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Can I Put Premium Gas in My Toyota Corolla

Regular gas is used to power the Toyota Corolla. However, the subject of whether premium gas may be used in a Toyota Corolla has been brought up repeatedly.

Although every type of gasoline has various benefits and drawbacks, it must be appropriate for every vehicle. The full utilization of wonderful items is not necessarily facilitated by enjoying them. Even if it could appear unimportant, anything has a big impact. It will also assist you in deciding whether or not to fill your Toyota Corolla with premium gas. The best way to locate the solution is to attentively read the article.

What is Premium Gas?

Can I Put Premium Gas in My Toyota Corolla

Higher octane gasoline, known as “premium gas,” is often used in high-performance engines. The fuel is more balanced and stabilized against auto-ignition with a higher octane level, which can prevent engine knocking and damage to your car. In contrast to regular gas, premium gas may contain more or better quality additives. Many drivers whose cars run just well on standard gas might not feel the need for or perceive the difference in premium gas.

What is the function of Premium Gas?

The advantages of premium gas are sometimes misinterpreted. Some people think that using premium petrol will increase their engine’s lifespan or provide them with various additional advantages that make the expense worthwhile.

The truth is that upgrading to premium gas doesn’t give any practical benefits if your engine is made to run on standard gasoline, either in terms of long-term maintenance or performance. What’s the purpose, then?

Using premium fuel won’t harm your automobile if it already performs well on regular fuel, but if your car wasn’t designed to run on anything else, using premium gas could cause damage. With engines with a high compression ratio, this is typically the case.

The fuel space is available when the piston is at the top and bottom of the cylinder is measured by the compression ratio. In contrast to high-performance engines like those seen in some sports vehicles or extremely ancient cars, most current cars have a specified compression ratio that can easily accept normal octane gasoline. These engines are prone to knocking if they aren’t running on premium, higher octane fuel.

Therefore, there is no reason to use premium fuel unless your owner’s manual specifically instructs you. If so, you’ll likely kick yourself for not doing it.

Can I Put Premium Gas in My Toyota Corolla

Can I Put Premium Gas in My Toyota Corolla

All Toyota vehicles run on conventional fuel, except the Toyota GR Supra. Toyota vehicles keep their top performance and operate flawlessly on regular fuel.

The engine will function well because it wasn’t designed to use premium fuel. Only the GR Supra requires higher octane gas; all Toyota car models have an octane rating of 87. Although using premium gas is fantastic, your car’s engine doesn’t require it to run at its best.

Your engine will function properly if you use the essential normal gas. The use of premium gas does not offer any extra advantages. Finding the right gas for your just purchased Toyota Corolla can be difficult.

The majority of Toyota cars and trucks require regular or even mid-grade fuel. You don’t need to put premium fuel in your Toyota Corolla. If you decide against it, your car’s engine won’t suffer any damage. It will operate correctly without any problems.

Performance and mileage won’t significantly change if you switch from regular gas to premium gas. The Toyota Corolla was designed to function best with regular gas, with an octane rating of 87, which is why this is the case. Use the regular gas suggested in your Toyota Corolla owner’s manual for best results.

There are no additional benefits to using premium gas. The only significant change is that you’ll spend more money without gaining anything extra. That is essential, especially if you fill your tank every time you refuel, which can cost between $200 and $400 per year—a considerable sum of money that could be saved or used for other purposes.

What happens if you fill an ordinary car with premium fuel?

Nothing will happen if you fill a regular automobile with premium gas. Performance and mileage compared to premium fuel won’t differ significantly. Because the engine of your regular car will function regularly, you shouldn’t be alarmed or in a panic. This is true, though, if you simply purchase a tiny amount of gas. What occurs, though, if you want to fill the tank? This can be done several times throughout the year, and the additional funds pile up.

Therefore, you must concur that spending a lot of money on gas won’t get you very far. Spend the additional money on something else instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much octane should I put in my Toyota Corolla?

Although there is a slight risk, modern engines are fitted with sensors that can guarantee pre-ignition and reduce damage. Stick to the 87 octanes that are advised. The best return on your Toyota can be found here.

Should you fill up your automobile with premium gas?

Using premium gas is a waste of money if your automobile is a conventional car without turbochargers or a heavy engine. Without premium fuel, heavy or turbocharged vehicles knock due to their higher compression ratios. As a result, it’s essential to employ the premium on older vehicles rather than newer ones.

What does a premium fuel rating mean?

While one state may require only 90, another may classify gasoline with a 92 grade as premium. Three octane ratings are taken into account by the available gas stations: ordinary (87 octanes), mid-grade (89 octanes), and premium (91-93 octanes). The premium gas you use for your car may not be particularly high octane.

What fuel type will you use for Toyota?

The truth is that no Toyota uses gasoline over 87 octanes (except the Toyota Supra, which has a BMW engine). Most Toyota vehicles have electronic control modules set for 87 octanes. Contrary to popular belief, using gasoline of a better quality won’t enhance your car’s performance.


It’s not a big thing to debate whether to use premium gas in your Toyota Corolla. All Toyota vehicles should operate on regular gas with a lower octane rating. With a Toyota Corolla, however, you may drive on premium gas with assurance because the engine won’t suffer any harm. We hope the information is helpful to you. 

Personal Opinion

The proper gasoline must be used. You might not be aware of it, but the fuel you use for your car could eventually lead to an engine failure. This could cost you a lot of money if you don’t take care of it immediately. If your car indicates that “Premium Fuel required,” you need premium petrol for it to function properly. Expect your vehicle to function properly on regular gas if it doesn’t require a premium.