Best Car Track for Toddlers | Top Picks and Reviews (2023)

Best Car Track for Toddlers

Are you looking for the best car track for toddlers to surprise them on their next birthday? Car tracks are found in varieties of sizes, designs, and features. What would be best for a toddler is a bit concerning. However, you have no worries when we are here to review top-notch car trackers.

Car tracks are the most innovative toys for toddlers for psychological and social development. These develop their creative thinking and sharpen their imagination. Car trackers will add fun and educational value to your toddler’s playing zone.

In this guide, we will review on top ten best car race trackers for toddlers. Our chosen products are child-friendly, durable, and relatively affordable. Let’s step forward to know the next.


Top Ten Best Car Tracks for Toddlers

We have been dealing with baby toys and gear for several years. Therefore, we have to research varieties of toys. In that perspective, we recently conducted a detailed study on car tracker toys. We choose each product based on the best customer ratings, product quality, and real user experience. So, these reviewed products are reliable and recommended. Moreover, we have tested these products in our lab.

BRIO World 33052 Deluxe Railway Set

BRIO is a complete railway wooden set for toddlers to help their quick mental development. It is designed with a great combination of fun, adventure, action, and educational features. You can ensure your baby’s skill development and creativity with this railway set. All of the required accessories for playing this tracker are included in the package.


The complete dimension of BRIO Deluxe is 44.69 x 28.74 x 7.87 inches, and the weight is 8.08 pounds. It is recommended for 36 months toddlers to 10 years kids. It is operated by battery power and includes up to 87 pieces of toys. The material of the track and toys are wood and plastic. Do note one more thing: the packaging color is green, but it has multiple colors of toys.

Key Features:

  • Includes varieties of tacks like junctions, straight tracks, freight trains, harbor, and metro fun curved tracks will provide great fun to your toddler.
  • It has a high-level bridge design that helps pass the train on two track levels.
  • The realistic wooden building and accessories are helpful to increase the imagination power of your kids.
  • It is highly compatible with other BRIO train track sets, so your toddlers are getting more customizing features.
  • The sets are made from high-quality, durable materials lasting several years.


  • Wide range of compatibility with other BRIO sets
  • It is a worthy investment for durability
  • Good for imaginative play


  • It is a relatively expensive train track set

Carrera GO 62476 Disney Car Track Set

Disney Pixar Cars track is designed with a lot of thrill and adventure for toddlers. It is an ideal toy set for birthdays, holidays, and Christmas. Its features are inspired by the popular movie Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz and the animated movie franchise, Cars. Overall, its expanded customization and race-controlling system allows your toddler to enjoy the car track with a new level of experience.


The measurement of the Carrera Disney Pixar is 22.83 x 15.74 x 3.94 inches, and the weight is 6.18 pounds. It is made of highly durable plastic, and the color is red-black combined. Also, note that the Disney Pixar track has ten more unique styles.

Key Features:

  • It is designed with 370-mph speed to race on the 16 feet track with a realistic car, making it adventurous.
  • The included slot cars are designed precisely and accurately that provides realistic and enjoyable racing.
  • It has two-speed controllers, including a turbo boost, to increase the toddler’s experience.
  • Disney Pixar allows two-player and group activities, so enjoying with friends and family is great.
  • The additional car set, expansion sets, and accessories allow you to enjoy new challenging racing.


  • Easy assemble and storage convenience
  • Compatible, customizable, and expandable track
  • Adjustable speed control for racing


  • It comes with limited track length and car selection
  • Sometimes, the accessories may get fragile

Hot Wheels Track Builder Car

Hot wheels track is a unique toy set with a wide range of colorful and realistic cars. Its variety of colors and designs plays a great role in accelerating the mental development of your toddlers. Besides, these car tracks have some special features to operate the track in various stunts and tricks. Moreover, hot wheels offer compatibility, collectability, and durability.


The dimension of this car track is 1.63 x 12.25 x 12 inches in length, width, and height, and the weight is 2.54 pounds. The 40 Feet length track is ideal for four years toddlers to eight years kids. Also, note that the hot wheel’s car track is built with high-quality plastic material, and the color is brown.

Key Features:

  • Hot Wheel car track offers a wide range of styles, designs, and colors that can make your toddler happy over the year.
  • The customizable track allows the creation of a unique track with varieties of pieces and connectors.
  • It is made with special features, including jumps, loops, and boosters, for the best playing performance with fun.
  • The construction material is highly durable and can withstand all stunts and the toughness of the track.


  • It offers endless customization, helps to increase problem-solving skill
  • Hot Wheels car track provides both fun and engagement for your toddlers


  • It is available in only one style and color

Toy Hot Wheels Car Track Set

Hot Wheels are an excellent six-lane toy for racing with hot wheels cars. It is designed with six paralleled tracks to run multiple cars together. It is an enjoyable toy track for toddlers, kids, and adults. The added loops, jumps, and launchers make this toy car track more exciting and enjoyable. It is a great way to encourage a toddler for active playing, imagination, social interaction, and mental stimulation.


The overall dimension of the six-lane hot-wheel track is 95.5 x 9.25 x 18.75 inches, and the weight is 0.96 ounces. Do note that kids from toddlers to five years up can play with this car track. The scale is 1:64, and the color is orange. This battery-powered track is made of combined materials, metal and plastic.

Key Features:

  • It has six parallel lanes that allow racing multiple cars together, providing a faster racing experience among friends and family.
  • Track connectors are easy to connect, allowing for various layouts and configurations. As a result, your toddler can explore their creativity.
  • The Launcher features help to race the cars with maximum speed. And these features are good for a toddler’s hand-eye coordination and timing skills.
  • Special loops and jumps features help develop a toddler’s problem-solving skills.
  • It is compatible with many cars from hot wheels brands, making the racing experience more exciting for the toddler.


  • The eight feet length is easy to fold and store
  • Compatibility with a versatile range of hot wheels car


  • It is quite larger and needs larger space to store

Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set

It is one of the most demandable toy car tracks for toddlers ages three to five. You can choose this tracker for your toddler’s extremely colorful and attractive toys. It will play a great role in his brain development and intellectual development. Considering the features and conveniences, this hot wheel is a worthy choice for stunting challenges and thrilling racing.  


This hot wheel car track model’s dimension is 16 x 29 x 35.4 inches, and its weight is 1.1 pounds. It is made of plastic material with a cartoon theme that looks gorgeous in various colors. Toddlers and kids can both enjoy this car track toy.

Key Features:

  • It has a complete car-tracking garage with thrilling, racing, and stunting challenges.
  • The larger parking space for up to 100 hot-wheel cars with a vertical tower makes it exciting and enjoyable.
  • Large T-Rex dinosaur centerpieces play set stands with open jaws to grab the all-racing cars.
  • The Hot Wheels track is featured on curves, loops, and jumps to provide extra excitement in challenging experiences.
  • The multiple levels of playing design allow for setting up a new level of round-up play.


  • The slam launcher improves a toddler’s hand-eye coordination
  • The prehistoric jungle-like unique design
  • Exciting gameplay with twists, turns, and loops


  • It needs time-consuming assembly
  • Limited car and track option

Carrera First Mario Kart Car Track

Carrera First is an amazing car tracker for toddlers under three years. It is designed with two principal characters, Mario and Peach, from the popular video game. A completely fun theme with a popular kids-friendly movie, a tv character is used in this car track set. Electronically regulated speed controllers, two-player activity, and popular video game characters make this Carrera car track popular.


Carrera First Mario Kart has a 1 x 1 x 1-inch package dimension and 3 pounds weight. Good to know that it is compatible with kids 36 months – 10 years. It is a battery-powered car track with Slot Cars, a Car Racing theme. And the built material is plastic.

Key Features:

  • The whole car track is designed based on popular video game theme characters Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.
  • The cars and track both come with the hassle-free cordless battery-powered system
  • Assembling and disassembling are far easier because kids can do it themselves and don’t ask for help from the parents
  • Carrera is first designed for setting up in a little space. So, it is compacted enough in size to fit in little space
  • This set has two unique and individual cars so the toddlers can play with friends and family.
  • Included all required accessories like guardrails, supports, and decorative items to make tracking car races enjoyable


  • Easy to use with engagement and fun
  • hand-eye coordination improvement
  • Two car design Promotes Socialization


  • It has limited playability, and some components may get fragile.

Thomas & Friends Toy Train Set

Thomas & Friends train track is one of the best-rated toys for 36 months to 5 years of kids. The most interesting thing about this set of battery-powered Thomas and Percy train engines is that they can talk to each other at the track. It looks as interesting as it is effective for the brain development of toddlers and kids.


The dimension of Thomas’s friend’s toy train set is 31.1 x 68.11 x 8.66 inches, and the weight is 2.81 pounds. Also, note that it is built with a cartoon theme and made with plastic material. Another good thing is that Thomas and their friend’s toy set is available in multiple colors.

Key Features:

  • The track set is motorized that can run straightforwardly on the track. There has a sensor system that helps to maintain the car on the track.
  • The talking features help toddlers increase their interaction with new things.
  • The track design with twists, turns, and obstacles allows toddlers to explore their creativity.
  • The expandable and compatible features allow toddlers to expand their collections with new customization.
  • The cause-and-effect, motion, and sequencing help improve cognitive skills, creativity, and imagination.


  • It is highly durable and can withstand the rough condition
  • It is designed with safety standards


  • The sound effects of this Thomas & Friends Toy Train Set are annoying

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Car Track Set

Hot Wheels Criss Cross track set is an ideal choice for fast-paced and exciting racing lover kids. It has a motorized launcher, six car toys, and multiple crash zones. At the same time, the unique design, color scheme, and durability to handle rough conditions make this car track amazing. Overall, the Criss Cross car track is an engaging and fun toy for kids who love to get entertainment with thrilling.


The dimension of the hot wheels Criss Cross track is 2.75 x 24 x 15 inches, and the weight is 1.85 pounds. This plastic track is built on a cartoon theme with the combined colors blue, multicolor, and orange. And the manufacturer has said that the Criss Cross track set is compatible with toddlers to five years kids.

Key Features:

  • It has a motorized launcher that operates the cars at high speed around the track.
  • It has multiple crash zones consisting of loops, jumps, and crossovers for creating exciting collisions and crashes.
  • Criss Cross Car Track Set comes with six uniquely designed hot wheels cars for trying to race with each other.
  • The compatibility with other hot wheels car sets increases your kids’ creativity.


  • The assembling and dissembling are easier
  • Highly durable to handle rough crashes


  • You need to purchase an additional battery for the motorized Launcher

SainSmart Jr. Wooden Train Set

If you are looking for a classic car track set for your younger children, SainSmart Jr. is the best option. It has multiple wooden toys like train tracks, cars, and accessories. Besides, the appealing bright and vibrant colors are helpful for your child’s mental stimulation and eye coordination. This toy set will spark your toddler’s imagination with trees, buildings, cars, and other accessories.


The dimension of SainSmart Jr. is 11 x 2 x 9 inches, and the weight is 3.28 pounds. The double-sided track material is wood, but the accessories are plastic. You will get this car train track in multiple combined colors. It is compatible with 36 months – 16 years of age.

Key Features:

  • The track theme is made of Australian imported Beech and birch wood that is extremely durable
  • Attractive appearance with water-based paint and premium wooden craftsmanship
  • Including all accessories, cars, buildings, trains, traffic signs, houses, trees, and cows
  • It is a great birthday, Christmas, and occasional gift for 3,4,5 years toddler


  • Compatible with another wooden toy set
  • It is good for hand-eye coordination
  • It helps in imaginative play


  • It is not engaging for older children

Hot Wheels Track Builder Playset

The playset track builder from the hot wheels brand comes with endless stunting. It has special features like a curved design, stronger connectors, a 2 in 1 racing lane, and a crash zone of 4 lanes. Besides, the three-way racing configuration allows your kid’s head-to-head action. The 90-degree turn on a crossroad and countless configurations is good for problem-solving skill development. Moreover, this car track set has come with a nice storage box.


The dimension of the track builder playset is 7.01 x 14.02 x 11.81 inches. This track is 15 longer, and its color is orange and blue combined. It is made of plastic material, and the size is 4.5 m.

Key Features:

  • It comes with all required accessories like crash, smash, and stunt so your toddler can enjoy the game.
  • Three ways unique configuration is good enough to fuel the imagination and problem-solving skills of your toddler
  • It has multiple configurations for exploring the intellectual stimulation of your toddlers. 
  • Hot Wheels track builder has easy access, assemble, and dissemble features.


  • Versatile configuration system
  • This playset builder comes with all the required things 
  • It comes with a storage box


  • It is not highly durable for handling rough conditions.

Consideration Before Buying the Best Car Track for Toddlers

Car track generally helps children and toddlers’ mental and physical development. There have varieties of car tracks available in the market. The parents may need clarification when purchasing a car track. However, we have found some crucial factors that can help you to choose the right one.

Age appropriateness:

Choose a car track based on your toddler’s age. Do note that different car tracker is made differently. Some tackers may have small pieces. Avoid small pieces, including a tracker for small toddlers, because small pieces can cause choking hazards to them. In the meantime, avoid choosing a complex tracker to understand, access, and play.


We recommend purchasing a product to prevent potential wear and tear. Toddler can’t handle their toys and track softly. So, choose a car track that can withstand rough use. Always make sure that the construction materials are strong and durable.

Size and portability:

Larger and smaller car tracks are found in the market. Also, choose the toy size depending on your home’s playing zone and storage space. As well as considered lightweight for easy moving, dissembling, and storing.

Accessories and features:

Some car track toys come with additional features and accessories. Added accessories make the playing funnier and more enjoyable. For example, ramps, loops, or multiple levels can attach to the car track. Whether the accessories are ideal or not depends on the age and demand of your toddler.

Educational value:

Choose car tracks that are educational, fun, and enjoyable. Educational toys can help in the cognitive and motor development of your toddlers. So, choose a car track with some math or science concepts. As a result, your toddler will improve their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skill.

Safety Features:

Considering safety features is another important factor. Choosing a car track with a rounded edge, durable construction, and non-toxic material is good. Similarly, avoid all choking hazards to ensure your toddler’s safety.

Theme and design:

Always choose the gorgeous and colorful theme of Car Tracker for your toddler, and they will have a lot of fun.


Price is important, considering factors when you are on a tight budget. But never compromise the quality to save your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are toy cars safe for toddlers?

Generally, car trackers are designed with safety standards. However, there might be potential risks from choking hazards, motorized tracks, and small accessories. So, it is good to go with a tricycle car rack or non-motorized track.

What age is the best car track for toddlers suitable for? 

Most car tracks for toddlers are designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

Are car tracks for toddlers easy to assemble? 

Yes, most car tracks for toddlers are designed to be easy to assemble and come with instructions and all necessary parts.

Can car tracks for toddlers be used with other toy cars? 

In most cases, car tracks for toddlers are designed to work with specific brands of toy cars, but some tracks may be compatible with a range of different cars. It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before purchasing.

My Suggestion

You get informed about the best car tracks for toddlers. For over three years, we have mentioned the best car track for toddlers and kids. These are tested so that you can rely on these products. But remember to read our buying guide before purchasing a car track for your toddler. Also, note that we have made a short list of our top best products based on their special features. So, check the top pick list from the above of this content.