If you know how to change the sound accordingly, you can easily produce sounds of all the above cars. 


Some simple tricks can help you have great fun. One simple trick is making different vehicle sounds by using a simple soda or beer can. You can even change the frequency and resonance within the can. We have elaborated a precise method to do so in the above section. Proceed with these tips to make the sound of your favorite car with varying frequencies.