How to Turn Off Lights in the Car | A Full Step by Step Guide

How to Turn Off Lights in the Car

We know you’re busy, but sometimes how often do you forget to turn off the lights in your car before leaving home or driving somewhere else? We’ll show you how to turn off the lights in your car quickly and easily.

If you don’t want to waste energy, you should never forget to turn off the lights or go out for a drive when you leave your house. Learn how to turn off your car’s headlights, taillights, and interior lights. Switch off the lights in your vehicle without getting out of the seat, leaving them on wastes energy, which costs you money.

Because turning off the lights in your vehicle is a simple task that takes only seconds. All you desire to do is press the button near the steering wheel. The light indicator will change from red to green following the car lights turn off.

How to Turn Off Lights in the Car

How to Turn Off Lights in the Car

The following steps are a guide to help you turn off your lights. They should not be utilized as a replacement for experienced guidance and may cause harm if observed inaccurately. Always consult an expert before undertaking any electrical work.

  • Turning off the ignition switch
  • Turn the key to the ‘off’ position.
  • Press the brake pedal until it stops moving.
  • Remove the key from the ignition.
  • Lift the handbrake lever (if fitted).
  • Place the key back into the ignition.

Turn the Car Light Off While Driving

You have to know how to do it. You first need to know where your car’s switch is to turn the lights and wipers on and off. Then, once you find it, turn the switch to “on” and wait about 10-15 seconds. Your headlight will then automatically shut off.

Try it again with another set of lights to ensure that this works. If they pivot off, too, then you’re OK to drive!

It is a great principle to save money on gas if you live somewhere with bad weather. It’s not practical for most people, though, because you’d have to drive around looking for parking spots all day long.

What Happens When I Turn My Car Lights Off While Driving?

How to Turn Off Lights in the Car

When you turn your lights off while driving, the engine turns off automatically, however, the lights stay on. Other drivers might think that your car has broken down or clung to traffic. It also makes it sturdy for emergency vehicles to spot you. So, if you’re going to turn your lights off, you’ll need to turn the engine off first.

Moreover, when you turn your car lights off, the ability to see the road ahead is reduced. It’s important to remember that other drivers can’t see you, so it’s important to drive defensively and use your headlights when necessary.

Best Way to Turn Off the Light inside the Car

Best Way to Turn Off the Light inside the Car


The Auto lamp’s control knob locates on your dashboard near the headlights. Strike the button to turn the lights off. The Auto lamp’s headlight switch find on the steering column next to the gearshift lever. Push it down to turn the lights off and back up to turn them on again.

Step 2:

Shift the Car lights managing knob clockwise to the “Off” place. The Auto light control function will turn off all interior lighting after 10 minutes if the vehicle has not moved. If the car moves during this period, the Auto light control function will return to the on position.

Step 3:

To revolve off the internal lights, you must terminate the key from the ignition sooner. Once the key is out, press and hold the door lock button until the doors unlock. Next, open the driver-side door and pull the door handle toward you. The internal lights will revolve off when the entrance locks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Turn Off Lights in the Car without a Remote?

  • Pushing the knob on the steering wheel will do it. 
  • If you have automatic communication, press the brake pedal.
  • If you don’t have an automatic transmission, put the car into neutral.

How to Turn Off Lights in the Car without a Key?

The easiest way to turn off the lights in your car is to use remote control. There are two kinds of remotes available for cars: plugging into the cigarette lighter port and connecting via Bluetooth. If you don’t like to spend money on buying a new remote, you can also use a smartphone app called “Car Remote,” which allows you to start and stop your vehicle from anywhere remotely.

What Reasons Inside Car Lights Turn Off?

The car lights turn off when the engine turns off. It is a safety characteristic that stops you from going into oncoming traffic or other cars. The headlights also turn on and off with the ignition key. So they will not be left on when the engine turns on.

How Do I Turn Off The Lights In My Car When It’s Dark Outside?

There are two ways to turn off the lights in your car when it gets dark out. The first pathway is to utilize the automated headlights characteristic. This feature automatically turns on the headlights when the sun goes down. The second way is to manually turn off the headlights using the switch located under the steering wheel column.

Why Do I Have To Turn Off The Lights In My Car?

It is vital to turn off the rays in your car to decrease the danger of mishaps. It also preserves power, which is suitable for the atmosphere. Moreover, it’s not allowed to turn on the car lights in some states. In some circumstances, it’s forbidden to go with any lights on inside the auto, including headlights and internal lights.


In conclusion, turning off the lights in your car is an easy task that requires just a few seconds of your time. You’ll not only save money on your car battery, but you’ll also be helping the environment. Follow the steps and monitor your lights to ensure they do not leave on when you leave.