How to Bypass Ignition Switch to Start a Car | 3 Step Guide by Expert

How to Bypass Ignition Switch to Start a Car

Bypassing a car’s ignition is a recipe. The ignition bypass is a quick way to start your vehicle without removing and replacing your ignition cylinder. As a part of your car, an ignition ensures it starts. The article below will teach you to bypass an ignition switch if the car doesn’t start.

The reason is that the key got stuck in the ignition, preventing it from turning and wrong with your battery or starter motor. Once these happen, drivers are unable to remove the key manually. There are numerous methods by which to bypass an ignition button. They may all be used independently or combined to form a two-step process.

How to Bypass Ignition Switch to Start a Car

How to Bypass Ignition Switch to Start a Car

The ignition switch is what makes the vehicle start. But sometimes, it doesn’t work, and you need to bypass it. Many people wonder how to avoid an ignition switch to start their car but are unsure how possible. The different methods that someone may bypass the ignition switch and some of these are present here.

Step 1: 

You must separate the screws that attach the ignition switch. 

Step 2: 

After removing these screws, you will need to pull out the ignition switch and locate one of its pins. This pin is red and is labelled “IGN.”

Step 3: 

Once you have located this pin, take your small screwdriver and insert it into this pin’s hole. You can feel where it goes in as it has a slight groove. Push down on this groove with your screwdriver until you feel a clunk sound that indicates its insertion.

Method of Bypassing the Ignition Switch

How to Bypass Ignition Switch to Start a Car
  • The first method of bypassing the ignition key is cutting wires and attaching them to a new starting point on the car.
  • To bypass the ignition switch, you must have a unique tool with a long handle with a pointed end and a wire loop on top. You will also need to take out the key from the car and insert it into your tool. Once you have removed the key, use the tool to push down on the locking tab of the ignition switch and pull up on it simultaneously. 
  • One way to bypass the ignition switch in a car is to get the vehicle up on a lift and get underneath it. The new bolts should be long enough to reach from the bottom of the vehicle up into the engine compartment. You may also have to remove some plastic shields so you can get a good shot at these bolts.
  • If your car isn’t starting, it might be time to bypass your ignition switch. You first disconnected the battery cables. Next, you should jump the battery terminals with a wrench. After this, you will need to take off the air intake tube and remove the connector at the back of your ignition coil pack. With all of these steps completed, you are ready to start your engine by connecting jumper cables from the battery to the starter.
  • You can also dodge the ignition switch with a paper clip. Take a paper clip and bend it to form a “U” shape. Add one end of the paper clip into the lock cylinder, and use the other end to push down on the lock tab inside.
  • When you’re not sure whether your ignition switch is turning on and off properly, then please hang your car for a minute before it restarts. It will give the system time to reset. If the issue persists after waiting a minute or two, try using a jump starter or an electrician’s test light to see if power is coming through to the ignition switch. If there’s no energy, substitute the ignition controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would You Bypass The Ignition Switch?

The reasons are why an ignition switch might fail to start your vehicle. The most common causes are spark plugs, loose wires, and bad connections in the wiring harness, or dirty fuel injectors. It’s not that hard to bypass the ignition switch as long as you have some basic knowledge of wiring and electricity.

Do You Need To Program An Ignition Switch?

The answer may exist yes or no, relying on the kind of car. The car’s manufacturer will know. But actual, you do not need to program an ignition switch. We can operate on gasoline, hybrid or electric power. However, if you need help programming an ignition switch, you may be able to find an electrician who can help.

What Can I Do If The Key In My Ignition Switch Will Not Turn?

When the key in your ignition switch does not rotate, it may adhere. You can try reprogramming it using an electronic device or a computer or smartphone. However, you may need to have a locksmith come out and cut the key off of your ignition switch.

How Do You Start A Car With An Astronomically Lousy Ignition Switch?

The first thing to do is making sure that the car is in Park and set the parking brake. Next, turn the key to either position 1 or 2, but not 3. It should start right up. To create a car with an astronomically lousy ignition switch, you would have to find a way to open the hood without getting electrocuted. Then, you would need to find a way to open the battery compartment without touching any of the electrodes.


The most popular method is using the key, but some alternatives may be more convenient. If you have recently had your keys lost or stolen, try using one of these methods to start your vehicle. The issue of not creating the car because the key won’t turn or the ignition switch broke is common. 

In most cases, a simple adjustment and lubrication of the ignition switch will solve the problem. If it doesn’t, you can try a couple of other things to start the engine. If you face difficulty in such a situation, you’re going to need to find a way to bypass the ignition switch and start the car by other means.