Tesla Phone Operating System | 7 Elon Musk Cellphone Initiative

Tesla Phone Operating System

Elon Musk has returned to Earth with the first Tesla phone operating system after contemplating how to populate Mars. Elon Musk is working on Tesla’s first cellphone venture, dubbed Tesla Quadra, among his slew of inventive suppositions.

Two images of the front and back panes have surfaced in a recent leak, and it’s said to be the first Tesla cellphone, the Quadra. Quadra, Elon Musk’s first smartphone and operating system, appears to be in the works right now. However, certain critical elements have gotten disclosed due to the leaks. Because of Elon Musk’s goal of ground-breaking ventures, the Tesla cellphone will include several significant updates.

When Is the Tesla Phone Coming Out?

Tesla Phone Operating System

Tesla has a record of introducing unique goods still on-brand, such as the Cybertruck-inspired all-electric car for children. This conjunction with a nickel siren and an awning with their emblem imprinted on it, it wouldn’t be surprising if a cellphone and operating system got added. But, at least for now, its presentation isn’t as credible as those of the other goods.

There are a few principal factors we’re questioning if this device is attributable to a full launch:

Most of the speculations stem from ADR studio design’s early 2021 Youtube clip. However, they clarify that they are the creator’s concepts, not actual Tesla leaks or facts. Most of the claims we’ve seen seem to come from that origin.

We’ll go through them later, but some of the concepts for this phone, such as Neuralink support and connection on Mars, are a little too far out there to be practical currently. Those features will not have to get included in the product’s initial version.

As a result, a gadget might still be under development without them. It’s understandable to be dubious when such concepts get floated so early.

It would be pointless to invest effort into a smartphone if one of the long-term adverse effects, or even goals, of frontal cortex technologies like Neuralink is to fade out cellphones entirely.

Tesla Phone Operating System– The Elon Musk Cellphone Initiative

Tesla Phone Operating System

Some critical data about the Tesla smartphone and operating system have gotten exposed due to the leak. The leaked images of Elon Musk’s smartphone revealed several intriguing developments:

Tesla Operating System

Elon Musk’s phone gets believed to run the most recent version of Android with a Tesla OS overlay on top. The creators may, however, develop their operating system and app marketplace. You’ll have to wait for that since nothing formal has gotten released yet.

Satellite internet

Tesla has a tight relationship with SpaceX’s space-based internet provider, Starlink (Elon Musk is the manager of both). The Tesla phone can aid in funding Mars colonization, a business process since its inception. However, they must figure out how to hide the satellite phone’s massive antenna and ensure decent service from such a compact gadget.

According to one notion, it may work when there’s already a Starlink base. This might happen in a structure or, if it does, in a Tesla vehicle with a suitable antenna.

Solar charging

Since Tesla makes photovoltaic power and automobiles, this isn’t a much different concept. It’s unlikely that the phone will get wholly powered by solar energy. It could, nevertheless, come with a Tesla-branded case that enables solar charging.

Vehicular control

Tesla software for mobiles is presently available to perform crucial car functions such as enabling or disabling the auto, influencing media playback, and contacting the auto. This app would almost certainly be preinstalled on the mobile if it wasn’t built into the operating system.

This will allow quick connectivity from the start menu or via ancillary knobs. It’s also possible that the software will be limited to Tesla phone owners.


Modern devices use artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced magnifiers to help with night sky cinematography. This mobile will be an outstanding achievement when you merge those capabilities with SpaceX’s otherworldly density.

Now you’ll discover a device that can take superb pictures of celestial objects.

Crypto mining

It gets rumored that the Tesla phone operating system will get used to mine bitcoin. Musk has indeed expressed interest in cryptocurrencies, so it’s reasonable to assume he’d desire to include this feature in a phone.

While Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, and Musk prefers Dogecoin, Tesla’s phone may mine a new cryptocurrency called MarsCoin. Some significant innovations would have to get fitted to work with the Tesla phone operating system.

Neuralink support

The idea of computers interacting with the brain is still considered science fiction or fantasy. Neuralink is one of the companies that work on it. “We are inventing the first brain implant that will enable you to control the computer or smartphone from anywhere,” they say.

This will occur as a result of your brain’s activity, just by thinking about it. Is it feasible that Tesla will release the first phone capable of such performance? An early version of the Neuralink app can run on any smartphone. Given that Musk owns Neuralink, though, this makes logical sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What phone does Elon Musk use?

Elon Musk disclosed that his actual phone is an HTC Droid on Twitter.

What are some of the potential features of the Tesla phone?

Based on Tesla’s current devices’ over-the-top functionality, some possible features of the Tesla phone include:

Very thin bezels

The Tesla phone, as per leaked pictures, will feature minimum bezels. The sides and bottom of Elon Musk’s smartphone are likewise devoid of bezels.

In the front, there is a dual-lens adapter.

On the rear of the Tesla phone, there will be two cameras. The diagonally oriented twin sensors will be at the top left corner of the bottom. Both sensors get expected to provide optical image stabilization (OIS).

Steel Corners with a Curve

There will be a large Tesla logo and G4 labelling on the back. Elon Musk’s phone has a strip part at the bottom that might get used as a grill on the rear. It has a solid appearance due to the steel curling edges on the sides.

When is the Tesla Phone scheduled to be released?

Some estimates put the launch date at 2023, but we’ll take Musk’s tweet as evidence that these rumours are just that: rumours. Tesla may manufacture a cellphone in the future, although there’s a slim chance it will, given our existing knowledge. We won’t see this device until 2030 or later if it gets created in secrecy and every report is accurate.

What is a Tesla phone’s pricing range?

A cellphone with all of the latest technologies stated above would cost upwards of a few thousand dollars. As more individuals use the innovation, developmental changes may become less expensive. However, most individuals are unlikely to be able to purchase the initial edition.

If the phone is genuine and starts simple with just a handful of the alleged capabilities, it will most likely cost $800 and $1200.


In conclusion, Tesla is an excellent innovator in today’s technological sphere. Thus, the Tesla smartphone and operating system will not fail to impress its users upon an entire release.