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How to Get Free Showers at Truck Stops

You know you love a good drive, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. The best way to get a free ride is to ask for one at the busiest intersections and stop signs. However, this can be tricky in winter, when the roads are covered in snow, making it hard to see at night. Luckily, you don’t have to walk or drive to get a ride at a truck stop. You can get a ride at a countertop, grill, or automotive washroom. You can ask for a ride from a driver who has already filled his bucket, or you can request a ride from one of these motorists who are already on their way home from a day of work. Here is how to get free showers at truck stops.

How to Get Free Showers at Truck Stops

How to Get Free Showers at Truck Stops

If you are a truck driver, there is an easy way to save money and take a free shower. You have to get a bonus card. This credit card size is no different than any other bonus card you get at various stores or restaurants.

When you buy fuel at a truck stop, these truck stop reward cards allow you to earn points and souls. These bonus cards are available at all major national truck chains, including TravelCenters of America, Love’s, Flying J’s, Pilot, and AMBEST.

You are entitled to a free shower immediately if you purchase 50 gallons of gasoline and use your bonus card. It is worth noting that the shower credit you get after purchasing gas is only valid for a limited time.

This means that the free shower credit will expire if you don’t use it. While the free shower credit expires, the different truck stops have different time limits; however, if you get close to a week, you can mediate it.

What are some other options for getting free showers at truck stops?

How to Get Free Showers at Truck Stops

There are two alternative methods to acquire free showers at the truck stop. First, it is also the use of a bonus card. You can accrue points on your bonus card, and instead of needing to spend 50 gallons of petrol to obtain a free shower, you may apply the points on your card.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you buy a shower with your bonus card, you may pick the so-called “steam shower,” which means you get a free shower every time you redeem one. Keep in mind that this might be beneficial since you can get by with only one shower if you’re intending to get one. All you have to do now is take your ticket (receipt) to the cashier and request that the entire team shower for you. It’s really as simple as that.

Another option is to just ask another truck driver if they have any extra shower vouchers that they aren’t using. 

Which kind of people can use a truck stop?

Which kind of people can Use a truck stop

Any client who uses the car park and wishes to purchase a shower is welcome to do so.

Depending on the truck stop, a shower might cost anywhere from $12 to $15. When it’s your time, you’ll normally be handed a ticket with a number that will be allocated to you.

A code will be given to you to enter the shower room. If you have to wait, there is generally a living area with furniture and entertainment (games) to keep you occupied until your time comes up. 

Necessary materials in the shower bag

Truckstop showers won’t have everything you need on hand. Although they may be provided in some locations, you may wish to bring your own soap, shampoo, or other personal care products such as combs, skincare products, and eye care products.

Don’t forget toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, and other dental care supplies, although if you clean regularly, you should carry a pair of slippers or shower slippers with you to protect your feet from anything hiding on the floor.

Even if your shower doesn’t have all the frills of a luxury bathroom, you may bring a few more items in extra to the essentials to help you enjoy your shower a little more.

Wrap a bathrobe over your washing machine or washcloth for additional cleaning, and a bathrobe will keep you comfy when brushing your teeth, shaving, applying cosmetics, and more after bathing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which locations are required for truckers to do laundry?

Along the road, truck drivers take showers at rest areas and truck stops. Truck drivers must either pay a nominal price (typically around $10) to park their vehicles and take a shower or obtain a free shower after fuelling.

How much does a truck shower cost?

A truck stop shower might cost between $12 and $15. It may appear to be fantastic; it’s a lot less expensive and cleaner than purchasing a camping shower.

How much do truck stops charge for showers?

You’ve probably wondered how much it costs to turn off the shower. A truck stop shower might cost anything from $12 to $15. 

Is the truck stop’s shower available to anyone? 

Truckstop shower enclosures were created with transportation in mind, they can be used by anybody. If you’ve been on a long vacation, are travelling to a new state, or are going to travel, it’s comforting to know you’ll have somewhere to stay. Don’t be afraid to buy a truck stop if you’re not a trucker. 


If you’re a truck driver, it’s rather simple to receive a free shower at a truck stop. The most common method is to use loyalty cards provided by huge retailers. You may redeem free souls by paying a particular quantity of petrol.

Spending loyalty points on your card or asking another truck driver to save you a shower are two more methods to acquire a free shower.