How to Hotwire A Newer Car | A Full Step by Step Guide

How to Hotwire A Newer Car

It appears to be a common fear among car owners that the car will explode if they attempt to hotwire a newer car. This fear also prevents car owners from escaping from being stuck in their newer car, should the need ever arise. Fortunately for us, this assumption is false. This article looks at this issue by examining the myths and truths of hotwiring newer cars.

What Are The Wires That You Can Use To Hotwire A Car?

How to Hotwire A Newer Car

The only wires you use to hotwire a car are the ones that are attached to the battery. These wires are often blue and red but can sometimes be black, orange, or yellow. To start your car, you’ll need to attach the two wires.

You’ll have to connect the positive lead to the positive terminal, usually red, to activate it. Then, you join the negative charge to the negative terminal, typically black or brown.

You can give the car a jumpstart to restart. It is most probable when your car’s battery is dead. It is a more complex process that involves cutting the negative terminal (usually black) from the dead battery. To make sure, you can consult an auto repair store near you.

How to Hotwire A Newer Car

How to Hotwire A Newer Car

While a screwdriver can use to steal a car, there are some essential things you need to know before you can begin the process. Foremost, the car maintains to have manual communication.

The screwdriver won’t do you any good in an automatic car. Additionally, you’ll need to wire the ignition without getting caught. Some vehicles have an ignition module, which must bypass to start without a key. If you have any skill, you may be able to pull the wires out of the ignition and avoid the starter altogether.

Hotwire A Car Using a Paper Clip

An old trick to hotwiring a car is using a paper clip and some electrical tape to start a sweet ride. The way it works is once you have the car all wired up, you can use the paper clip to straighten the hot wire that runs to the starter and by doing so, and you can hotwire a car with a paper clip.

It is a purely mechanical method, and there is no way to start a car with just a paper clip, but with electrical tape and some know-how, you’ll be driving in style.

Hotwire A Car Using Jumper Cables

Hotwiring is not an excellent option for most people. But if you did stick in a situation where you need to charge your car with jumper cables, you may have to resort to a more alternative solution than calling a tow truck. Here you can see a step-by-step guide on hotwiring a car with jumper cables:

  • Turn your car off and make sure the lights are off on the vehicle.
  • Hook the jumper cables to your cigarette lighter and start it with another car.
  • Hook the other end of the jumper cables to your car and start it up!

What are the easy Steps to Hotwire a Car in an emergency?

When you find difficulty where you need to hotwire a car in an emergency, it is essential to stay calm and think of a plan. First, you will want to locate the cables that power the vehicle. Lines did surround all the plastic casing and near the engine. 

It is usually a black box starting at the front of the vehicle and sitting to the right of the gas pedal. Now that you have located these parts, you will take a battery and ground it into the starter. It does take some time, and you might need a friend to help you, but I hope you can hotwire your car in need!

Which Types Of Car Hotwiring Is Possible?

Which Types Of Car Hotwiring Is Possible

The type of car can determine the probability and difficulty of hotwiring. A car with manual communication is considerably more challenging to warm than a car with automated transmission. Many factors can make this easier or more complicated, such as the ignition condition. Whether the battery is working correctly and whether there is a current in the wire.

What Tools you’ll Need to Hotwire a Car?

You will need wire cutters, wire strippers, and a screwdriver to hotwire a car. The first step is to find the wiring harness that plugs into the car’s starter solenoid, which can typically find under the passenger seat. Next, you’ll strip the insulation from the wires on both ends of a 10-12 inch piece of wire and then twist them together to create a single connection.

 Different Ways to Hotwire A Car

 Different Ways to Hotwire A Car
  • Ways are to use a metal object to tape the wires together, break off the plastic cover to expose the wires or use a screwdriver with insulated handles.
  • The main security feature preventing unauthorized hotwiring is the ECM (Engine Control Module), which is present in most modern cars.
  • The ECM controls essential systems in a car, including the ignition, fuel injection, and transmission, and is therefore very difficult to bypass.
  • Other ways to hotwire a car include using a cigarette lighter, jumper cables, or any metal that conducts electricity.

How To Ensure Hotwires Won’t Damage The Car?

How To Ensure Hotwires Won't Damage The Car

Many things can do to ensure that hotwiring won’t damage the car. The foremost thing I would suggest is not utilizing the battery without consent. It will trim its life if you operate it for anything further than its intentional goal. Secondly, you should never take off the alternator belt. If the belt is removed or slips off, it can cause an extreme amount of engine damage very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Hotwire A Modern Car?

  • Yes, but it’s a lot harder than in the movies
  • It does happen with the key fob inside the auto

What Color Wires Do You Use To Hotwire A Car?

  • Black (can never go wrong with the classics)
  • Red (excellent choice)
  • Blue (more than meets the eye)

Is Hotwiring Illegal?

  • Illegal. You can go to jail for that. 
  • Technically, yes, but I don’t think anyone can catch for doing so.

Is Hot Wiring A Car Easy?

  • Yes, using a screwdriver to pry open the dashboard and hot wiring it.
  • Just utilize a screwdriver to hotwire it directly underneath the steering reel.


It would help if you understood the hotwiring of a newer car and avoided becoming a victim of car theft. Some of these ways are very dangerous and should not attempt by anyone. Some of the tracks are pretty safe and are the easiest ways to hotwire a car.