Can you Put Car Oil in a Lawnmower | Learn Using Car Oil With Expert

Can you Put Car Oil in a Lawnmower

Yes, you can use the car oil in your lawn mowers long as the car oil should be of high quality, and the lawnmower manufacturer should not disqualify your car oil in terms of quality and functioning. There is denying lubricating your lawnmower. You can use car oil even if you don’t like it and want more reliable, efficient, energy-giving, and free-of-cost oil.

Most lawn mowers need regular maintenance and good quality car oil to operate. One of the most vital factors to use car oil in lawn mowers is considering the lawnmower engine’s size and the car oil’s viscosity because not all sizes of lawnmower are appropriate for car oils. 

This post will guide you on using car oil in the lawnmower.

How to Use Car Oil in Lawnmower

Can you Put Car Oil in a Lawnmower

Inspect the dipstick

A certain time to check whether your lawnmower needs to fill with car oil is to check the dipstick. If the oil level is smaller than the add marks, that will indicate that your lawnmower needs car oil for better functioning. Normally the oil level should be amongst the full marks and add marks. To check the engine oil of the lawnmower:

  • Unscrew the cap of dipsticks and then pull it.
  • Wipe the dipstick to check the readings and remove the readings with the clean rag.
  • Pull out the dipstick cap and observe the oil level in the lawnmower engine. 

If the oil level is lower than add mark, pour the fresh car oil slowly and make sure not to fill the container with a greater amount of oil. Recheck the level of oil and make sure it is enough. Check the amount of oil in the mower regularly that there should be enough to function properly.

Run the lawnmower 

You should remove the oil from the lawnmower before filling it up with the new car oil. But in the initial step, run the mower engine to warm up the oil to get the more liquid form to make draining easy. To get the oil with less viscosity, run the lawn mower’s engine for five minutes, as it will be enough without making it very hot and to prevent danger. It is often essential to separate the spark plug and the spark plug wire from the lawnmower engine to stop it from sudden starting.

Empty the oil from the lawnmower

There are many resources by which you can empty the oil from the lawnmower. You can do the process with the help of a drain plug using the oil extracting kit and dipstick plug. If you drain the oil from the lawnmower with the drain plug, you must tilt the lawnmower to one side. Make sure to switch the fuel tap to the off mode to stop the oil from spilling off in the lawnmower’s engine, as it can lead to a fire. 

The better option is to check the manufacturer’s guidelines on which method you should use to empty the oil with the help of a drain plug. Few companies suggest leaning the lawnmower at one side to stop the oil from entering the carbonator or the engine’s air filter. At the same time, others advise to lay the mower down on its handle and hold it on the rock. 

The best alternative to empty the oil tank is to use the oil extractor kit.

Pour the car oil into the lawnmower

Now add the new car oil in the lawnmower with the fill plug. It is the best option to use the funnel to prevent the spilling of the oil while you are pouring the car oil into the small inlet of the lawnmower. Now replace the dipstick from the lawnmower engine to check the oil level is at the correct position.

If the car level is up to your satisfaction, tight the dipstick cap to its position and reconnect the spark plug wire. Another area that you may run into the catch is that it is a matter to use the car oil in lawnmowers; not all the oils made for car engines you can use in your lawnmowers due to the viscosity factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between a lawnmower and car oil?

There is a dissimilarity between car oil and lawnmower oils, but you can use some car oils in lawnmowers, but owners should follow the precautions prescribed in manuals. Small engines like lawnmowers are very sensitive to alternative options and additives. Car oils and law mower oils are engine oils with multi-viscosity 10W-30 and SAE 30, as both are common automobiles oils.

Can I use 10W30 Car oil in the lawnmower?

10W30 oil is a common car oil ideal for many lawnmowers. Your 10W30 is the right stuff for four-stroke engines. Therefore, any brand of oil that is ideal for your cars and trucks will work well for lawnmowers. 

Can you use 5W30 in the lawnmower?

You should use SAE 10W 30 oil in your lawnmower in cold weather conditions. The best option as a lubrication oil is the SAE-30 that you can use in small lawnmowers and proper for the warm weather climates. The lawnmowers used for commercial purposes and places function well with 15W30 but mainly depend on the brand. Alternatively, synthetic oil can be an ideal option. 

Do lawnmowers use regular oil?

The most common oil you can use in the lawn lawnmower-30 car oil, but the best option is to use any regular oil that the lawnmower company advises. Most often, 10W-30 or 10W 40 are the same motor oil types you can use in vehicles and lawnmowers.


So it is clear from the above steps that your lawnmower needs high-quality and clean car oil for its proper functioning. You can use the car oil in a lawnmower if and only if it is of good quality oil and is the proper type of oil for your particular mower type. 

Normally, SAE 30 is the ideal oil for both cars and lawnmowers, but you should advise the dealer or manufacturer which oil you should opt for for your machines. When you want to use the car oil in your lawnmower, keep in mind the outlines mentioned above, and your lawnmower will pay you more thanks than you expect for many years of service.