How to Scan your Car for Tracking Device | 5 Steps by Expert

How to Scan your Car for Tracking Device

With the use of accurate tools and procedures, one can easily find out the tracking devices in your car by checking the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Some people think that tracking devices are valid only for private investigators to keep on the individual’s whereabouts. But this is not true. The general public can also use vehicle tracking devices. In this post, there is valuable information about how to scan your car for tracking device.

How to Scan your Car for Tracking Device

How to Scan your Car for Tracking Device

To scan the tracking device, the following are the essential steps to follow:

Know what you are looking for

If you are doubtful that someone is checking or monitoring your movements with the cellular tracking device or GPS, there are three methods to check it in your car. Most tracking devices are helpful for legitimate purposes and do not conceal. When the tracking devices are being used in concealment and placed on the car’s exterior, they need thorough monitoring to search for them.

Tracking devices look distinctly depending on their company and purpose, but some valuable tips can e helpful in locating them in your vehicle. The appearance of the tracking device is like a small box with a magnetic side and does not have an antenna or a light on it. The size of the tracking device is small, usually three to four inches and two inches in width.

Make sure you have a flashlight for looking into dark spaces in your vehicle. You should also buy a telescopic mirror and an electronic sweeper.

Perform the physical inspection

Check the car’s exterior by looking at all the locations where the tracker can be placed. The tracking device installed on the car’s exterior is compact in size and weatherproof. With a flashlight, check the rare and front side wheels.

You can feel the areas that are difficult to see with the naked eye using your hands. If the tracker is present in the wheels well, there should be a magnet with the metal part. So look at the plastic covers that don’t need removal.

Then look under the undercarriage and the mirror on the extendable pole fixed beneath your car. The bumpers are also where the trackers can be found, but most bumpers don’t come with many places to hide.

To check the interior of the ca, the data port under the driver seat of the dashboard is the most common place to consider to check the tracking devices. Monitor the small box plugged into the data port; if the tracking device is present, you can easily remove it.

The next place is the car’s trunk, including the spare tire apartment, as it can be located underneath the spare tire or any other trunk space. Using the flashlight, check for the tracking device under the seats if you look for something out of place, like a small electric module with a pair of loose hanging wires or without wires.

Then compare the front and back seats to look for something abnormal, and check the sides of the seats where the tracking device can be easily hidden.

Use the electronic sweeper.

The tracking devices are an essential part of spy movies and are readily available at surveillance supply retailers and online stores. An electronic sweeper is a device to check the radio frequency transmission or cellular signal transmission and exposes its existence to the electronic sweeper user.

The electronic sweeper is available in different sizes and shapes, like a pen that hides the small or cassette-shaped tape-sized unit. They can detect a wide range of radio frequencies and alert the user by nearly used signals with the audible sound, vibration r the flashing light.

The electronic sweeper can quickly run into your car and detect the tracking device. Similarly, the signal can suspect the tracking device by illuminating more light and changing its tone.

A light vibration can detect the tracking device by checking the radio frequency in the vehicle.

Get professional assistance

Most industry professionals aware of the electronic devices can offer you help looking at your car’s tracking devices.

  • Audio system technicians
  • Alarm system installers
  • Remote start installers

They can detect GPS tracking devices in many ways, as they have more knowledge of hiding spots and the appearance of the tracking devices.

Remove the tracking device.

When you find the tracking device in your car in any way, now is the step of removal of it. This process is straightforward, and these devices are battery-operated and do not come with wires.

If the tracking device has no wires, you have to disconnect it. On the other hand, if these are attached to the wires, you have to cut them or lose them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any app to detect tracking devices in your car?

Tracker detects android users’ ability to scan for a RirTag or supported find allowed item trackers that may be roving with them without their information. As of yesterday, the Google Play store page for the app had many negative reviews.

What is the best way to check the tracking device in your car?

Slide the car in by putting a mat under it. Check the area for small objects, taped objects, or a mini antenna with a flask light that may be suspicious. Anything that does not look like the pat of your car can be a tracking device.

How can you check for a listening device?

Switch off your phone, and wait for the battery to cool. Monitor the temperature of the car battery after an hour or so. If the battery is still warm, you will have an unusual clicking or beeping sound.  


Looking at the above tips for detecting the tracking devices in your car can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is the job that is better to leave on behalf of professionals even if we have all the tools with us to deal with the issue. But if you cannot afford to hire a professional, you can quickly get the job done with additional effort and attention.