How to Lock a Uhaul Truck | 8 DIY Steps (Updated)

How to Lock an Uhaul Truck

Whether you lease or own a Uhaul truck, you want to keep the door closed to avoid theft. Moving to another area is energizing; however, moving can be a piece monotonous. Moreover, losing a few resources would cause a ton of stress. This article demonstrates how to lock a Uhaul truck for a stress-free journey.

How to Lock a Uhaul Truck

How to Lock an Uhaul Truck

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary supplies:

  • Padlock or cylinder lock
  • Key (if applicable)
  • Hitch lock (if towing a trailer)
  • Tie-down straps (optional for securing items inside the truck)

Step 2: Assess the Locking Mechanisms

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the locking mechanisms on your U-Haul truck. Most trucks are equipped with a rolling door at the back, as well as a passenger-side door. Some trucks may also have a latch for the cab door.

Step 3: Secure the Rolling Door

Start by closing and securing the rolling door at the back of the truck. Pull the door down firmly until it’s fully closed. Then, engage the locking mechanism by sliding the latch or bolt into place. If your truck is equipped with a padlock hasp, attach your padlock to prevent unauthorized access.

Step 4: Lock the Passenger-Side Door

Move to the passenger-side door and ensure it is fully closed. Depending on the type of lock, you may need to use a key or simply press a button to engage the locking mechanism. Double-check that the door is securely locked before proceeding.

Step 5: Secure the Cab Door (if applicable)

If your U-Haul truck has a separate cab door, ensure it’s locked as well. Pull the door closed and either engage the built-in lock or use a padlock to secure it. This will prevent access to the front of the truck where the driver’s seat is located.

Step 6: Install a Hitch Lock (if towing a trailer)

If you’re towing a trailer with your U-Haul truck, don’t forget to secure the hitch. Install a hitch lock to prevent anyone from detaching the trailer while your truck is parked.

Step 7: Check for Loose Items

Inside the Truck Before hitting the road, take a moment to check for any loose items. Secure them using tie-down straps or packing materials to prevent shifting during transit.

Step 8: Test the Locks

Once everything is in place, give each lock a final check to ensure they’re secure. Pull on the doors and the rolling door to make sure they’re properly latched and locked.

Step 9: Keep Your Keys Safe Finally

keep your keys in a safe place throughout your journey. Avoid leaving them inside the truck or in an easily accessible location where they could be lost or stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if the Uhaul door is left open?

You must push the lock to open the Uhaul entrance because it has been left open. Step on the gas and plug the hole. Then apply the vehicle brakes.

Is the U-Haul forklift easier to operate than a ramp?

No, a ramp is more convenient than a U-Haul forklift. The ramp would be easier for beginners to operate than the liftgate since you have to learn some movements first. The ramp works similar to a big box and requires little effort.

Is it safe to have the U-Haul parked at the hotel?

The well-lit car park near the hotel is an ideal place to park the U-Haul overnight. Make sure to book a hotel with ample parking. Also, ask for a room with a view of the U-Haul truck.

Is it possible to secure a U-Haul truck?

Yes, you can secure a U-Haul car if you have a lock that fits inside the door. You can use a padlock, disc lock or keyless lock to secure your belongings when you leave home.

Which lock is suitable for the U-Haul truck?

Depending on the scenario, you can secure the U-Haul truck with any type of lock. It is unnecessary to use a U-Haul padlock to secure your rental vehicle.

Does U-Haul provide a lock?

Locks are not available for U-Haul vehicles. You must use one of your security locks. Security locks provided include truck locks and circular locks.

What is the safest method of securing a removal vehicle?

A bolt cutter can easily cut a cheap lock from an old-school locker. Spend a little more money on a tamper-proof, cut-resistant padlock. The Commando Lock series high-security key lock and the Master Lock series Boron lock are viable solutions.

Is it feasible to rent a lockable U-Haul trailer?

All trailers have a locked hardcover and a lockable door to protect your valuables.

Does Uhaul offer a lock?

Locks are not accessible on U-Haul vehicles. Use one of their security locks or purchase one from U-Haul in person or online. Truck and window locks are among the security locks offered by U-Haul.

What happens if a U-Haul is stolen?

Someone has stolen your U-Haul and everything you have. Notify the police immediately about the theft. Give the officers as much information about the vehicle as possible. Call the U-Haul dealership where you rented the vehicle after your stolen documents. 


You didn’t have to worry about hijackers as long as your Uhaul truck was locked. In addition, if necessary, you can also sleep in the hotel and have your Uhaul truck secured in the parking lot.