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Can you Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla?

Can you put aftermarket wheels on a tesla? If you’re one of the people that often ask this question, this piece is for you. Tesla owners like customizing their vehicles, and acquiring some nice-looking aftermarket rims are one of the most excellent methods.

We looked at many forum comments and hundreds of YouTube evaluations, whether it was about appearance, functionality, etc. This has enabled us to offer you the most popular aftermarket rims among Tesla owners. However, you must first understand your vehicle’s wheel specs before we proceed, and this would help you avoid spending money on wheels that look good but don’t match.

How to Choose the Best Aftermarket Wheels for Your Tesla

Can you Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla

We put up a wheel fitting guide explaining your vehicle’s wheel requirements to figure out the best of your selections. We’ll use the specifications from the Model 3’s factory wheels as a starting point for our installation guide. Let’s get straight to work.

Bolt Design

The first consideration is the bolt arrangement. It has to do with the number of nuts one wheel requires, which is on top of the spacing between the farthest slots.

Tesla Model 3 bolt arrangement is 5 x 114.3 mm (5 x 4.5 in). Ensure your aftermarket wheels have the same bolt arrangement as your originals. Any significant discrepancy will inevitably result in a fitting problem.

Wheel Dimensions

Based on the trim, the optimum wheel size for a Tesla Model 3 is somewhere between 18″ and 20″ in circumference. On the other hand, a 1″ deviation from the standard OEM wheel size is theoretically conceivable. The Achievement variant, for instance, has 19″ to 21″ diameter wheels.

We suggest sticking with the same wheel diameter to make things easy. The OEM wheel diameter is 8.5″, although you may comfortably go from 7.5″ to 10″ for your aftermarket rims. We’ve overheard a couple of horror tales shaking endlessly with lesser (or more significant) wheels.

Whether you change your wheel size considerably, you’ll have to do a lot of studies to see if items like brake hoses would conflict.


The wheel’s location about the mudguard is affected by offset, and a more significant positive offsetting number moves the wheel closer to the car’s interior. A smaller positive offsetting number, on the other hand, carries the wheel to the outside of the vehicle. The most optimal offset for the Tesla Model 3 is somewhere between +34 mm and +40 mm.

Tire Dimensions

When purchasing a wheel and tire bundle, tire size is another significant consideration. The width of your wheels and tires should be close together.

Choose an aspect ratio to keep the entire wheel/tire diameter the same. After the slash, the aspect ratio is the two-digit value. While 235/45 tires work well on 18″ wheels, 20″ will need a lesser aspect ratio (235/35) to keep the same diameter.

If performance is an issue, bear in mind that the larger the wheels and tires, the less range you’ll have. Keep all of these considerations in mind when you shop for Tesla aftermarket rims. Instead, you’ll have fitting difficulties, which will be pretty frustrating.

Can you put aftermarket wheels on a tesla: Available options

Can you Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla

With this information in hand, let’s look at each of the most popular aftermarket Tesla wheel alternatives.

Tsportline Wheels

Since you’ve spent even 10 minutes looking for wheels for your Tesla, you’ve most likely come across TSportline. Their focused focus on Tesla customers ensures a pleasant shopping experience.

Their rim parameters exactly meet Tesla’s needs, eliminating the majority of the hard labour. There were no concerns with fit. And if you have any problems, contact their customer service. According to most owner reports, customer service agents are beneficial.

There is, however, a caveat. Only a few incidents of consumers having issues with the director of operations have gotten reported, and he doesn’t seem as courteous as you’d expect from a wealthy business person.

Some Tesla customers get turned off by Tsportline’s advertising on the rim caps. The great news is that you can get a Tesla rim hat with legitimate marking to substitute their cap.

Wheels by Forgestar

Forgestar is the place to go if you want assertively wheels that will survive the test of time. Their rims are powder-coated, and this not only enhances the coating’s appearance and makes it more resilient to chipping and scrapes. They also let you personalize your rim. Several colour variations are available, including chrome, matte black, platinum, etc.

A fantastic set of rims is more than just a good appearance. Let’s speak about toughness. The firm uses rotational manufacturing technology to create more robust and lighter rims than cast or wholly rims. As a result, their wheels can get utilized on racing circuits. However, some users claim that Forgestar rims do not perform well on rugged terrain.

Based on established owners, the wheels might flex after speeding over bumps. Though a large pothole at high velocities will damage any wheel, this is something to think about if you drive on pothole-infested roads. To address this issue, the business provides a lifetime mechanical warranty. To discover a store near you that sells their wheels, go to their dealer finder website.

Cutting-Edge Wheels

These are likely wheels to explore if the roads you drive on contain a lot of cracks, curbs, or bumps. They are tough and can take a beating.

Their rims’ load-bearing capacity is out of this planet. Thanks to aerospace-grade metal, that’s on top of their low weight. Though there isn’t much data to back it up, we believe they will be somewhat more effective than most on this ranking.

The main office is in California. It has also been in the wheel business for almost 40 years. It’s no surprise they’re making wheels that the Tesla industry adores. And we anticipate that they will do so in the coming future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put aftermarket wheels on a tesla?

Yes. You can put aftermarket wheels on a tesla, as highlighted above.

What makes Tesla tires unique?

Tesla wheels get engineered to accommodate the tremendous horsepower of its electric motor while maintaining maximum safety. Tesla wheels are always circumferential, have stronger sidewalls, and utilize the finest grade rubber for tensile reinforcement. This also elevates their quality over many other tires on the market.

Is it possible to add wheels to the Tesla Model 3?

A Tesla Model 3 may technically get fitted with any wheels. However, the tires you choose must meet the guidelines listed at the beginning of this guide. The bolt design, spacing, and wheel size get considered.

Why do Tesla tires degrade so quickly?

EVs are also much bulkier than their gasoline-powered equivalents. Batteries lack the energy content and power per pound that gasoline does. As a result, they must be heavier. This added weight raises tire friction, causing them to wear out faster.


In conclusion, Tesla vehicles come with diverse peculiarities. And if you are among those who usually ask if you can put aftermarket wheels on a tesla, the guide above will aid you immensely.