How Far Can a Concrete Truck Reach | 3 Types Distance Explained

How Far Can a Concrete Truck Reach

You may hear the name of concrete trucks, the heavy-weight vehicles that can transport concrete from the batch plant where they load cement and water on the job sites. The cemented mixers or cement trucks in which the final product is commonly concrete are concrete mixers trucks.  So if you want to know how far can a concrete truck reach, keep on reading the article.

How Far Can a Concrete Truck Reach?

How Far Can a Concrete Truck Reach

Branded and Model Truck

The distance that a concrete truck can cover depends on the truck’s structure, brand, and model. Most ready-made trucks come with a spoon or open funnel plate of the drum at the drop end with the attachment of 4 number chutes that can lift a drop several feet at the end and be rated better than 16 feet.

The slump concrete and the mix design are the two critical factors the concrete method relies on; before it reaches the segregation issue, it can travel a chute up to 40 feet. You will need enough drops from the concrete truck to place concrete for flowing.

But it is not the case and possible for the greater distances as the concrete trucks come with the conveyer belt placers that can put the concrete at a slight grade or no slope. 

Average farthest distance

The concrete truck with a chute of 18 feet can cover the farthest distance on average is the measurement of the truck’s length from the truck tires to the level of discharge.

The wheels of the ready-made trucks are at the distance of one foot away from the below-grade walls of the car and 1 foot far from channels and pits. 

Moreover, the concrete truck will be able to unload the mix until the chute on the truck reaches may be at about 12 to 15 feet as it is up to the client to offer a source to move it up to 100 feet.

To perform this, you should have 1 to 5 people who can move the concrete rest with wheelbarrows. For unloading the concrete truck, usually, the cost of the concrete truckload is 15 to 30 minutes. If the truck needs more time to unpack, there will be an extra fee. 


It would help if you also remembered you would require 2 or more people to take a shovel out from the wet concrete and then take it to the site where you wish to place it. You will need 3 to 5 people to set the final trowel and other surfaces within 30 to 40 minutes of using a wheelbarrow into your forms.

As the cement is just the part of the concrete and before the addition of water, it is in the powder form, and as this is not the mixers, cement gets deliver in the pneumatic tankers.

The concrete will set and get hard over time, but if you want to get the concrete out of the bowl before it gets hard, the bowl can still be rotated, and you can add more water. Then you can add the many kgs of kitchen sugar and add it as it will take many days to set. The deactivators that are part of the Delvo range are available. 

Wheelbarrows of the concrete truck

The concrete truck needs the average wheelbarrow to push the concrete to be about 2 cubic ft. so that the average calculation will be about 14. Still, it depends on filling it as it is just under the rim is the maximum without pouring it out. It will contain air from loading, and additional water is necessary to add at the site for easier laying and finishing.

Suppose the customer wants to load a concrete that can cause problems and issues later, so the 90 minutes are arbitrary. So the concrete trucks should unload the trucks as fast as possible if there is a delay in the unloading, then give concrete the extended life the use of admirers is the best option.

A temperature limit is also conditional because of the slight difference in the ultimate strength between the 90 F and 100F concrete. The admirers can shift over the problems with high temperatures. 

Moreover, there is no effect of adding the water to the plant or any job site until the water and cement ratio should not exceed the given mix design. It will not be the perfect solution because other factors can affect the slump other than water content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How far away can a concrete truck discharge?

Generally, the regular distance is 18 ft with chute, measured from the truck’s tire to the discharging point. The ready-made trucks’ wheels are away 1 foot from below-leveled walls and 1 foot from channels and flights.

How far can a conveyer concrete truck reach?

The conveyer trucks are the most sought in the fleet. The distance for the conveyer truck depends on the barrel size, as they can carry 9 to 11 yards, according to the job and conditions.

How many chutes does a concrete truck have?

Most of the ready-made trucks can carry 3-4 chutes that, when being attached, can reach a flat distance of about 20 feet from the point of attempts to the point of release. If you locate the truck within 20 feet of the place of deposit, then you can usually be place concrete directly from the car.

How long is concrete workable?

In standard industrial areas, full-strength concrete is workable for 28 days. In seven days, you will have concrete to get the treatment and full strength or greater. Therefore, the average concrete set time is generally 1 to 2 days.


So to conclude, how far can a concrete truck reach? It assumes that the truck mixer can position itself on the right angles to the job. Moreover, the concrete chutes have a maximum space of 2.5 m or 8 ft. this distance can reduce to 1.5m or 5 ft. if the concrete truck can draw alongside the job.