How to Lift a Truck without a Lift Kit | 6 Step Guide by Expert

How to Lift a Truck without a Lift Kit

It’s not simple to lift a truck. Many truck drivers want to lift their cars a few inches or even more. You will experience a smooth ride and better functionality by lifting the truck.

How to Lift a Truck without a Lift Kit

How to Lift a Truck without a Lift Kit

Without a raising kit, you may lift your truck in various ways. Different methods can be used to achieve various heights.

The application of a one-inch block

A one-inch block is the most effective way to elevate a vehicle without a lifting kit. If your truck’s suspension has a caliper under the suspension spring, you may add six inches of height by using a one-inch block. To achieve this, rotate the caliper by removing it from underneath the suspension spring and placing it on top.

Combine this modification with a one-inch block. This will add around six inches to the truck’s height. Furthermore, the performance of your truck will not be harmed by this procedure.

Thicker Handcuffs

You may easily change the loop with a thick one if you don’t want to add another one-inch block. In this instance, you must still reverse the caliper’s position.

As a result, swap out the old caliper for a newer, longer one and mount it on the suspension spring. This will allow you to reach a height of about three centimeters. This newer, longer caliper is more economical. Longer calipers can also help prevent the spring from drooping with time. You will be able to experience a steady height for a longer time.

Attach leaves

Another excellent approach to elevate a truck without a lift kit is to use Attach leave. If your automobile has leaf springs, you may increase the height by adding another leaf.

By adding one more layer, you may essentially achieve a level of roughly two creeps. As a result, this procedure increases the life of the older spring.

There are certain drawbacks to this strategy. It is required to unscrew the shaft to set the blade, and unscrewing it is a difficult process. Furthermore, this approach lowers the articulation of the axle, resulting in a decline in the truck’s performance or driving experience.

Bump Starts and Stops

A higher height is associated with a larger tire. You can raise your truck’s lift height by installing larger tires. First, lower the stops to provide more room beneath the rig.

You may also get the same result by just installing longer stops. This method, however, may not be a good idea if not executed properly. It has the potential to endanger the vehicle’s leveling.

Coil springs for spacers

A spacer is another excellent technique to elevate the back of your truck. On coils with coil springs, this spacer can be used. A coil spring spacer is what this is called.

You must insert it between the spring washer and the spring to set it. As a result, the spacer will expand the gap and lift your automobile.

You can only achieve a height of roughly five centimeters with this approach. Furthermore, this approach can improve shaft elongation. On the other side, spacers are inexpensive and have no negative impact on your truck’s performance.

Take Precautions for Safety

Always put safety first. You can’t put your safety and others on the road on the line to save a few thousand dollars.

It’s dangerous to lift the front of your truck. The block in the front suspension might dislocate during a rough ride if you use it to get a lift. You may lose control of your vehicle, resulting in an accident. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I lift my truck without a lift bridge?

The most efficient way to lift a truck without a lifting kit is to use a one-inch block. If your truck’s suspension uses a caliper under the suspension spring, you can use a one-inch block to effectively gain six inches of height.

Can you make a lift set without a lift?

Let’s talk about a few alternatives to lifting a car without a lift kit up to six inches. One option for larger vehicles and trucks is to use additional blades. This increases the height of your coil springs, and you can gain up to three centimeters in height.

Can you lift a truck with only blocks?

For example, never use the front lifting blocks when lifting. They are hazardous and a horrible decision whether you need to drive out and about or in the field.

Can you install the lift kit yourself?

If their vehicle requires this type of work, some people will have it done professionally. But if you are confident in your abilities and can follow the instructions, you and a friend will handle the whole process yourself. Carefully remove the coil spring. The assembly of the lifting set is time-consuming.

Does your truck level the lift?

The leveling kit essentially levels the front of the vehicle to match the height of the butt at the rear, with a maximum stroke at the front of about two inches. The lift kit lifts the truck much higher into the air but requires more time and energy to add a new suspension system.

What is the cost of installing a lift pack on a truck?

Just buying and installing a leveling kit can cost $400 and $2,000. With a pro, you can spend $800 to $4,000. Buying and installing an elevator kit can cost between $400 and $4,000 if you do it yourself. If you have it done by an expert, the price can range from $800 to $12,000 


There are several ways to lift a truck without a lifting kit. It is also cost-effective. Before modifying your vehicle, you need to know what you are doing. Refusal to do so might result in your truck being damaged. Since you know how to lift a truck without a lifting kit, drive to a workshop and do it.