How To Fog Up Car Windows For Privacy? | 3 Important Technique to learn

How To Fog Up Car Windows For Privacy

Yes, privacy should be your number one priority when considering sitting or sleeping in the car. The reason lies in my privacy, and I don’t want anyone to look into my car through windows and see me lying in the car. In this article, I will argue how to fog up car windows for privacy, as these windows can cover up the widow’s full mirror, thus making them blur and not see-through. So if you want to know the detail, then read on.

How to Fog up Car Windows for Privacy

How To Fog Up Car Windows For Privacy

If you want to fog up windows for privacy, it depends on your needs. Many materials are available in the market, like privacy films and frosted spray paints that are not so expensive and easy to handle. The main advantage of this is that they do not block the sunlight coming in and cover the windows of the car in well manner. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to fog up the car’s windows for privacy.


The first step in making the templates for the car windows is to get the giant roll of brown paper, but another good option is to use the poster board, flattened paper shopping bags, or piecemeal printer paper. The main objective is to use types of paper material to get the correct window template according to its shape. It was intentional that there is no need to make the car’s front window template. The reason is that most people are in the habit of seeing from the front window, so there is no need to prepare the template for the front window.

So now is the time to purchase the paper to make the templates according to the size; it will be a better idea to buy the black, a couple of yards for the outward-facing widow, and white for the inside facing window in the equal measurement. To check the window templates, cut out the few reflective panels according to the template. Then cut each fabric color to an inch in size to overlap each other.

The open edges of the black fabric are now the exposed reflective piece, and the white cloth is above it. Now tie a knot in the white cloth and do the same with the exposed reflective piece. You can keep them from coming out while doing this. Use the super spray adhesive to attach the fabric with each particular piece of fabric. Now attach the two panels and place the two raw edges of the fabric between the panels. The appearance of the panels will look cleaner and study and do not seem to fall apart.   

If you check the window panel from the outside, the white fabric will look nice and make the window roomier and spacious compared to the darker colors.

Production of the panels

Using two paper templates, cut the two panels of the reflective for each window. One important tip in cutting the panels is that the creases of the reflective should be perpendicular to each panel. If you cut each panel of the window to be perpendicular to each other, it will make a much more rigid panel. Each panel must be in the same shape as the window to mix with the panel’s fabric. Sharpie is the best option to consider while making the panels of the windows and denote the outside and inside layers and right and left sides for the applicable panels of the car’s windows.

With all plannings completed regarding panels, now make the long process of tracing the panels on the fabric and leave the allowance of one inch to be wrapped around each reflective piece. After cutting the fabric, now is the start of attaching the fabric to the panels and reflective using super spray adhesive. If you want that, there should not be a mistake in the attachment marking with the sharpie for the location of each panel is very better, but not to place the marking on the white fabric from outside.  

Attach fabric on both halves of each panel, and use the adhesive to join the two halves to ensure that all the panels are in line. A super spray adhesive is a good option for this purpose as it is contact cement, so you should dry it on both sides before pushing them together.

Place the privacy film.

With the help of measuring tape, take the size of the car window, and measure the outer edges of the windows and not the inner frame of the glass window. Privacy film can directly stick on the window as you only need to have the correct size of the car’s window. 

Cut the film with the knife in the same size as the window. Wash the window with water and dry it. As privacy film is sticker-like, you don’t have to use glue in applying this film. Carefully place the film in the window and press it carefully on the window. Trim the extra edges of the film to lay on the window smoothly. 

Frequently asked questions

Can you cover the glass windows of your car?

Yes, you can cover your car windows with the material of your choice. Some law enforcement and fast responders do not cover the car windows, but it is legal if anyone wants to do it. 

Can you cover the windows of your car while parked?

The California state laws allow car owners to cover the car windows while parked to protect them against incidental damage and weather. So one can cover the windows in various ways and use different materials. 

Can you put curtains in your car?

Yes, you can put the car curtains on the windows, as hanging up the curtains in the car looks so inviting and appealing. The hanging of curtain in the car windows is a good option as it can be replaced and removed for cleaning and changeable in the time of need.


So to wrap up the article, it is not a difficult project to fog up the car window for privacy. The procedure given above is the ideal solution if you want to do it with your effort. Still, nowadays there is a wide variety of panels and blinds available in the market according to the model of the car with which you can choose from according to your needs ad requirements.