How to Defog Windshield without Ac | A Step by Step Guide

How to Defog Windshield without Ac

The windshield plays a central part in the operation of your car. It helps you see clearly and keep the outside world out. It is important to retain the cold air out in the wintertime by using this gear and it can be tough to drive without it, ice and snow would come in and make driving impossible, and it would be impossible to see anything. Let’s learn how to defog windshield without ac.

How to Defog Car Windshield with Using a Hairdryer?

How to Defog Car Windshield with Using a Hairdryer

By using the hairdryer, you’ll be able to defog the windshield in your car in a matter of seconds. The best way to defog your windshield is to buy or build a cheap defroster. A defroster is a device that focuses heat on a small area of the glass to melt the frozen moisture droplets on the window. A hairdryer is an excellent tool for defogging the glass but must be used with a good windshield de-mister.

Defog Car Windshield Using Old-Fashioned Ice: 

It is the way of using ice. Now, you pick a soft towel or cloth and then drape it over the ice that you already have in the car. 

Some critical steps are available here. It would help if you took to make defogging car windshield with ice work. Here are the steps:

  • Put some salt on the windshield wait for a few minutes. 
  • Salt can help loosen the ice, making it easier to melt. 
  • Now, take a piece of ice and wait to melt completely.
  • Blowing warm air on the windshield can speed up the process of drying your glass.
  • Finally, wash the windshield with car wash soap and then dry it.

Defog Car Windshield With Steam:

Some people don’t know that their car windows may cover condensation or fog. To remove this condensation from your windshield, you need to defog it. When it comes to disposing of soap and water, using a cloth towel is more efficient than using a paper towel.

A cloth towel can be put into the water as needed, whereas a paper towel might be refreshed multiple times.

Turn on the stove to medium or less heat. Once the water is hot, put the towel in the water, about 5 inches away from the heat source. After about 30 seconds, wrap the towel around the bottom of your windshield. It will eliminate any fog from the windshield.

How to Defog Car Windshield with Household Items?

How to Defog Windshield without Ac

Boil water in a cup of water and microwave it until it boils (about 2-3 minutes). After that, you can take the cup out of the microwave and carefully pour the boiling water on the windshield. It will remove most of the fog. If not, you can also try to defog your car’s windshield using two pieces of paper towel.

Take another piece of paper towel and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Then wrap the other part of the paper towel around the first one and use both to wipe the windshield. It should remove the fog reasonably quickly.

Defog Car Windshield With Defogging Spray:

If you park a car outside overnight on a cold, rainy night, you might return to find a frozen windshield. The ice is making it hard to see out of the streaks. Of course, you could use a scraper to scrape the ice off the window, but that’s a little dangerous, and you might get hurt. A superior alternative is to use a car defog spray. 

They’re readily available in stores and online. One of the most popular products is Air fogger 2.0. It advertises itself as the most advanced defogger spray in the market. The fog will cling to the glass and form a protective layer when spraying the windshield. This layer will block the ice from forming and make it easier for you to scrape off the ice with just your hands.

Defog Car Windshield With Window Wipers:

Window wipers are the main components of a car’s windshield. They are responsible for clearing the windshield of its fog that accumulates from the air and water in the atmosphere. When a car parks in the sun, it tends to heat the windshield and create a layer of fog as the water from the environment evaporates.

A car’s windshield needs a certain level of visibility to drive safely, which is why windshield wipers are so important. However, when your windshield soaks with moisture, your windshield wipers cannot clear it all away. The water on the windshield can obstruct a driver’s vision. To prevent this from happening, one should look into investing in a car window defogger.

  • Open windows and turn on the defroster. 
  • Use a glass cleaner to remove dirt, bugs, and drippings. 
  • Inside the windshield spray deicer
  • Use a brush with stiff bristles to spread the deicer. 
  • DO NOT scrape or scratch the glass. 
  • Wait five minutes and then wipe off the deicer. 
  • Turn off the deicer close the windows, and defroster to prevent a cold draft. 
  • Spray lubricant or silicone spray on the rubber parts if they are hard to move. 
  • Now, spray silicone spray on the rubber part of the windshield wipers to lubricate them so they slide more easily. 
  • Spray silicone spray to make the rubber parts of the door weather seals move easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Defrost Work Without AC?

  • Yes. If you do it properly
  • You can do it properly, but not safely. 

What’s The Best Way To Quickly Defog Your Windshield?

  • Hitting the defrost button
  • Wiping with a hot wet cloth

What Is Your Preferred Method Of Defogging Your Car Window?

Warm air from the car’s heater (suitable for frosted windows, great smell)

What’s The Best Way To Defog Your Windshield When It Rains?

  • Hold a cup of hot coffee close to the windshield. The heat will warm the glass and cause the moisture to evaporate faster.
  • If there’s some residual moisture, wipe it off with a dry towel.


In conclusion, to defog a windshield without the use of an air conditioning system, try the following:

  • Spray liquid containing ammonia onto a cloth and wipe from the center in a circular motion.
  • You must eliminate the fog. 
  • You can also use ice to help speed up the process. Place cubes of ice on a cloth and rub them against the glass.