180sx vs 240sx | 9 Core Differences Explained in Table

180sx vs 240sx

Are you looking for a fastback from the famous Nissan, a Japanese car maker? Do you anticipate your dream car having unique features like catchy headlights? The Nissan 180sx and 240sx are one of the most famous Japanese automobiles ever. It blended each essential component of a great car into a joyful and thrilling whole. Because they could handle various powertrains and alterations, these two automobiles were also popular with tuners. This article will take a closer look to see how fast these highly acclaimed Nissan automobiles are. Let’s compare all the differences between the 180sx vs 240sx sports cars.

Overview 180sx

180sx vs 240sx

Nissan 180SX is a games vehicle (the back of the vehicle has a solitary slant from the rooftop to the back guard), starting in 1988 and finishing in 1998, the creation. The vehicle was made exclusively for the nearby Japanese market and depended on the Nissan S stage’s S13 undercarriage. The vehicle was sold in various business sectors under the names Nissan 200SX or Nissan 240SX.

The car’s name comes from the chassis’ early engine – the CA18DET engine with a displacement of 1.8 liters. In 1991, Nissan upgraded the engine to a 2.0-liter engine, available in 2 forms: the naturally aspirated SR20DE and the turbocharged SR20DET. Although the new engine offered more displacement, the vocabulary of the car remained the same.

The 180SX is one of the popular cars for drifting purposes. The car was used as a competition vehicle by many famous drifters. So if you are planning to buy a drift car, the Nissan 180SX for sale is the perfect choice for you.                                                                                          

Overview of 240sx


The Nissan 240SX was established as one of the platforms to turn to if you wanted to build a drifting rocket. The 180 SX is also known as the S13 and the S110 Silvia, depending on where you are.

The 240SX has an extremely robust driver’s side S14 platform that could shame some big-name sports cars in the handling department. But unfortunately, the American version only got an adequate 2.4l engine and comfort-oriented independent suspension.

However, the car is popular with tuners because the transmission can handle over 300 horsepower and performance parts are readily available. The car already shares parts with the Skyline and 300ZX. A popular modification is replacing the stock engine with a Japanese SR20DET 200+hp turbo engine, turning this coupe into a true sports car. 

Since this is a popular engine, many are imported to the US from Japan and are available very cheaply at select tuner shops. If you’re lucky, you might find a car whose engine has already been replaced. Otherwise, if all you want is a reasonably quick and well-handling RWD touring coupe, the stock-engine car is for you.  

It is available in various trims such as base, LE, and SE, although they all differ in interior options. In 1997, the car received an aggressive facelift at the front, with new headlights and a bumper. 

The chassis and drive train are durable, and the build quality is no problem. There are no problems, although it would be wise to check if an aggressive driver has abused the car.

240SX Features and Performance

  • The Nissan 240SX has 2.4-liter engines that can develop almost 155 horsepower. This makes it the ultimate sports car with the best speed and performance. Those who always want a sports experience will find it the best. It has 16 valves to keep the car running smoothly.
  • It has a five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmission, making shifting easy for everyone. It ensures a smooth ride, and thus the car can be controlled very easily.
  • The bumpers of the font are equipped with a collar that gives it a sporty and attractive look. The style of the car is very different from others because of its design and colour.
  • It has disc brakes on the wheels, which makes the car very easy to drive. This also makes it very easy to stop the car instantly, and you can easily drive it around town or on highways. A car can make driving safe and comfortable for everyone.
  • It has manual transmissions with five speeds, which makes it very responsive and easy to operate. This transmission type is very useful for someone who wants the car to drive easily. The easy-shifting took it to the top.

Differences Between 180sx vs 240sx

EngineCA18DE I4 CA18DET turbo I4 SR20DE I4 SR20DET turbo I4KA24E I4 KA24DE I4
Capacity1.8 – 2.0-2.4 quart2.4 quart
Power132 – 202 hp (98 – 150 kW)140 – 155 hp (100 – 116 kW)
Torque159 – 275 Nm (117 – 203 lb. ft.)206 – 217 Nm (152 – 160 lb. ft.)
Displacement1.8 liters (110.39 cu-in.)2,393 cc
Wheelbase2474 mm (97.4 in99.4 in.
Overall width1689 mm (66.5 in)68.1 in.
Pavement weight1220 kg (2690 lb.) 0-100km/h2800-2920 lbs.
Height1290 mm (50.8 in)50.8 in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Nissan 180SX and 240SX?

When looking at the 180sx and 240sx, there is one defining difference that stands out above all others, and that is this: the 180sx was a Nissan built exclusively for the Japanese market, while the 240sx was a Nissan built for the American market.

When was the Nissan 240SX S13 released?

The Nissan 240SX S13 is known as the S13 Silvia or 180SX in Japan and the 200SX RS13U in Europe. Nissan introduced the S13 in Japan in mid-1988 as a 1989 model year.

What is the difference between the Honda Silvia and the 180SX?

The 180sx is a sportier form of the Silvia, so the Silvia assumed the part of a rosette, while the 180sx was a fastback variation. From 1992 to 1994, American drivers might pick the 240sx convertible, something that Japanese 180sx drivers didn’t insight.

Is the RS13U 200SX the same as the 180SX?

The S13 is now known differently throughout Europe and America. All models of the RS13U 200SX, based on the 180SX, were sold with the CA18DET engine. Some Nismo components, including a water/oil exchanger that was optional in Japan, were also standard on European 200SX vehicles.

Is the 180SX a good car?

It is a very fast and fun car. After a lot of editing, it started getting a little unreliable, but it was very fast. Not great for comfort or space. 


Nissan is very popular for launching various sports cars, and one of them is the Nissan 240SX. The availability of different colours helps to customize the style. Car enthusiasts love it most of all for its handling and look. Whether you choose the 180SX or 240SX, you will surely get an incredible chassis.

However, things can vary greatly with the different engine options available.

Personal Opinion

The variations in automotive specifications that I frequently observe can be attributed to the unique market environments, particularly the regulatory environments.

Why, for instance, didn’t the 240sx adopt the sportier, more dynamic look of the 180sx? One of the potential causes of this would be the US crash regulations, which forbade the 240sx from having the same dimensions and specifications as the 180sx.

Both the 180sx and 240sx are fantastic vehicles, in our opinion. Knowing the differences increases the excitement since we can now appreciate them for the unique “animals” that they were rather than just seeing them as two different cars for the Japanese and US markets.