How to Track Amazon Truck | Process of Tracking Amazon Truck

How to Track Amazon Truck

Amazon offers a variety of innovative and new technologies to improve the deliveries’ working, including the alternatives of delivering the packages on your doorstep or even on your car trucks. It tries its best to build the logistic accessories and network to rely on the traditional and regular carriers as those efforts are only meant for expansion to a large extent.

In addition, with an Amazon tracking map, one can easily track the status of the tracking deliveries and the working of carriers soundly. 

Therefore, keep reading the article if you want to know how to track Amazon trucks. 

How to Track Amazon Truck

How to Track Amazon Truck

So never will it surprise you to get the package from an amazon truck? Now, please wait for your amazon truck to be over as it is available in all USA purchases for deliveries. 

You can easily track your amazon truck with the handy feature of amazon map tracking. The amazon map tracking system lets you get the information an ETA and know when your order will arrive and the number of stops the driver is far away from home. It also offers a map that can show the distance of your delivery driver is in real-time.

Use of Amazon map tracking

Each parcel or package may not be transported by the dedicated Amazon vehicle. If you receive your package through UPS, FedEx, or other United States postal services, you cannot use the Amazon Tracking map. Suppose the package is about to reach you by the retail giant.

In that case, Amazon will send you an alert that will allow you to check the status of the delivery driver on the tracking map that is available on the Amazon website and in-app. You can also monitor the location of the delivery package, even yourself. 

So to use the Amazon map, open the setting menu and select the orders. Select the package track from your orders receipt or the shipment confirmation email to reach the Amazon map tracking. You can click on the map when the driver is getting closer to you on the parcel delivery if you sign up on the amazon tracking map for getting the delivery alerts on your map, as the website will show the map for your view. 

Moreover, the Amazon tracking map allows you to manage and arrange the package when it is due to get the parcel or give the name of the safe place for your delivery package if the driver may alter the route of the delivery package, as you will continue to check the map and will not see the number of stops.

If the amazon tracking system shows a personal address, like a gift address or wish list, disabling the Amazon map will be an excellent option to protect the customer’s privacy. 

Delivery confirmation

If you are not at home and your package gets delivered, amazon offers drivers a facility to take a photo of the package upon delivery. In addition to the photo, they will leave a detailed description of the package location, and it is given.

The example of the description is like; your package is on the front door of the garage. If your delivery driver does this process, you can see the Amazon app or official website section to track the package’s status. 

This will be a good step in case your driver successfully hides your package on your doorstep, but it is also helpful on the part of Amazon end by offering proof of the delivery of the package. So among the features of Amazon, it is the most essential and beneficial to feel confident and easy that will not miss the critical order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you operate a map tracking app on Amazon?

To turn on the Amazon tracking map, head to the setting menu and select your required orders. From this place, you can track the package by clicking the button on the app or tapping for the item in transit in the mobile app because the Amazon map is helpful to check the delivery of your package. 

How do I know the Amazon truck will come to my location?

The deliveries of the amazon tracking truck occur between 6 am to 10 pm local time. So to avoid disruption, the drivers will hit your door directly contact you for delivery only between the business hours of 8 am to 10 pm until and unless your delivery comes with the scheduled or needs a signature.

How can you track Amazon tracking trucks?

You can track Amazon tracking trucks by contacting the amazon delivery drivers to download and continuously run the smartphone app. It works as a mentor to monitor the driving behaviour while on the job. The app acts as a tool to improve the driver’s safety generates a score each day that measures the driving performance of the employees. 

Is there an Amazon tracking app?

To track the parcels and packages, there is a tool available via Amazon mobile app.; you have to check it up and enter your orders. When you plan to search to know where your parcel is, you will look for a map and track and check your parcel in real-time if the feature is available. Then you will come back to the package’s status where it is. 


So to wrap up the article on how to track amazon trucks, it will not be wrong to say that the amazon tracking app to track the record of deliveries comes with the mentor app that focuses on the DPS driver’s day-day life on the job sites as they function to keep up the safety scores. The app also provides the drivers with the delivery trucks and their homes facility. 

The mentor tracking amazon apps can track the drivers to check whether they are using the safety belts while driving the trucks.