How does a Garbage Truck Work | Full List of Garbage Truck Working

How does a Garbage Truck Work

The garbage truck is a new and unique sanitation vehicle used to collect garbage and its transportation. It comes with the mechatronics hydraulic integration control technology. With the help of automatic control and control systems, you can dump the garbage in special devices like filters, carriages, and push plates. Let’s learn how does a garbage truck work.

The working of the garbage trucks depends on the stored energy in the form of liquid tanks that use the diesel motor to charge these tanks that travel at 45mph. There is the storage of brake energy in the tanks during the truck’s movement.

Therefore, if you want to know the working of the garbage truck in detail, keep reading this valuable piece of information.

How does a Garbage Truck Work

How does a Garbage Truck Work

Strong loading, crushing, squeezing the garbage, compacting, pushing, and unloading are the main properties and are simple. It is the most suitable vehicle for urban sanitation and waste collecting machines, mines, factories, and docks. 

The automatic garbage trucks feature the mechanical arms that come out of the truck and grab the trash outside the cart. It then dumps its contents into the truck and replaces the site’s cart. The driver does not need to be an exit from the truck. 

Follow the essential steps of working a garbage truck.

  • Put the bulk, bagged, or barreled garbage in the loading hopper of the garbage truck.
  • The scraper on the truck loader filter will be turned on.
  • The sliding plate of the filter on the truck will go down. 
  • The scraper will go down in a slating position for crushing and squeezing the garbage.
  • The garbage truck comes with the skateboard, as the function of this component is to move upward, compresses and squeezes the garbage, and take it to the gap between the push plate and the fixed plate. In this way, the filling of the garbage operation will be complete. The garbage pressure filling device and the garbage pressure filling cycle are at the initial stage for the next garbage filling cycle, which is the waiting level in this process.
  • While loading the garbage in the truck, push the pushing plate into the first plate and load the trash. The push plate comes with the oil cylinder, and it has certain backpressure so that the push plate will restrict the resistance. When the squeezing force of the garbage is greater than the resistance and power of the push plate, the push plate can be useful.
  • Before the garbage enters the garbage bin, it will retract, so when it enters the garbage bin from the filler of the truck, it will compact and be distributed consistently at the very initial stage. Load the garbage in the truck continuously so that the push plate will get the contraction into the position. Therefore the garbage will further get the compaction in the process. 
  • After filling the truck with the garbage, transport the truck to the garbage transfer station or the garbage treatment site. Turn the filter of the garbage truck on, and the push plate mechanism will push the back to pull the garbage out of the garbage bin. Now, after unloading the garbage, the filter’s push plate will retract simultaneously. 
  • Now load the garbage into the truck’s hopper on the back of the truck of rear loaders. Hydraulic cylinders of the truck function on the compacting mechanism, which is useful to trash out the hopper and throw it in the truck’s body, and as a result, it will compact more in this way.
  • Moreover, as the compacting unit is on the truck’s exterior side, it prevents the garbage from falling out of the truck when it is full while moving. The truck’s rear side will tilt up the same as a dump truck, and the hydraulic cylinder will move on the compacting panels out of the way. The garbage will then dump out of the truck, and the truck’s back will hose out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens inside the garbage truck?

Along the neighborhood streets, sanitation engineers load the garbage in the trucks. Load the trash in the truck’s hopper on the back of the garbage truck. As the trucks have hydraulic cylinders, they operate the compacting mechanism, which precedes the trash out of the hopper and throws it into the truck’s body. 

How does a garbage truck know it is full?

As the garbage truck comes with the trasher dumpsters sensor lets the garbage know when to stop by. The current sensor model of the truck collects the volumetric fill data with the use of an ultrasonic sensor. That means it creates the sound profile of the dumper depending upon how it is full of garbage and then sends those readings and calculations back to the online dashboard.

How do garbage trucks empty dumpsters?

The lifting of the waste containers or dumpsters is mechanical. It lifts over the truck and turns upside down allowing all the waste and garbage or recycling material to be emptied in the vehicle’s hopper. Then the waste goes to the hydraulically powered moving wall that moves the waste to the truck’s rear.

Are garbage trucks manual or automatic?

Yes, the garbage trucks are manual as well as automatic. There are also many other types of trucks, like semi-automatic garbage trucks.


Yes, you can call a garbage truck, trash, refuse, or solid waste truck also; it’s all the same term, and getting rid of it has been an issue since the beginning of civilization. The ancient method of getting rid of garbage was throwing it in a pile.

As the population growth increased, it has become the need of the day that use of some machines has come in the use of most people. 

For that purpose, people used to remove that garbage with the help of garbage trucks. The initial vehicle used to dispose of the garbage was two-wheeled carts, but the modified forms are garbage trucks mentioned above.