How to Make Money with a Box Truck | 8 Way You Don’t Know Before

How to Make Money with a Box Truck

A box truck may be developed to create extra income in various ways. Whether you currently own a box truck or are considering purchasing one, this article will teach you how to make money with a box truck.

Examining the Truck’s Box

A box truck, often known as a flatbed truck, is a medium-sized vehicle with a “box” cargo in the rear 14 to 24 feet long. This cargo section is distinct from the cab and is normally accessed by a rear door, though some have sidewalk doors.

Driving a truck with a box does not require a commercial driver’s license. Therefore anyone with an ordinary driver’s license and a little imagination may make money with it.

How to Make Money with a Box Truck

How to Make Money with a Box Truck

Trucking is a difficult yet cost-effective method to make a living. You may work from home or provide local services, work for companies like Amazon and FedEx, or start your own company

Services for delivery

E-commerce is on the rise, and so is the delivery industry. If you own a box truck, you may provide services to small hardware and grocery stores, home appliance stores, and other local companies. 

The use of Food deliveries 

However, you may plan large events and fulfill large orders. You may also offer your services to families wary of transporting their stuff to market because a box truck is ideal for food delivery.

Delivery to the general public

You may provide local shops with last-mile delivery services or join up for specific services like GoShare or Amazon Flex. Selecting the appropriate delivery dates and times may become a source of additional money.

Become a self-employed individual.

Finding a dependable firm that will work with owners-operators and supply them with cargo is one of the greatest ways to generate money with a box truck. This may be a fantastic way to make a substantial amount of money. You will be given more responsibilities and respect if you appear to be a trustworthy partner.

Removal services for your home

You may either hire your vehicle from someone who needs to relocate or create your own moving company. Moving household things may be cost-effective, especially when individuals move to a new home at the end of the month.

Just remember to get some specialized gear, such as belts and tarpaulins. On the other hand, intense physical exercise might be harmful to your health, so this is not a choice for everyone.

Services of transportation

It’s not only about getting fresh meals delivered. Some businesses require transportation services to dispose of unwanted items such as damaged furniture and obsolete equipment. You can also be the one to transfer all of that trash to recycling facilities.

Services for towing

Although it isn’t the most obvious method to generate money with a crate, it may help you supplement your income. You just need to purchase simple tools, such as a tow cable and J-chain chains.


Making your vehicle into a mobile board is the greatest method to make a living. Advertising firms will paint or affix a banner to your vehicle, netting you an extra $100-400.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my box to generate money?

Renting or advertising items is an easy way to generate a small amount of passive money. Offer the side of your truck to another firm if you are not involved with the company. You may also rent the box truck to anyone who wants one and use the rental income to pay for it.

What is the worst mileage a box truck can get?

If you maintain your vehicle properly, you may drive it for more than 200,000 miles. According to the common norm, anything beyond 200,000 is considered a major pity for an automobile. A vehicle may go over 250,000 kilometers.

What can you do with a box truck?

A lower load than a truck is the optimal use of the load for a box truck (LTL). The delivery of shipments, the removal of furniture, and the delivery of perishable food are all examples of LTL products. Moving houses, delivering printed newspapers, and transporting gadgets are all done with box trucks.

Is it possible to transport Uber in a box?

Uber Freight works with a diverse range of shippers, from huge stores to aspiring small enterprises. Almost every lane on our platform has dry loads of 53 ′ FTL vans.

What is the truck driver’s height and weight?

  • A truck owner-operator is a truck driver who uses a truck he owns or hires to move products and make deliveries.
  • A box truck is a cargo vehicle typically 4 to 7 feet long. Although these trucks are not semi-trailers, they may be used to attach more goods.

How can you do it to money with a box?

Finding a reputable organization that works with the owners of the operators and supplies them with products is one of the greatest methods to make money with a box.

This may be a fantastic way to make a substantial amount of money. You’ll obtain a greater workload and respect if you prove to be a trustworthy colleague.


Owning a trucking company is a fantastic way to make a living. However, getting started might require some time and work. Don’t allow the lack of original paperwork or credit criteria to prevent you from starting your own company. It’s time to put our detailed advice on establishing a mailbox company into action now that you’ve read it.