S14 vs S15 | Which Nissan Silvia is better (S14 or S15)

S14 vs S15

You must be aware of the significance of drifting unless you’ve been dwelling under a mountain for decades. It’s a well-liked pastime internationally, but especially in the USA. There was drifting all over, from worldwide drifting competitions to blockbuster hits. Nissan Silvia is the best model. Over the years, there have been lots of different models. However, this article will discuss the differences between the Silvia S14 vs S15.

Overview S14

S14 vs S15

Nissan has had a lengthy sports car line that goes by the brand Silvia. The car now accommodates a range of ages based on Nissan quality. It competed with some different vehicles.

It was produced in various forms and models between 1964 and 2002. 

If you are a car enthusiast and you like classic cars, then the S14 is a great car. It offers a variety of modifications and body kits that are visually appealing. 

The S14 had perceptible contrasts from its predecessor. The width and chassis have been extended, with the previous estimating 99.4 inches and the last option estimating 68 inches. This was a pivotal point in the Japanese economy, as the Japanese currently needed to settle costly street charges.

Interest in RVs and SUVs developed, and S14 deals started to decline. The S14 was presented in three styles – fastback, convertible and roadster – outside conditions impacted Nissan, and the S14 was soon accessible just as a car.

The fastback and convertible models were a difficulty. It’s critical to take note that the car still has strength. The S14 was lower to the ground than past models in the reach. Updated front and back lights gave the vehicle a unique appearance. Generally, the S14 was a game vehicle and a delight to drive.

Vehicle details

A five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission, located in the coupe’s body, transmits power to the vehicle’s back axle.

Specialized Detail

The S14 has a lot of amenities from the moment it was introduced. The car’s stereo system features four speakers and produces superb sound. Additionally, the vehicle has a driver airbag and central locking. These Cruising cars received more upgrades. These consist of a velvet interior and 10-CD switchers.

Overview S15

The S15 is a car recognized by customers for its high technical characteristics and unique, impressive design. It’s always nice if your car is on the road, but even better if it still looks neat. The S15 is undoubtedly a successful symbiosis of these two characteristics. And this can be proven by the latest models.


The exterior of this car is made in a style traditional to the Japanese. The optic of the head is made in the original shape of a boomerang, and thanks to this, the front part of the model acquired an aerodynamic character and a rather aggressive sports design. This solution looks very efficient and profitable. 

The radiator grill is a separate topic. He has almost completely disappeared. But if you understand this topic in more detail, you can find that the developers just very skillfully hid it behind a solid panel. It also became a hypertrophic center section, which can be seen on the front bumper. But that shortened it.

The side parts of the bumper became conical, rounded, and round fog lamps were also placed here. The S15’s massive rear bumper is also effective. 

The optics has also changed due to the new dimensions. 

The car has become even more elegant and stylish than the previous models.

Nissan Silvia S15 Specifications

The performance of this car can tell a lot, but the main features are worth paying attention to, four-cylinder two-liter – that’s what the engine rumbles under the hood of this car. This powertrain has improved SR20DE treatment and a DOHC-I4 throttle system.

The engine, which runs under the control of mechanics, has a capacity of 165 liters. S., and the one controlled by the machine, 160 “horses”. It’s not a big difference. True, another engine – Turbo-I4 DOHC- can develop a capacity of 250 liters. z. The maximum speed this car can reach depends on the installed engine. It can be either 190 or 225 km/h.

The suspension also deserves attention. The car’s chassis is characterized by independent spring suspension for all wheels. Light alloys were used to manufacture this important detail, so everything turned out quite strong but not heavy. And finally, disc brakes are mounted in this car.

S14 vs S15: Tabular Differences

S14 vs S15
Maximum torque265 Nm (195 lb.ft) at 4800 RPM273 Nm / 4800 rpm
Height1295 mm  50.6 in (1285 mm)  
Width1730 mm66.7 in (1695 mm)
Length4500 mm175.0 in (4445 mm)  
Maximum performance200 PS (197 BHP – 147 kW) at 6400 RPM250 BHP / 6400 rpm
Maximum top speed146 mph (235 km/h)107 mph
Weight2734 LBS2650-2800 LB (1200-1270 kg)
Standard tire sizes205/55 on 16-inch front rims and 205/55 on 16-inch rear rims.195/65 R15 91S
Wheelbase252.0 cm / 99.21 in99.4 in (2525 mm)  
Engine power14.7 l/100 km 16 US mpg 19.22 UK mpg 6.8 km/l6.8 km/l, 8.8 liters per 100 km, 32 mpg in the UK and 27 mpg in the US (on average), and 7.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph)

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes S14 and S15 vary from one another?

The SR20DET was upgraded for the S15. Like the S14, it also includes a T28 reduction gear turbo. In contrast to the 370 cc/min injectors on the S13 and S14, the S15 SR20DET had larger jets raised to 480 cc/min.

Is the S14 turbo?

The S14 and S15 use a bigger velocity than the S13 models. 

What does S15 mean?

The S15 is a regional S-Bahn Zurich line on the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV), Zurich’s transport network, and is one of the lines of the network serving the cantons of Zurich and St. Gallen.

What engine is in the S15?

The S15 is a back tire drive sports car fueled by the Nissan – wheel SR20DET; A 2.0-liter four-chamber super motor with an aerial intercooler that conveys 250 hp, bringing about an ability to weigh a proportion of under 5 kg/hp.

Can you legally import the S15?

Under the Import Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, bringing the S15 into the US is, as of now, unlawful. The law disallows the importation of vehicles not initially sold in the US, like those under 25 years old.


The S14 and S15 is an excellent car if you enjoy sports cars, it includes various changes and body units that are outwardly engaging. I prefer an individual choice for the best between the two Silvias. The S14 is light, with a powerful engine and a knack for drifting.

Expert Opinion

“The S14/ is wider, longer, more rigid, and a newer sr20 (if we’re talking about the Jap Models. The S13 is lighter and for the most part cheaper, just to name a few differences”. Look into all of them and find out which one suits what you want to do.