2023 Bronco Sport Outer Banks vs. Badlands – Which One Is Right?

2023 Bronco Sport Outer Banks vs. Badlands

If you are looking for something with a Ford badge on it? Hang on, I have two options for you: the 2023 Bronco Sport Outer Banks and Badlands with its head-to-head comparison. We will discuss everything from the engine to its price and not leave any stone unturned.

Ford is known for its capable and reliable SUVs. Its 2023 new breathtaking addition of Bronco Sport Outer Banks and Badlands makes it tough for buyers to choose. But in this article, we will guide you with all its features and which name you must pick.

Overview of the Bronco Sport Outer Banks

Overview of the Bronco Sport Outer Banks

The Bronco Sport Outer Banks comes standard with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine with 181 horsepower and 190 pound-feet of torque. They have a very nice design on LED daytime running lights and headlights. The front of the car looks amazing and unique and has a lot of personality.

The vehicle sits on these gorgeous 18-inch aluminum wheels. It also has plastic fenders to protect the outer paint from rough terrain. Outer trunk has 32 cubic feet of space and 65 cubic feet of space with the seats folded down.

Its interior has amazing leather trim seats and the Bronco logo embedded in the seats, and the leather-wrapped steering wheel comes heated. Outer seats also have three memory settings. Lane centering here is a convenient feature on the Bronco Sports goat stands for crossing any terrain.

If you’re a car guy like me, you’ll love that you can hear the turbo in this car. The 8-inch touchscreen does have Apple car play and Android. Ford always does a great job with their climate control buttons, which are very easy to navigate, and the Auto hold button, which is very nice in traffic.

Overview of the Bronco Sport Badlands

Bronco Sport Badlands is known as the epitome of off-road excellence. This car is perfect for adventure enthusiasts because it has an advanced 4×4 system, a rugged exterior design, and robust off-road capabilities. Furthermore, this car is designed to tackle rocky trails and muddy paths confidently and in style.

If we talk about its inside, Bronco Sport Badlands offers a durable interior built to bear up against the rigors of off-road excursions. It has many advanced features to keep us connected to outdoor adventures. An equipped suspension system and a formidable engine power it. These car features ensure a joyful journey with reliability and comfort. The Bronco Sport Badlands is the ideal companion for people who love off-road experiences.

Comparing the Features of Outer Banks vs. Badlands

Comparing the Features of Outer Banks vs. Badlands

After an overview, let’s have a look at its features. Here’s a table outlining the features of the Bronco Sport Outer Banks and Badlands models:

FeatureBronco Sport BadlandsBronco Sport Outer Banks
Off-Road CapabilityExceptional off-road prowessModerate off-road suitability
Suspension SystemEnhanced suspension for rugged terrainsStandard suspension for urban comfort
All-Terrain TiresEquipped with all-terrain tiresNot equipped with all-terrain tires
Infotainment SystemAdvanced infotainment with extra featuresUser-friendly and intuitive interface
Interior MaterialsDurable materials designed for off-roadingComfortable and stylish interior materials
Safety FeaturesExtensive safety features for off-road useComprehensive safety suite
Engine OptionsMore powerful engine for off-road dominanceTurbocharged engine for balanced performance
TransmissionAvailable manual transmission for controlStandard automatic transmission
Ground ClearanceHigher ground clearance for obstaclesAdequate for most terrains
Roof Rack CompatibilityRoof rack included for adventure equipmentEquipped with a roof rack for additional gear
Off-Road Drive ModesMultiple off-road drive modes for versatilityLimited off-road drive modes
Trail ControlTrail Control feature for controlled descentsNot available
Seating ComfortSupportive seats designed for off-road useComfortable for daily use
Cargo SpaceSlightly reduced cargo space due to featuresSufficient cargo capacity
Price RangeThe higher price range for added capabilitiesMore affordable option

Performance and Engine Capabilities of Outer Banks vs. Badlands

Now, let’s look at the engine difference between Outer Banks and Badlands.

Performance and Engine Capabilities of Outer Banks vs. Badlands
EngineFord Bronco BadlandsFord Bronco Outer Banks
Base engine size2.0 L2.3 L
CylindersInline 4Inline 4
Base engine typeGasGas
Horsepower250 hp @ 5,500 rpm300 hp @ 5,700 rpm
Torque277 Ib-ft @ 3,000 rpm325 lb-ft @ 3,400 rpm
Cam-typeDouble overhead cam (DOHC)Double overhead cam (DOHC)
Valve timingVariableVariable
Direct injectionStandardStandard

Interior and Exterior Design: Outer Banks vs. Badlands

Now, here is the table for outlining the difference between the interior and exterior of Outer Banks vs. Badlands

Exterior and interiorFord Bronco BadlandsFord Bronco Outer Banks
Exterior materialsRugged and Adventure-ReadyStylish and urban-inspired
Grille and Front FasciaRobust and Prominent BadgingRefined and Aerodynamic
Body LinesBold and Aggressive ContoursWell-defined but Not Aggressive
Ground ClearanceHigher Ground Clearance for Off-RoadingAdequate for Urban Driving
Wheel DesignOff-Road-Ready Wheel DesignsStylish and Versatile Options
Interior MaterialsDurable Materials for Off-RoadingComfortable and Stylish
Seating ComfortSupportive Seats for Off-RoadingComfort-Oriented
Dashboard LayoutFunctional with Off-Road ControlsModern and User-Friendly
Exterior BadgingProminent Badlands BadgingSubtle Bronco Emblems
Fog LightsRugged Fog Lights for Off-RoadingSleek Integration
Tailgate DesignFunctional Tailgate for AdventuresConvenient and Practical
Tech IntegrationTech Features for Off-Road AdventuresAdvanced Infotainment System
Color OptionsEarthy Tones and Adventure ThemesVariety of Stylish Colors
Roof DesignRoof Rack Included for EquipmentOptional Roof Rack for Versatility

Technology and Safety Features Comparison

Certainly, here’s a table comparing the technology and safety features of the Bronco Sport Outer Banks and Badlands models:

FeatureFord Bronco BadlandsFord Bronco Outer Banks
Infotainment SystemAdvanced infotainment system with off-road infoAn advanced system with a user-friendly interface
Connectivity OptionsApple CarPlay, Android AutoApple CarPlay, Android Auto
Driver AssistanceTrail Control, Terrain Management, Stability ControlAdaptive Cruise Control, Blind-Spot Monitoring
Audio SystemStandard Sound SystemAvailable B&O Sound System
Off-Road TechTrail Control, Terrain Management, Rock Crawl ModeN/A
Adventure AccessoriesAuxiliary Switches for Off-Road AccessoriesN/A
Safety FeaturesOff-road safety features, stability control, hill descent controlComprehensive suite including adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring

Price Comparison: Outer Banks vs. Badlands

Now let’s move towards a table price comparison between Ford Bronco Badlands and Ford Bronco Outer Banks.

PriceFord Bronco BadlandsFord Bronco Outer Banks
New Asking Price:  $38,907 – $46,123$47,206 – $63,371
Used Asking Price:  $37,499 – $45,204$49,267 – $70,236
5-Year Depreciation (lower is better):  45%  49.4%

Pros and Cons: Outer Banks vs. Badlands

Here is the table outlining the advantages and disadvantages of 2023 Bronco Sport Outer Banks vs. Badlands

ProsFord Bronco BadlandsFord Bronco Outer Banks
Smooth and comfortable RideDesigned for rugged off-roads ridesDesigned for a smooth and comfortable ride
Outclass interiorNot rich seatsleather-trimmed seats
Fuel efficiencylowerHigher
Smooth HandlingOff-road stabilityOn-road stability
ConsFord Bronco BadlandsFord Bronco Outer Banks
Tire tractionMore aggressiveLess aggressive
Ground clearanceHigher Ground clearanceLower Ground clearance
Off-road capabilityHigherLower
Noise levelshigherlower

My Opinion: Which one to choose – Outer Banks or Badlands?

In conclusion, I will tell you which car you have to select. I am in love with both Bronco Sport Outer Banks and Badlands. But we must choose one, so car selection is up to your intent and choice.

If you are a person who loves off-road adventures and doesn’t want a car for daily use, then the Ford Bronco Badlands is for you. This car offers aggressive tires, higher ground clearance, and all tools that are equipped for off-road adventure.

If you are a person who looks for comfort, reliability, and a daily-use car, then the Ford Bronco Outer Banks is for you. This car is suited for occasional and urban light off-roading. You can drive miles without any tiredness. As mentioned above, we have compared them from every perspective, so reread it and think which one is for you.