4 Methods To Disable The Speed Warning System (2024)

How To Disable The Speed Warning System

Today, many speed warning system allows car owners to use the techniques with their cell phones. These systems can be used to receive alerts when your car is speeding. In some cases, you may wish to disable these systems for protection. It can be for several reasons, including for the driver to avoid receiving messages from a spouse or for any other reason. This blog will look at disabling a car speed warning system protecting yourself from a speeding ticket and learning how to disable the speed warning system.

How To Disable The Speed Warning System In Vehicles?

How To Disable The Speed Warning System In Vehicles

Disabling the speed warning system in vehicles is a crucial step for drivers seeking to enhance their driving enjoyment. A popular approach is to remotely deactivate this system through a mobile app or website, ensuring an immediate and secure change without the need for physical modifications. To execute this, drivers must enter a password provided by the seller at the time of vehicle purchase.

Alternatively, another method involves swapping the speed warning module with a blank one, eliminating any display of speed limits and related regulations. This method requires technical expertise to manipulate car parts and wiring, but it can typically be accomplished without the need for special tools or equipment. When executed accurately, this technique empowers drivers with complete control over their driving experience, free from constant warnings triggered by specific speeds.

If this approach doesn’t work, some dealers can disable it remotely. If you have lost the password, the dealer can reprogram it by accessing the control module. It usually costs around $30. If the dealer has removed the module, you can replace it with a blank module that does not have this option. It usually costs around $50 to $100.

How To Disable The Speed Warning System In Trucks?

How To Disable The Speed Warning System In Trucks

The speed warning system for trucks offers warnings when the car exceeds a preset speed limit. The use of the following procedure can disable this system.

  • The driver must first stop the vehicle
  • apply the parking brake
  • turn off the engine
  • Next, the driver must remove their foot from the throttle pedal unless it is down currently at zero.
  • Once this is done, they must also release their foot from the clutch pedal if they are presently applying it.

Two Popular Ways To Disable The Speed Warning System

  • First, turn off the Cruise control, then with the speed control button pressed, press down the lock and the switch to its right. The car will make a beeping sound, then beep again, and the vehicle will respond with a tone, at which point the speed warning system will be disabled.  
  • The second is to flash the cabin lights three times. When the speed warning system is active, flash the lights three times, then wait 10 seconds. The speed warning system will be disabled.

How To Disable The Speed Warning System With A Battery?

How To Disable The Speed Warning System With A Battery

Temporary Disablement with Battery:

  • Possible to disable the speed warning system by disconnecting the battery for a few days.

Battery Replacement for Extended Disablement:

  • Alternatively, replace the existing battery with one of higher capacity.
  • Provide a solution to the speed warning issue for approximately 3-4 days.

Artillery Method:

  • To permanently disable the speed warning system, disconnect the car’s battery.
  • This method ensures a complete shutdown of the speed warning functionality.

How To Disable A Factory-Fitted Speed Warning System?

How To Disable The Speed Warning System

This hack is for US, Canada, and New Zealand cars. Most of these features don’t work outside of the US. Some Chrysler Group vehicles contain a speed warning system that alerts the driver if the vehicle speed exceeds a predetermined threshold. In the event of accidental activation of this feature, please follow the instructions below:

  • Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
  • Press and hold the odometer and trip odometer buttons simultaneously for three seconds.
  • Release the buttons and press the odometer button. The word OFF will be displayed for a few seconds, and then ON will be displayed. The system has been disabled and will not activate until your dealer services the vehicle.

Safety Tips:

  • Make sure you don’t get any speeding tickets by disabling your car speed warning system.
  • Be sure to do this when you are in a safe place.
  • Find your car’s service manual and follow the instructions carefully.
  • You can also disable your speed warning system by using an app on your mobile phone.
  • Go to settings. Find the setting for the speed warning. Disable/turn it off.
  • Download the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual and look it up.
  • Most speed warning systems can turn off from inside the car.

Turn off the speed warning system by pushing the button on the side of the face of the control panel.

My Opinion:

A speed warning system is always good to have in your car. Though this can sometimes be annoying and bothersome to the driver, it means helping the driver in their pursuit of a safer road. However, if you are humankind and are easily irritated by such things, then, in this case, it is probably best that you opt to disable your speed warning system. It can be pretty easy to do, and it should not take you too much time to do so.