How to Fix A Hood Latch That Won’t Close | Different Methods Explained

How To Fix A Hood Latch That Won't Close

If you are looking for a way to fix a hood latch that won’t close, take it easy; there are plenty of ways to do it. If your latch is bent or damaged, there are a few ways of fixing it, and we will discuss them here. It is a common problem, and as we all know, the first thing we should always do is turn the latch on our car hoods to make sure it is closed. We use it to prevent our windscreens from getting caked in dirt. If a latch is not working correctly, it can be dangerous.

Easy Way To Fix Hood Latch That Won’t Close:

Many people have used this to fix their problems without spending any money. First, you need to pull the screws on the latches and the latch mechanism. Once it does, pull out the entire latch. You’ll see small metal rods sticking out from the latch mechanism. Using pliers squeeze the rods and bend them up. Make sure you don’t leave them bent for too long or break the metal. Rods can wrap with some plastic. Now you can close the hood securely.

How To Fix A Hood Latch That Won’t Close?

How To Fix A Hood Latch That Won't Close

Replace the latch. Of course, this option is the most straightforward, but it can be expensive and tedious to do. When you replace the latch, you’ll have to remove the car’s hood and put on new screws. However, if you do this every so often, it can be less of a hassle because you’ll know the steps already! 

Use A Hammer And Screwdriver

A hood latch is a small hook that can slide down the car’s door frame. When unlocked, it can swing outwards to reveal an engine compartment. A hammer does use to widen the hole for the screwdriver to provide leverage in removing the screw. The screwdriver needs to be placed in the spot and then twisted to loosen it to remove with pliers. 

Using Epoxy Putty

If you have a broken hood latch, it may need to glue back together. The first thing is to clean the latch if there is any dirt or rust. The following step is to bring the epoxy putty and combine it. Mix the epoxy putty until you get the desired colour. Next, take the epoxy putty and spread it over the broken part of the hood latch. After the epoxy on the latch, wait 30 minutes to harden. After you wait 30 minutes, you can put back the latch, and you have fixed the latch.

Zip Tie and a Drill

A latch is what keeps your hood from falling on your vehicle. But when the latch breaks, Setbacks can diminish the success of your day. Luckily, you can make your fix with a few items:

  • Use a zip tie to keep the hood closed overnight.
  • Purchase a drill from a hardware store.
  • Take the training, drill a hole in the tip of the latch, and put the zip tie through it.
  • Pull the zip tie through and make it tight.
  • Drill through the end of the latch to hold it down.
  • Put the hood back down and make sure it isn’t too tight. The latch does fix now!

Fix Broken Latch Hinges

When fixing broken hinges, the first thing you want to do is remove the broken hinge. You will need to open it from its corresponding screw. Then, take the new hinge and place it on the frame so that the screws line up with their opposing holes. You will need to put in your screws and tighten them down to firmly in place. The final step is to attach your hardware back onto your cabinet or door.

Fix Hood Latch Cable

The hood latch cable can break or fray with time. The common problem about cable was its good condition, but it did no longer connected to the hood latch rod. Repairing the hood latch cable yourself is effortless.

Pull the line out of the glove box. Next, you need to find the cable latch. You can reconnect the latch to the rod for a quick and easy fix when you finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Cost Do You Require To Fix The Hood Latch?

The cost to fix a hood latch depends on your desire. Some hood latches need the pad replaced, costing $25-50. Others need the motor or cable replaced, costing upwards of $150-$500.

Is It Too Long To Fix A Hood Latch?

The average hood latch in a car usually has an hour of labour time. When the hood latches fail, it may be due to wear and tear on the locking mechanism, which can replace, or it could be that the rod that engages with the latch is bent or worn.

How Long Do Hood Latches Last?

The average life of a hood latch is around one year. Hood latches are subjected to the natural wear and tear of daily use because they are constantly being opened, closed, and swung. This constant friction can cause them to break.

How Do You Open A Hood Latch With A Broken Cable?

If the cable breaks, it is more challenging to open the latch. If you can remove the line from the hood latch, manually open the hood with a simple lever. Use a screwdriver or piece of iron for leverage to put pressure on the lever and slide it down onto the hinge.


Suppose you’re trying to figure out how to fix the latch on the hood of your car. Some people will recommend replacing the entire hood latch system on your vehicle, but this can be more expensive than most people want to spend. Instead, you can fix the latch by adjusting the latch or using a different material. Now you can decide what the best option for your car is and how to fix a hood latch that won’t close.