How to Become a Truck Driver without Experience | 23 Steps to Follow

How to Become a Truck Driver without Experience

Becoming a truck driver as a new CDL driver without experience is more challenging. Due to the scarcity of truck drivers in most places, it is impossible to get a truck driver’s job. Still, if you are interested in the relevant driving job, you can apply for the vacancies offered by the trucking companies. 

How to Become a Truck Driver without Experience?

How to Become a Truck Driver without Experience

To become a truck driver, the following are the ways to opt for a new commercial driving license and want to rack up some driving experience for your portfolio.


Apply for the vacancies for carriers. This is the most important thing to mention. You should apply to many trucking companies as much as you can. The more you apply to the trucking companies, the more chances to experience.


Search for the job of truck drivers in larger trucking companies like the mega carriers, as for the driver’s job instead of the tractor driver.


The alternative way to get the experience as a truck driver is by getting a license for the CDL driver. 


Some carriers used to run trucks that are not the tractor-trailer units; they are also searching for inexperienced truck drivers. 


If you have a class AZ license or CDL driving license, it permits you to drive all types of trucks. 


The driving companies as a bonus. Offer trucking jobs every day and pay a good salary compared to the average OTR driving job because the pay depends on the hourly rate. 


As a perk indeed, many truck driving jobs to come with pensions plans and a great chance to get experience.


It is also essential to mention that most OTR trucking companies want to get employees as truck drivers with experience in any type of driving opportunity. By way of their driving, they can judge the experience of driving heavy commercial vehicles. 


Most trucking companies do not pay attention to whether the vehicles are trucks or tractor-trailers.  


If the trucking companies are looking for experienced truck drivers who have the experience to drive a dump truck, they can hire you based on experience in the relevant vehicle and consider you well for such a job. 


If you are an independent broker or operator, you can easily find a truck driver’s job.


Some trucking companies offer the driver job in the Apprenticeship programs for new drives with a new driving license. 


The well-known trucking companies like the Arnold brothers come with their driving schools, from where the new truck drivers can gain experience and learn the tips of driving.


You can learn about driving trucks from YouTube videos and social media platforms. 


If you are passionate about driving trucks, you can join the institutions like Mills transfer. It is a carrier that offers CDL training programs with paid options and potential job vacancies for new truck drivers with no experience.


To become an experienced truck driver, you should be eligible for age and experience.


To become an experienced truck driver, the best option is to join the training schools that are free of cost but don’t compromise on the quality of the service.


One way to become a truck driver is to read the manuals that come with the new trucks and handle the truck, winter clothing, and the accessories needed for the driving tasks.


Don’t be disheartened due to the lack of driving experience, as this is not an impossible job to do; if you practice and gain knowledge from different sources, you will be successful. 


To become a truck driver, the process can be long as it can take weeks or months to completely learn the tips of driving, ass your training process does not only contain the tips of driving on the road. You will also learn how to tackle truck components safely, secure freight, and manage and plan longer trips. 


While learning the tips for driving, you can get help with the customer services skills to learn the knowledge and do the job effectively. 


As the truck driving job is hard and one shift consists of 14 to 16 hours, you can have the chance to learn many more about driving trucks and become a professional driver.


To get experience in driving trucks, some driving schools offer career counseling and job boards to connect the employees and career mentors to give learning services to beginners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into a truck driver job with no experience?

As an independent broker or owner-operator, you may be lucky to find a truck driver’s job that may offer you a job of driver. Some trucking companies introduce apprenticeship programs to induct new drivers with licenses.

Is it tough to become a truck driver?

Yes, it may seem that driving a truck is a tough job, but if you enroll yourself in a high-quality school like southwest truck driver training, you will gain the knowledge and skills to be prepared to have the truck driving job. 

How much can truck drivers make?

According to recent research from, the average salary of truck drivers ranges from $66.166 per year in the United States. Many important factors indicate how much truck drivers can make. 

Do trucking companies hire older drivers?

Yes, the trucking companies hire older drivers. If your driving license is physically clean and you can pass the road test, you are eligible for hire—some companies due to the liability insurance costs for older drivers.


You can become a truck driver easily if you join the driving schools and institutions free of cost. Additionally, you can get the required knowledge by searching the internet for driving tips. The most important thing is to have a regular driving license with you, as it is the foremost requirement in many states.