How to Find Lost Remote Car Key | Easy Tips You Don’t Know Before

How to Find Lost Remote Car Key

Despite their high-tech nature, key fobs cannot be tracked out of the box. To follow your key fobs until then, there are numerous third-party options. In particular, key finders are an excellent alternative. Consequently, the type of remote entry system in question will impact this. Let’s learn how to find lost remote car key.

Passive keyless entry and remote keyless entry are the two most common forms of remote keyless entry. A radio signal is sent to the car when a button is pressed on an RKE device. Nadeau explains that most of these devices are transmitters only. This means there is no method to call the remote, which is unfortunate.

Chances are better if you have the PKE remote. When using a PKE device, you don’t have to press any buttons to unlock or lock the vehicle. It says the car simultaneously turns on and prompts for a valid unlock code when it sends a signal to the remote. No ID card is required to access a building. 

Key fobs

How to Find Lost Remote Car Key

Remote unlocking is the primary use of these key fobs. However, newer vehicles go a step further, with key fobs that can also be used as:

  • Key fobs for keyless entry.
  • Have spare keys and transponders on hand in an emergency.
  • Remote controls with infrared technology

While combining all these functions in a single key fob has made life easier, it has also made it much more difficult to misplace.

Tracking Your Key Fob

Auto locksmiths in Bayside, NY, are frequently asked by customers about how they can keep track of lost or stolen key fobs.

To keep track of your key fobs until then, numerous third-party options are available. In particular, key finders are an excellent alternative.

These are keychain-sized fobs that can be attached to your keys, wallet, phone, or anything prone to get lost. With the help of Bluetooth, these key trackers connect to your phone and track where you’ve left your keys.

Depending on the brand of crucial tracker you buy, it can.

  • Make noise to help you find what you’re looking for.
  • Use a GPS device to locate it.
  • If it gets too close, sound an alarm.

Once you have set up your key fob, all you have to do is open the application it comes with on your phone, and you will be able to locate your key fob in a matter of seconds.

What to do when you lose your key fob

How to Find Lost Remote Car Key

That said, you haven’t attached a tracking key fob to your key fob, which is fine. In the meantime, you don’t have to worry; make sure to

Look everywhere

Be sure to double-check places like the laundry basket and your cat’s bed for anything missing. Your key ring may be in one of these places.

Dig up your spare key

Some of your spare keys will come in handy in these situations.

This way, you won’t have problems if you accidentally leave your key fob or remote at home and forget about it.

Transponder Key

Transponders are ignition keys with a plastic head with a computer chip in them. 

If you lose it, you’ll need to tow your vehicle to the dealership and present proof of ownership documents before purchasing a replacement key. Aside from towing charges, the replacement key would cost between $200 and $250.

Smart Key

This is a “keyless start,” the “smart key” that you can use in cars that come with a push-button start on the dashboard. Replacing these keys can cost upwards of $320, plus a reasonable towing fee.

Familiar Places Car Keys Are Lost

How to Find Lost Remote Car Key

If your car comes with a keyless smart key, chances are the key is inside the vehicle. One use to lose car keys in the following places:

  • Still in the car,
  • Placed in the trunk
  • Left on the car’s roof
  • On yesterday’s clothes
  • In the washing machine with yesterday’s clothes
  • Between the seats at the cinema,
  • On the restaurant’s menu
  • Garbage container
  • In the restroom
  • Closet flooring
  • In the airplane,
  • Staying in the confines of a hotel room.

How to Never Lose Your Car Keys

How to Never Lose Your Car Keys

Separate your house keys and car keys, and you’ll be out of luck if you lose both at the same time.

Purchase a keychain key tracker and accompanying app-tech. This easy-to-use device tracks the GPS location of the keychain with the linked key.

Equip a key fob with an audible alarm. Although this is an older trick, it is still valid when the key fob is in range.

Bottom line

Hide a spare key in a secure hiding place.

We’ll need to contact an expert key programmer or your local authorized dealer for starters. Car keys are available in three basic configurations:

Fundamental metal blade key:

  • Fits older cars before 1980.
  • Key transponder:

A metal key with an embedded security chip must be read and accepted by your vehicle before it starts. It is installed between the 1980s and today.

Smart key or keyless entry

There is no visible key or ignition switch; the key needs only be within the receiver’s range. 

You must program keys 2 and 3 so that the car’s receiver receives their code and allows the engine to start. You can program the replacement keys with the same code as the lost keys. Reprogramming disables the lost set, which means that even if it is discovered, it will not work.