How to Keep Birds from Pooping In Your Car | 8 Awesome Methods

How to Keep Birds from Pooping In Your Car

You value observing the birds, and you enjoy them so intensely that you desire to rescue them. However, your love for birds turns into hate once you notice their droppings on your car. The final thing you want to see after a long day at work is a bird pooping in your vehicle. You want to keep those birds away. You want to keep them away from the whole neighborhood. Solutions for how to get them to stop doing this can vary. Some people think hanging wind chimes will scare them off, but that doesn’t usually work. This blog will guide you on steps to keep birds from making your car their toilet. In this guide, I will teach you how to keep birds from pooping in your car.

Birds might be a pretty common sight in your area. However, although cute, seeing them perched on your windshield can be a nuisance. There are multiple features you can do to deter them from doing this. The numerous typical methods are to place up a bird branch close your auto.

It will keep the area populated, discouraging them from coming near your car. Another option is putting up a scarecrow. It will deter them by making it seem like another creature is already protecting your vehicle.

How to Keep Birds from Pooping In Your Car 

How to Keep Birds from Pooping In Your Car

Some Additional Methods to Maintain Birds from Pooping On Your Auto

Method 1

There are various ways you can try to avoid bird pooping in your car. One of them would be to avoid bird-heavy areas. It is the numerous prominent item and is ordinarily reasonable instead step. Another way to avoid it is to repel them using a car anti-bird solution. The instructions say that you need to spray the fluid outside your car and your windows. It will keep them away and make your car clean and pooping-free!

Method 2

One effortless method to maintain birds from pooping on your auto is to establish a bird barrier. It can be as effortless as a fake owl or hawk, found at most hardware stores. The argument is that the coalition will frighten the birds, making no extended feeling of the necessity to poop on your auto. Another option is to use a netting system to cover your vehicle and prevent the birds from getting close enough to poop on it.

Method 3

A car cover protects the car from various external elements that can damage the paint or interior. One such element is bird droppings. The droppings can etch the paint on a vehicle if left uncleaned and cause an unpleasant smell inside the car. A car cover will keep the droppings from hitting the car and clean the interior.

Method 4

“Don’t Park Under Trees to keep birds from pooping on your car” is a simple way of telling people that they should not park their cars under trees because the birds that live in the trees will defecate on the vehicles. It is such a problem because the bird droppings are acidic and can cause significant damage to the paint on cars.

Method 5

The use of CDs to prevent birds from pooping on cars is a form of folk wisdom passed down for generations. Using this method, the CDs will create a noise that scares the birds away and prevents them from landing on the car. Although there is no authentic proof to support this claim, many people have found it adequate to clean their vehicles.

Method 6

You should avoid parking close to the edge of buildings because birds will often poop on cars that park in that location. The bird droppings can corrode the paint on your vehicle and cause other damage, so it’s best to avoid the risk altogether. Parking further away from the edge of the building will reduce the chances of this happening.

Method 7

One way to keep birds from defecating on your car is to cover the side mirrors with some material. It can be cloth or some other type of netting. It aims to control the birds from lighting on the mirrors. Another way to avoid this is to install a bird deterrent, such as a fake owl or hawk, near where the birds congregate.

Method 8

Installing a bird scaring kite is one way to keep birds from pooping on your car. The kite creates a visual deterrent that scares the birds away, preventing them from landing and eliminating the mess. While this method may not be 100% effective, it is a relatively cheap and easy solution that can use in conjunction with other methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Birds Constantly Pooping On My Car? 

Birds use the restroom wherever necessary, which unfortunately includes cars for some people. The droppings can damage the paint job and lead to an unpleasant odor. In addition, birds can carry diseases that can spread to humans and other animals.

What Attracts Birds To Poop On Cars? 

One possibility is that birds are attracted to the salts and minerals in car exhaust found in bird droppings. Another idea is that birds view cars as another place to perch, and they mistake the reflections of trees or sky on the car windows for natural branches or patches of blue sky.

What Is The Best Bird Deterrent? 

The best bird deterrent is a hawk. Hawks are natural predators of birds, and their presence will often scare away other birds. Several methods can deter birds, including bird spikes, netting, and noise deterrents.

Does Ceramic Coating Protect Against Bird Poop?

Ceramic coatings are not 100% effective in preventing bird droppings from damaging the underlying paint, but they offer a degree of protection. The droppings can still cause staining and etching, but the coating will help to minimize these effects.


In conclusion, there are a few ways to keep birds from pooping in your car. One is to install a bird deterrent, like a scarecrow or reflective tape. Another is to keep a clean car, so the birds don’t see it as a suitable place to poop. Finally, you can also try to scare the birds away by making loud noises or using a water hose. No matter what method you select, it’s essential to be consistent and persistent to keep the birds away.