How Police Investigate A Stolen Car | 8 Things Police Do

How Police Investigate A Stolen Car

There are many different ways that Police investigate a stolen car. The first thing they will do is check where it is registered. They will also try to trace the vehicle identification number. They can also look for the vehicle by checking traffic cameras. However, they can even have the vehicle’s radio frequency checked. They can also search for a car in places used by criminals. Further, it can do through a process of elimination. Let’s learn how police investigate a stolen car.

One of the Most Common Crimes in America Is Stolen Cars

United States’ most common crimes are stolen cars. Different ways are available that a vehicle can steal, but typically a thief will break into a car and hotwire it. Some thieves will take all of the belongings in the car, while others will drive off with the vehicle for joyriding purposes. Thieves who steal cars often do so because they live on the streets and have no other way to get around town.

How Do Police Investigate A Stolen Car?

  • First step: They visit the site of the crime and gather evidence
  • Second step: They gather information about the car’s records, the last owner, and the car’s theft location.
  • Third step: They conduct interviews with the last and previous owners to determine whether the car was sold or stolen
  • Fourth step: They ask the last owner to share information about the person who sold them the car and where the car did steal from it.
  • Fifth step: They gather evidence on the previous owner of the car and the previous owner’s friends, family, and other people they were in touch with
  • Sixth step: They find out the person who sold the car and find out the place where the car was stolen from it.
  • Seventh step: They interview the person who sold the car and find out their friends, family, and people they were in touch with
  • Eighth step: They interview the person who stole the car and found out their friends, family, and people they were in touch with
  • Ninth step: Check for surveillance footage from the crime scene or nearby areas. This could help identify the suspect(s) or the vehicle used to transport the stolen car.
  • Tenth step: Use license plate recognition technology to track the stolen car. This technology can scan license plates as vehicles drive by and alert the police if a stolen car is detected.
  • Eleventh step: Check pawn shops, chop shops, and other businesses dealing with used goods for the stolen car. Thieves often sell stolen cars to these businesses for quick cash.
  • Twelfth step: Work with other law enforcement agencies to share information about the stolen car and be on the lookout for it. This could increase the chances of recovering the car and apprehending the thief(s).
  • Thirteenth step: Use social media to seek information about the stolen car. The police may post photos of the car on social media and ask the public to contact them if they see it.
  • Fourteenth step: Check with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to see if the car has been reported stolen in other states. The NICB is a nonprofit organization that works to combat vehicle theft and insurance fraud.
  • Fifteenth step: Use specialized tracking devices to locate the stolen car. These devices can be hidden in the car or attached to the outside of the car.

Different Types of a Stolen Car

How Police Investigate A Stolen Car

Someone has illegally taken and operates a stolen car without the owner’s permission. The different stolen cars could break down into hot and cold categories. These are where the thieves know the VIN and other identifying information such as license plates or color. Complex cars are those where the thief might see the color but not its VIN or license plate.

What Is The Procedure For Filing A Police Report For A Stolen Car?

People who believe that their car does steal should file a police report. The station closest to where someone stole the vehicle will likely fill out the report, and it will take responsibility for investigating the theft and preventing it from continuing. For example, if a car did steal from a parking lot, it is unlikely that this parking lot would have surveillance cameras. However, another parking lot within walking distance may have security cameras installed to deter thieves from taking cars from this location.

How Police Can Recover Your Stolen Car?

How Police Investigate A Stolen Car

The first step for Police to recover a stolen car is to take the license plate number and put it into an area of law enforcement search engines. The second step is to send out the license plate number and VIN to police stations in all 50 states. Thirdly, they will need to ensure that the owner has not reported the car missing yet. Then, they will contact local law enforcement agencies in areas where the vehicle might locate.

The Stages of Reviewing the Case of a Stolen Car

There are various stages involved in reviewing the case of a stolen car. The first step is to check if the case file is in the correct area. If it was, it’s time to notify the Police to see if they can help. If the Police can’t help, you should report it to the DMV. After doing that, you should send out a demand letter to the person who sold you the car. If you don’t get a response, you can pursue legal action.

How to Reduce the Risk of Getting Your Car Stolen?

How to Reduce the Risk of Getting Your Car Stolen

As soon as you enter the store, leaving your vehicle in a parking lot with security guards patrolling it is essential. This is a well-safe place for you to be while shopping. Your safety and security come first. The store has cameras that will track your progress and once we have her, we will take care of her.

If you leave your vehicle parked on a public street, it will likely get stolen. When leaving your car unattended for an extended period, use the anti-theft devices installed by the car manufacturer or consider purchasing a car alarm system. It is an excellent way to lower the risk of theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Method of Investigating a Stolen Car?

  • Calling the owner and getting their address
  • Checking whether it is in the area
  • Searching the registration documents

How Do Police Track Stolen Vehicles?

  • They use a global network of scanners to detect the signals of any nearby cell phones.
  • They use undercover officers with special devices to track signals.
  • Hack into the car’s computer and track its GPS signal.
  • Police have developed a new app that allows citizens to track nearby vehicles by simply snapping a license plate photo.

How Can I Find My Lost Car Without GPS?

  • Find it with your eyes!
  • Run around in circles for a few minutes.
  • Break down and wait for the Police.

Do Cops Look For Stolen Cars?

  • Yes. If the vehicle did damage involved in an accident, it would get flagged.
  • Yes. When the car does steal, the Police search their database to see it. 


In conclusion, Police use their resources to investigate a stolen car, talk to the victim, and record relevant information. The Police will look for fingerprints at the crime scene, the suspect will trace through their license plate number, and there may be surveillance footage of the suspect in both public and private areas. To avoid having your car stolen, make sure you lock it when it’s parked or even when you go inside to do errands.