How to Remove Scratches from Car Bumper | Full Step by Step Guide

How to Remove Scratches from Car Bumper

One effective and affordable way to remove scratches from plastic bumpers is to use a Bumper Scratcher. These devices work by rubbing the scratch in a sensitive area, such as the center of a car bumper, creating a smooth surface for removing material. Scratches on plastic bumpers can be quite costly to remove if they are sent to an auto repair shop. However, there is a solution to erase these scratches without taking the car to a shop or buying many expensive tools or equipment. Let’s learn how to remove scratches from car bumper.

How to Remove Scratches from Car Bumper

Step 1

It would help if you used dish soap to clean the area around the scratch and remove any debris or wax from the surface. Thoroughly rinse off the soap. Before proceeding, dry the surface with paper towels.

Step 2

Inspect the scratch. If you scrape the scratch with the tip of your fingernail and it catches in the groove, the scratch is deep. If the nail does not trap the scratch, it is shallow.

Step 3

Attach the polishing pad to the end of your drill through the supplied attachment. Polish the place with the polishing compound and then polish the scratch evenly. 

Step 4

If you use the brush applicator instead of the marker, invest in a thin brush to help guide the paint. Press the title inward on an area other than the car until the stain comes out. Make sure you purchase the correct paint colour by locating your car’s colour code and matching it with the appropriate marker.

Make sure the paint completely covers the scratch. After the paint has dried, use the rubbing compound to smooth it out. After the clear coat has dried, apply another coat and polish it. As usual, buff and wax.

More Methods to Remove Car Bumper Scratches

How to Remove Scratches from Car Bumper

Using scratch remover

If the scratches are not severe, they can be removed easily repaired by purchasing a scratch removal kit from a local auto shop. Typically, the kit includes a solution to the bodywork to remove the scratch and a pad to use the answer to the bodywork.

Using Paint to Repair Deep Scratches

Let’s examine how to perform this procedure and get a new bumper for your car.

Using paint to repair scratches

It is wise to go beyond simply washing the surface. You can find dirt inside the scratches. And if not cleaned properly, they can wreak havoc in the process.

Once you remove the dirt, use sandpaper to remove the top layers of paint; uniformity is critical here.

Avoid applying sandpaper in the opposite direction of the scratches, thus preventing further scratching, and keep the sandpaper slightly damp, not completely dry.

A final step before applying the paint is using a primer. Let the primer dry thoroughly once you have applied it in all the necessary places. Drying should take approximately 10 to 12 minutes.

Repeat four more times to make sure the primer is completely applied.

Now, carefully study your vehicle’s paint colour to make sure it matches the colour of the paint you are going to apply. If you are not sure, consult your car’s owner’s manual. This is an essential step because changing the colour of your vehicle will make it look very different.

Now, start applying the paint in the places where the primer was previously placed.

Completely cover the bodywork with the paint and make sure the job is neat.

Apply several coats and keep going until you are happy with the results, and it is impossible to tell where the paint was put on.

Allow adequate drying time between applications.

Now, for the final phase, you must make final arrangements and ensure that you apply a protective coating over the layer of paint you used to ensure that it stays in place for an extended time.

  • Using a microfiber cloth, apply the wax to the areas you just painted.
  • Avoid exerting excessive pressure on the surface so as not to cause damage.
  • Continue polishing the wax on the surface until the vehicle absorbs the parts.
  • If you notice excess wax on the surface, do not hesitate to brush it off, only the excess.
  • Once you notice that the surface is shiny, your work is complete, and you can see that you remove all the scratches.
  • To buy the kit, you can ask local garages which brand has the best quality and is compatible with your car.
  • Apply the solution in an amount proportional to the severity of the scratches. Typically, one-fourth of the application pad is filled with a solution.

Bottom line

Scratches on plastic bumpers can be pretty expensive to remove in an auto repair shop. Utilize these tips to remove scratches from your automobile bumper effortlessly. It is prudent to clean your car’s surface in addition to the scratches, as dirt might become trapped inside the scratches. They can cause havoc if not cleaned properly.

Remove the top layers of paint with sandpaper; consistency is key here. A primer is a final step before applying the paint. 

Assemble a protective covering over the paint layer you spread to guarantee it remains in place for an extended amount of time. To purchase the kit, inquire at local garages about which brand is the highest quality and compatible with your vehicle.