How to Remove Gear Shift Cover | 9 Steps You Must Apply Now

How to Remove Gear Shift Cover

Having a manual car is a blessing for those who love to drive manually. However, protecting its gear shift from scratches, dust, and other damages is also necessary. The gear cover also helps protect the gear shift area of the automatic vehicles. A gear cover or gear shift cover is one of the best ways to protect your gear shift from certain damages. let’s learn how to remove gear shift cover.

One who is used to driving a manual vehicle will not face any difficulty putting on and removing the gear shift cover. However, if you are a new user, you may face difficulty putting on and removing this cover on your own. So, you should go for ‘ how to remove gear shift cover? ‘. 

Once you learn how to do this task, you can easily change the cover at home. In this precise guide, we’ll be discussing some essential tips to remove the gear shift cover. 

How to Remove Gear Shift Cover in 9 Steps? 

How to Remove Gear Shift Cover

Here is a step-by-step procedure to remove the cover of your vehicle’s gear shift on your own. 

Activate Parking Brake

Safety is the foremost thing, no matter what task you’re accomplishing. When you want to remove the gear shift cover of your car, make it static by activating its emergency brake or parking brake. Never proceed without this safety measurement. 

Hold the Gear Lever Well In Place

If you have a manual vehicle, put it in 2nd or 4th gear to hold the gear shift lever well or in a neutral state in an automatic case. This will let you easily unscrew the gear knob screw or Allen head bolt. 

Remove the Gear Shift Knob Cover

Most of the users have a cover on the gear shift knob too. If you are one of them, remove the knob cover before removing the shift cover. 

Trace the Screw 

After putting the car in any of the above states accordingly and removing the gear knob cover, go for tracing the screw or Allen head around the knob. Some models don’t have such a head or screw and will have only a plastic ring as a connector. 

Remove the Snap Ring

Most of the latest vehicle models also have a plastic snap ring to prevent the free movement of knobs. If your car also has such a snap ring, trace it. Use the pressure of the screwdriver to remove this snap ring before you go unscrewing the screw or Allen head. 

Unscrew the Allen Head or Screw

When the snap ring is removed, the knob of the gear shift will be easy to remove. Use an Allen wrench in the Allen head or a screwdriver in case of the screw. Separate the base of the knob by unscrewing the screws. 

Pull the Knob Off

After unscrewing the screw or Allen head, you can separate the knob from the lever fitting. Pull the knob up to remove it. 

Detach the Cover from the Base 

The plastic base of the gear shift cover will be fixed in place. You can remove it by pressing it inwards gently. Take it out by pressing the plastic inwards gently. 

Remove the Cover 

When you’ve removed the knob of the gear shift, you can easily pull out the cover after detaching it from the base. So, take it out and insert a new one or make the same cover fresh by washing it properly. Here you have done it! 

Why is Gear Shift Cover So Important? 

Why is Gear Shift Cover So Important

You’ll have encountered a gear shift cover in most automatic and manual vehicles. Though it doesn’t play any mindful role in driving the vehicle, it plays an important part in safety and decoration. Here are some of its benefits. 

Prevents Scratches

No matter how careful and conscious you’re about the safety of your car, the gear knob and gear shift may get scratched on it. However, a knob cover and a gear shift cover will prevent damage to these parts. 

Prevents Exposure to Dust

Your gear lever and all its components are exposed to dust in some conditions. This may affect the functionality of the gear shifter. However, a gear shift cover will maintain the functionality of the gear shifter by preventing it from dusting. 

Adds to the Look of the Vehicle

A bare gear shifter and bare gear knob will look odd. However, covers for both these parts will add to their beauty. So, it will add to the appeal and internal decoration of the car. Also, it will maintain the original glow and shine of this part. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove gear shift trim?

Removing the gear shift trim is quite easy through the following method. 

  • Remove the adjacent ashtray behind the gear shift trim in most vehicles. 
  • Now put your middle two fingers of both hands where the trim connects to the car body on the front side. 
  • Exert pressure gently; it will open the trim. 
  • Keep moving your fingers back and detach the whole trim. 
  • Take it off! 

How do you remove a shifter gaiter?

Removing the gaiter of the gear shifter is quite easy. 

  • Unscrew the Allen head or screw that connects the gaiter to the shifter. However, some models have a press system that doesn’t feature any screw or Allen head. 
  • Now pull the gaiter; it will come out. 

How do I remove the shifter assembly?

Remove the cup holders or ashtray holders of the car. Here, you’ll see the base of the gear shifter assembly. Remove the knob and start pulling the assembly gently. Start from the back and go forward. After you have detached the whole assembly, take it out. 


Removing the gear shift cover is quite easy if you know how to do this. Changing or making the existing cover by deep cleaning will add to the look of your vehicle. If you want to remove the gear shift cover, proceed with the above procedure. You can accomplish this mission by yourself without rushing to the mechanic.