Why do Car Guys Hate Tesla | 6 Top Reasons You Must Know

Why do Car Guys Hate Tesla

The controversy surrounding Tesla’s electric vehicles has persisted since they were first launched. Even with their stunning design, particularly the doors with futuristic falcon wings, Tesla cars still have trouble earning people’s faith. Regarding Tesla vehicles, everyone has a different opinion. Some people think it’s stunning, while others only criticize the design. Therefore, this article will examine why do car guys hate tesla.

Why do Car Guys Hate Tesla?

Why do Car Guys Hate Tesla

Here are 6 reasons

  • Quality and design
  • Limited choice
  • Automated vehicles
  • Coverage problem
  • Entire display
  • Weight Management

Now, let’s discuss the steps;

Quality and design

If you’ve been a fan of Tesla for a while, you’re aware that the problem with subpar construction has persisted. Of course, there are other manufacturers with new car difficulties as well.

Why do Car Guys Hate Tesla

Still, even now, five years after the first Model 3s were delivered to customers, folks continue to hear reports of wobbly panels, uneven paintwork, and shoddy welding. Researchers have given some reviews. This is a genuine issue because of conversations with tesla owners who are uncomfortable with it. 

Limited choice

Tesla offers only five color options: white, gray, black, blue, and red, even though people live in a world with four distinct coffee milk available. What doesn’t quite have the world’s broadest palette?

Why do Car Guys Hate Tesla

Tesla will charge an additional £2,100 for the option to paint your car red, which is £500 more than Porsche costs for the exquisite paint colors.

And there are still fewer options available. There is only one optional interior and one optional alloy wheel for the Y. Tesla is doing it right now because it’s simpler to produce on a large scale. It won’t deter many of you, based on the volume of people using the roadways.

Automated vehicles

As you are aware, the idea of self-driving cars is Tesla’s obsession, and it costs billions of dollars to convert you from a driver to a passenger.

Automated vehicles

Fully autonomous vehicles are currently prohibited from operating on public roads in Europe due to legislation; however, Tesla allows you to order vehicles with Enhanced Autopilot, sometimes known as Full Self-Driving capability. Almost 7,000 euros will be saved as a result.

Even though some legally permissible systems are excellent, especially for extended highway drives, they fall well short of becoming fully autonomous. Furthermore, we have a long way to go before we can truly use all the technology on our roads, so it is shockingly unfair to demand £7,000 from purchasers for features that may not even be functional after they have purchased the vehicle.

Coverage problem

If you own a Tesla, you know how shockingly expensive insurance can be. Model Y belongs to group 50, which is the maximum value. To put that into perspective, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 Ultimate, which has roughly the same performance as this Model Y, is in Group 39, while the Porsche 911 is in Group 46.

Coverage problem

How come Y is so high? There are numerous factors, but the primary one is that Thatcham, the institution responsible for forming British insurance groups, does not consider Tesla’s safety features very reliable. The tailgate is one such design element, though. Instead of the bumper, it is the part that protrudes the farthest. This indicates that rather than the flexible plastic being dented by even the smallest impact, it is the metal.

A lengthy repair process is inevitable because there are few parts. So, while you wait, you can anticipate a great rental automobile. The claim will therefore cost thousands of dollars, based on it. You will spend extra because insurance companies charge you for it.

Entire display

The absence of buttons is immediately noticeable if you’ve never sat in a Tesla. A touch screen controls everything in a Tesla, unlike switches in a standard car for heating and cooling. Today, most items you only make a single adjustment to are acceptable. Take mirrors, for instance. 

Entire display

It’s not as good for other functions you often use, though. For instance, the windshield wiper is absent. It’s merely a button that essentially allows you to wash and wipe once, as opposed to a typical switch that lets you alter the pace of the wipers. You must access the touch screen to change the speed. It’s absurd that there are two areas where the windshield wipers need to be replaced.

Weight Management

That’s fairly sly, and Tesla has gotten away with it for years. You can see the car’s maximum payload by looking at the vehicle identification plate on the door frame. In the case of the Model 3 previously owned, this means that if you load the car with more than 433kg, you violate the weight restriction.

Weight Management

In the USA, the average adult male weighs 84 kg. According to the regulations, you could only carry 13 pounds of luggage in a car with five men.

To prevent customers from unintentionally overcrowding the vehicle, Volkswagen opted to eliminate the fifth seat when they encountered a similar issue with the 77kWh ID.3. Therefore, it’s time to find some lean pals or pack some weights if you need to transport four passengers or fill your luggage for a family holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tesla vehicles generally despised?

Tesla automobiles are generally despised. Most are undecided. This is a question that is a statement. The goal is to give readers the impression that many people despise Tesla cars. It implies that the reader must despise Tesla cars because “most people despise them.”

Why do some resent electric vehicles?

Many people dislike electric vehicles in general, but sadly, Teslas currently dominate the electric vehicle market. China is the source of several Tesla vehicles. (Some people despise the Chinese government and communists. Some individuals despise “Made in China.” Others are both.)

Are Tesla car wreckers naturally irrational?

People tend to damage things, but much hatred comes from false knowledge. Some believe that one may only purchase a Tesla if one is a left-wing environmentalist. In actuality, it’s rarely first on the list. They are popular because they are excellent vehicles


Even though they produce fewer harmful greenhouse emissions than vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines, electric vehicles are a fantastic choice. Tesla has a lot to offer as the industry’s top EV manufacturer, but much work still needs to be done. They are far from flawless and need to address too many problems, particularly regarding security and service.

Expert Opinion

Making everyone pleased is impossible. But Tesla is doing a fantastic job of enticing people to switch from gasoline to electricity by making their cars appealing.