How much does it Cost to Get Your Car Air Conditioner Fixed?

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Car Air Conditioner Fixed?

Fixing the car air conditioner is necessary to travel in the hot summer. Without this, the journey will be too irritating and problematic. Moreover, diagnosing the problem of AC at an early stage will prevent money to be spent on it when the issue has increased. So, always ensure that you keep checking your vehicle’s AC to keep it functional. To do this, one should know about the cost spent on repairs. To facilitate you, we’ve proposed a very precise guide having all the essential costs that repairing a vehicle’s AC may include. Have a dive into this guide on how much does it cost to get your car air conditioner fixed. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Car Air Conditioner Fixed?

How much does it Cost to Get Your Car Air Conditioner Fixed

Here are the approximate costs of getting a car’s AC fixed. 

Labor of the Technician

The foremost thing is to diagnose the malfunction in your car’s AC. This is the duty of a mechanical technician. He will diagnose the problem in the AC by checking all the hoses, belts, and connections to locate if there’s any leakage or not. A good technician will charge $100 to $300. This cage may vary as per region. The average technician fee is $200. 

Fixing the Minor Leakage

If the technician diagnoses any minor leakage in the AC, it may cost $150 to $800 to get it fixed. This may include removing the faculty parts and replacing them with new ones. The average cost for fixing minor leakage is about $500. 

Fixing the Severe Leakage

If the technician diagnoses any major leakage, it may cost too much. Depending upon the model, this may cost $1000 to $4000. This will include replacing almost all the major parts of the AC. However, the average cost for a major AC leakage issue is about $2000. 

Fixing the New AC in a Vehicle that Doesn’t Have Before

Sometimes, one may want to upgrade their vehicle to insert a new AC in it. This will help in a comfortable journey even in old models. Most experienced technicians charge $50 to $100 per hour, and it will take 12 to 20 hours to get it fixed. So, the average cost to fix a new AC in an old model vehicle will be about $1800. 

Total Expenses

If your vehicle features a minor leakage issue, it will take about $700 to get it fixed. However, if the leakage is major, the total repair cost will be about $2200 to $2500. However, major issues may take more money than this estimate. 


For a comfortable journey, a functional AC of the vehicle is necessary. If you notice any minor leakage or another issue in the car’s AC, try getting it fixed instantly. The more severe your car’s AC damage will be, the more expensive it will be to get it fixed. Mostly, the AC fixing is done as per the rules and regulations of the federal government.

So, follow the SOPs made by your federal government to maintain your vehicle’s AC. An AC repairing process mostly includes diagnosing the issue and fixing it.