How to Let the Air Out of a Tire | 9 Steps You Must Know Now

How to Let the Air Out of a Tire

If you have an excess amount of air in your vehicle’s tires, you need to pass them, or you may need to deflate them. The tires of cars and motorbikes have valves in them, as they control the air in and out of the tire. Once you find the valves on the tires, letting the air out of the tire is as easy as you follow the proper steps.

How to Let the Air Out of a Tire

How to Let the Air Out of a Tire

Locate the valve on your tires

There is a valve between the spokes near the middle of the tire. The valve seems like a short 1 to 2 inches tube protruding from the vehicle’s tires, as it has a metal or black cap on the end of the stem. The cap works to remove the dust and dirt from your valve. 

Replace the cap on the valve

Now the next process is to replace the cap on the tire valve, as it will uncover the metal part of the valve. The valve on the tire is like the round hole having a pin in the middle of the tire. Place it in the plastic bag safely to avoid losing it when removing the cap. 

Check the pressure on the tires

To check the air pressure of the vehicle tires, attach the pressure gauge onto the valve on the tires and screw it tightly into the place. It should show you the reading of the tire pressure per square inch or PSI in terms of pounds.

Check the manual from the company provided to see the recommended pressure in the tires. You can get the pressure gauge to check the tires’ pressure from any automotive store or online. 

Press the tip of the screwdriver on the metal pin

In the middle of the valve, there is a thin metal pin on the tire’s surface. You can also opt for the nose pliers; use a pair of a needle, or any other thin and small tool. Air will begin to discharge from the valve when you exert pressure on the pin. If you want to stop it from deflating, lift the screwdriver off the pin to stop it. 

Jack the car up 

To deflate the car or truck tires entirely without using a jack can destroy your tire and rotors. There is a point on the side of the tire for fixing the jack, so use the lever to jack up the car to lift it into the air. In this way, you can remove the air from the tire, as if you do not know how to jack up the specific model of the car, get help from the user manual. 

Lose the metal pin 

Use any sharp think like pair of thin needles of 5 inches in length and nose pliers; turn the metal pin of the valve in a counterclockwise direction. The air in the tires will get out more quickly and flow than if you press down the pin.

If you want to deflate the tire faster, this method is the best. Do not forget to fasten the pin back into the tire’s valve once you complete the process. 

Fit the end of your tire pump

After finding the tire’s accurate pressure, on the interior side of the tire, press the end of the tube tire on the end of the valve after you miss it. Put the lever under the tire pump and read the number of pressure levels on the vehicle’s tires. If you notice the excess air in the tires, you should release the pressure from them with the help of the gauge.

Remove the tire pump

Remove the pump if you want to deflate the tires and release the excess air, then flippant up the switch on the back of the pump in the upward direction and twist up the pump from the valve. When you exert pressure on the tip of the valve to reduce the tire, the air will discharge from the tire. You will feel the sound and hear the shoot-out of the van when you press the valve cap. 

Push the tire down to remove air  

The quickest way to remove the air from the tire is to put the tie on the ground and exert a push on it. This will release the air out of the tire faster if you press the valve cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to let the air get out of a tire?

Get a flat head screwdriver. Now start opening the metal pin by pressing it inward. In this way, the stem will release the air pressure. Remove the screwdriver, and then check the tire pressure with the help of the gauge. Repeat this procedure until you get the needed tire pressure.

How do tires seal?

The sealant used for tires is a fibrous liquid put inside your tire. When the tire gets punctured, all this sealant is released. As a result, the fiber builds up and mixes to form a flexible mass.

Where does the air go into the tire?

When you fill the air in the tire, it directly goes into the tire through the valve stem. When you fill the air, you can hear air sound. If you notice air leaking or spraying out from the tire, you should check the connection between the air hose and whether the tire valve is safe or not. 

How do tires stay inflated?

The inner part of the tire is made of a rubber compound that attaches to the tire to hold air pressure inside the tire. Three parts, including tire bead, inner liner, and bead filler, firmly keeps the air in tire walls.


From the above-discussed steps, it is clear that you can let the air out of the tire by simply pricking the tire with a knife or any other sharp thing like a nail or pin. While putting the sharp thing into the tire will let you know the release of the air from the tire by simply shooting the air from the tire.