How to Make a Blow-Off Valve Louder | 6 Steps You Can Apply Now

How to Make a Blow-Off Valve Louder

There are a lot of components that a car owner will be able to find on the market. The blow-off valve is a critical aspect of a car. This component releases the pressure created when the vehicle is racing or even when you engage in somersaulting. However, if you are the other kind of person who loves to customize the type of car you are driving, it would not be surprising to know that you think of making your blow-off valve even louder. After all, this component can make the car even more appealing.

How to Make a Blow-Off Valve Louder 

How to Make a Blow-Off Valve Louder 

A blow-off valve is used in a car’s Radiator to release the pressure that builds up and prevents the Radiator from blowing up. Any blow-off valve makes a loud hissing sound. A blow-off valve can modify by using a tube.

Cut a piece of tubing about 5 inches, join it to the blow-off valve, and then seal it with epoxy. The other end of the tubing should place in a resalable bag with pebbles. When the pressure builds up, the stones will fall into the tube and make it sound louder.

A blow-off valve (BOV) releases excess pressure from a turbocharged car. Many people love the auditory cues that let you know your BOV is working but may not have thought of easy ways to make it louder.

Step 1

Add a free-flowing air filter to your BOV. It will allow more air to proceed through the filter, which means more air through the BOV and more noise!

Step 2

You can make a blow-off valve more audible by adding more flexible tubing. If you add tubing that is too wide, air can escape around its sides before it gets to the valve. If that happens, the valve will not make much noise. Try different styles and sizes to find the one that works best for the kind of sound you want. The tape and hot glue can also seal the tubing to the valve. It is freely available at a hardware store.

Step 3

One of the best ways to make a blow-off valve louder is to have a dual-clamp blow-off valve. The dual-clamp blow-off valve helps maximize the amount of air released from the car’s turbo after it finishes compressing the air inside the engine. It helps ensure that the blow-off valve is as loud as possible and releases more air than most blow-off valves.

Another benefit to the blow-off valve is that it can significantly improve the longevity of your car’s turbo. The blow-off valve can help prevent your turbo from overheating, which can dramatically extend the turbo’s life.

Step 4

A blow-off valve is an excellent way to release pressure when a keg does, but it’s also necessary that it be loud enough to hear over the party. To make it louder, fill a bucket with water, cut a dryer hose in half, connect the two empty ends to the valve, place the hose in the bucket, and turn on the outside faucet. The valve releases pressure when the beer does, and the water trickles out!

Step 5

A blow-off valve can install on a turbocharged car. The goal of a blow-off valve is to release excess pressure and prevent damage to the turbo caused by too much pressure. A blow-off valve is a reliable and straightforward way to avoid failure turbo.

Some people like to make their blow-off valves louder by modifying them. One way to make a blow-off valve louder is to replace the piping to connect it to the turbo with larger piping.  

Another way is to replace the actual valve itself with a more oversized valve. As an alternative, it may be able to change the original valve. The blow-off valve is an essential part of turbocharged cars, so modifications like this can be an excellent method to personalize your vehicle and make it unique!

Step 6

Making a blow-off valve louder can do with minimal tools. First, you’ll need to take the blow-off valve apart and take it to your workspace. Once you have the valve open, much airflow will come from the inside of the valve. You need to add a sound chamber to the knowledge of the blow-off valve that will amplify the flow of air and add a reverberation of sound to it. It will increase the audible quality of the valve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does More Boosts Make BOV Louder?

More boosts will increase the sound volume emitted from a blow-off valve, but it is not as simple as that. In general, the more growth you have, the louder your blow-off valve will be. 

Do Blow-Off Valves Increase Performance?

Blow-off valves do not increase performance. Blow-off valves reduce the exhaust pressure and, therefore, can alter the engine’s power curve, but this alteration usually reduces power and torque rather than increasing them.

Do You Need A Turbo For A Blow-Off Valve?

A turbo needs a blow-off valve. The blow-off valve will boost the car’s boost pressure to keep it constant for peak power. A turbo can serve as an affiliate with or a bust airbag.

Can You Adjust A Blow-Off Valve?

Yes, one can adjust a blow-off valve. A blow-off valve is a device used to release some of the excess pressure that builds up inside a keg as it pressurizes. The release occurs when the barrel reaches a preset pressure limit and “blows” some extra pressure from the safety valve. Blow valves come in many sizes and styles, but those most commonly seen at breweries and bars are called flow control valves.


We hope you enjoyed our article about making a blow-off valve louder. Blow-off valves are an essential part of your car’s exhaust system, making sure that air can escape as exhaust gases pass through. If you want your blow-off valve to be louder, there are a few steps you can take to make that happen. You can also make your blow-off valve louder by purchasing a high-quality aftermarket blow-off valve. We hope this post was helpful!