How Do You Bypass a Blend Door Actuator | 4 Methods Explained

How Do You Bypass a Blend Door Actuator

Blending doors are commonplace, and if you’ve ever noticed an issue with your vehicle’s air conditioner, you need to read this blog. The blend door does answerable for managing the cold air and hot air that comes from the air conditioning system. 

Blender doors are hard to bypass because the blend doors for some cars can blend in with the rest of the dash. Because of this, it does complex to spot a blend door actuator. This blog will guide you on how to spot the blend door actuator, bypass the blend door actuator, and the different tools you need.

How Do You Bypass a Blend Door Actuator? 

How Do You Bypass a Blend Door Actuator

You can bypass the blend door actuator without replacing it or taking it out. An excellent way to test it is to open both doors and turn the heater to see if it works. If the doors stay together and you can still control the door from the switch inside, it isn’t the actuator. If you have a heat-only setup, it is probably the door actuator. 

The actuator is probably exemplary if you have heat and AC in that door. When you are unsure about things, you can try two things. First, change your blend door actuator. It is what closes off the ducts to the heater core and A/C. Second, you can bypass the actuator by taking off the door panel and turning the actuator manually, and seeing if it stays closed with the switches.

There are several ways to bypass a blend door actuator, some easier than others. A mechanic would have to remove the actuator. Another option is to remove the cables, use a 10 amp fuse when you bypass it, and plug the cables back in after.

Method 1 

This method is perfect for using the heater, defrost, and vent options until you get it repaired. When you would not spend the money on getting it repaired, there is always the option to drive down the windows. With a simple bypass, you’ll be able to enjoy the heat that you’re paying.

Method 2 

The following instructions on bypassing a blend door actuator will help you eliminate that annoying coolant leak you’ve been experiencing. The blend door actuator malfunctioning causes the coolant leak. To avoid the blend door actuator, you need to shut off the engine and wait for it to cool down.  

Next, you need to find the blend door actuator by simply following the tubing from the evaporator to the engine. Next, disconnect the electrical and hydraulic connectors. Then, use the ratchet and socket to remove the two bolts that hold the actuator in place. Next, use your hands to push the actuator out of the way, and you can do it. Bypassing the blend door actuator is easy and doesn’t take more time.

Method 3  

To bypass a blend door actuator, you first need to find the wires connected to it. Typically, these wires come out of the back of the firewall and lead to the blend door. You can then disconnect the cables. Then you can use a jumper wire. It would help if you connected the brown wire with the jumper wire. (Or, the red wire and the grey wire together). 

The car must be on while you do this. The front of the vehicle will warm. Try tapping on the rear of the vehicle behind the firewall. 

Method 4

A paper clip can use to bypass a blend door actuator. When the motor for the blend door actuator fails, it is replaced by removing the actuator from the door and installing a new one.

The blend door is installed by holding it in place with several points and plugging in the plug. After the actuator does remove, it is simply a case of filling in the replacement actuator using the pin. It did withdraw from the failed actuator. 

If there is a problem with the plug, a paper clip can bypass the actuator. Gently bend the paper clip into a slightly L shape. The one end of the paper is put into the plug. The other end must go all the way into the actuator. Please fold the paper clip flat against the side of the plug and plug it into the actuator.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Manually Move A Blend Door Actuator?

Blend door actuators are known for their ability to move the position of the cabin’s HVAC system into two different modes. They can manually move using a screwdriver; however, they are generally more easily adjusted electronically through the HVAC control panel.

What Controls The Blend Door Actuator? 

It controls the flow of air through the vehicle’s cabin. On the other side, an electric motor does it using a potentiometer. It varies the power delivered to the engine according to its position on its shaft.

How Do You Fix The Mode Blend Problems Of The Door Actuator?

The mode blend door actuator is a small motor that controls the speed of the door, so it opens smoothly, without buzzing. If the actuator is faulty, you can change it. Start by removing any trim panels or screws securing them in place. Pry off any molding at the top of the door frame, and then detach any bolts holding it in place.

Does The Blend Door Need To Be Open Or Closed For Heat?

The blend door is the flap on the front of your engine that controls how hot or cold air is coming into your engine compartment. A motor controls it and will open and close to adjust the air coming in. The blend door must be closed when you want your engine to operate on cool air, and it must be open when you want your machine to run on heated air.


If your car is overheating or has started using coolant excessively, check the blend door actuator to see if this is the cause. A blend door actuator controls the coolant sent to the heater core and the air conditioner. The actuator is a valve controlled by a motor to keep the car cold. The valve closes at all so it won’t flow into the heater core when the vehicle has warmed. Then, the valve cracks open a little to allow some coolant to flow into the heater core.