What is the Power Mode on Toyota Highlander | With Pros & Cons

What is the Power Mode on Toyota Highlander?

What is the power mode on Toyota highlander? Toyota has dominated the automotive industry for over 20 years with its SUVs, hybrids, and other vehicle types. The Toyota Highlander, also known as the Toyota Kluger in various regions worldwide, is the most sought-after of these types. The Toyota Highlander is available in various trim levels with unique improvements, increased efficiency, and features for the comfort and safety of the passengers.

Highlander’s Power Mode feature is one of these enhancements. This article is for you if you’ve ever wondered what power mode is and how it impacts your car.

What is the Power Mode on Toyota Highlander?

What is the Power Mode on Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander’s performance mode is designed for rapid acceleration or steep terrain. The 4WD mechanism is typically strengthened by it. The wheels and the entire system function at their best as a result.

Modes are not created with a specific route or mode of transportation in mind. Nevertheless, they enable better fuel economy by giving the driver more or less control over the powertrain’s demand via the accelerator pedal.

The throttle is mapped in Toyota PWR mode to make the car feel sportier. The power is constant, although the throttle is opened up more aggressively initially. The engine is less prone to shut down, and the A/C is typical.

ECT power the electronically controlled transmission’s snow mode, slows down the throttle response for incredibly smooth acceleration on snow and ice, promoting rear wheel spinning. Additionally, the system recalculates acceleration right away to boost traction when it notices that a couple of wheels are beginning to slip.

The throttle is the most responsive, and when the accelerator pedal is depressed and released, the mode tends to stay on to improve the powertrain’s reaction. There are no modifications to how the air conditioner works.

PWR engages swiftly on the freeway without making you feel like you need to brake to get going, and it is more responsive than the power plant on winding alpine routes, holding the mode longer to have a quicker overall response.

What users say?

Some users claim to get very good fuel economy in PWR mode, while others claim not to be able to get good fuel economy at all in PWR mode. The power mode on a Toyota Highlander improves the effect of the 4WD mechanism.

Fuel consumption may not be affected by using three modes. Fuel consumption highly depends on acceleration, traffic, road type, temperature, etc. It makes the wheels and system work at their peak efficiency. This mode generates torque for each wheel by transferring power to the transfer case and redistributing it between the front and back axles.

Performance Mode, when turned on, emphasizes full engine power, acceleration, and grip when the automobile is traveling over tough terrain. Additionally, this mode will position your car so you may experience off-roading or climbing hills better.

Pros of operating a Toyota Highlander in Performance Mode

Pros of operating a Toyota Highlander in Performance Mode

Cons of Operating a Toyota Highlander in Performance Mode

Cons of Operating a Toyota Highlander in Performance Mode

How can I switch on my Toyota Highlander’s Power Mode (PWR)?

In earlier versions, the center console button can be found beneath the radio and to the right of the shifter, next to the Power (PWR) Mode button. Upon activation, a PWR MODE light will turn on above your car’s speedometer on the dashboard.

The DRIVE MODE button, the Power Mode (PWR) button on more recent models, is found on the lower center console to the right of the shifter. Until you choose PWR MODE, the instrument panel will light up when pressed in various driving modes, with some backgrounds turning red.

The power mode will restore to normal after the car is turned off. If you want to keep driving in the power-on (PWR) mode after each restart, you must manually re-enable it. The power mode would also be disabled if you chose another mode, such as ECO (PWR).

What extra driving settings does the Toyota Highlander have?

Snow mode 

The vehicle starts in second gear in this mode. This lessens the torque and lowers the potential for wheel spin when accelerating. Different shifting techniques can be used by your car to improve control and traction.

Sports mode

Your shifting, throttle response, transmission, and electronic power steering are all altered in sport mode. Sport mode greatly speeds up acceleration and gear changes, improves vehicle handling, and makes it simpler to depress the gas pedal. You’ll have a sportier experience with this mode. Your use of fuel is also probably going to decrease.

Standard mode

Unless you tell it otherwise, this is the mode in which your car will operate (when you switch to another mode).

Eco mode 

Fuel savings are guaranteed via eco mode decreases engine power, the reaction of the AC, and the throttle to save fuel consumption. Because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard in this mode to save gasoline, it is effective. Driving on the highway or in heavy traffic is best done in this mode.

Mode EV 

Only hybrids can have this mode. An electric automobile experience is provided. When in EV mode, the automobile shuts off its engine and relies solely on its battery for power. This mode, however, is not intended for use at high speeds or over great distances.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What variations of driving mode does the Toyota Highlander offer?

You may customize the Highlander’s driving dynamics to fit your mood with three distinct driving modes. Sharper acceleration is provided by Sport mode, fuel efficiency is maximized by ECO mode, and performance and fuel efficiency are combined in Normal mode.

How does the engine of the Toyota Highlander operate?

This cutting-edge engine is paired with a cutting-edge Direct Shift-8AT 8-speed automatic transmission that gives you superior control. It was developed with next-generation Toyota technology. Together, these parts enable the Highlander to accelerate quickly off-road and achieve higher fuel economy at higher speeds.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid has how many horses?

The Highlander Hybrid delivers up to 36 mpg EPA combined 2, so you have the choice to do both, whether you’re driving around town or venturing out to explore what nature has to offer 87, the highest level of versatility and performance. The sophisticated 3.5-liter V6 engine in the Highlander generates 295 horsepower and 263 lb.-ft. of torque.

The new Toyota Highlander has how much power?

Fans of the previous Toyota Highlander may be disappointed by the transition to a 4-cylinder and the reduction in power to 243 horsepower. However, any disappointment should be outweighed by the approximately 25% boost in fuel efficiency.


One of Toyota’s top models is the Highlander. It provides comfort and luxury while preserving productivity and efficiency. This SUV is even better because it has many driving modes for various scenarios.

The Toyota Highlander’s performance mode offers a smooth and effortless ride in the most challenging terrains. Therefore, you’ve just discovered it if you’re looking for a family SUV or hybrid for rough/mountain terrain.

Expert Opinion

As previously mentioned, a Toyota Highlander’s power mode increases the effects of the 4WD system. It causes the wheels and the entire system to operate at full capacity. This mode generates torque for each wheel by transferring power to the transfer case, which then distributes it to the front and rear axles.